Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Honest Love Letter.

Sometimes I’m neurotic,
Sometimes I’m na├»ve,
I’m almost always stubborn
I’m judgmental
I hold grudges
I’m argumentative
But I'm usually thoughtful
I’m analytical
And most of the time I’m creative
I’m inspired by life.
I get mad when the cap is off the toothpaste
And I get annoyed when the Brita pitcher is empty
I fall for guys quickly
But it never lasts, so don’t worry
I take risks because I want to live
I control my life and no one else
I control my life and nothing else
I enjoy politics
I think silver hair is sexy
It’s why I have a thing for Jon Stewart and Anderson cooper
I think religion is great
I’m envious of people who have faith
I want to travel…to everywhere.
Someday I want to wake up and think “I’ve done everything I ever wanted in life”
I hope this day is when I’m 101
I’m not scared of death
I don’t worry about “a plan”
I’m never satisfied with my hair
I expect a lot out of people
I don’t spend energy on hate
That’s just a waste of time
But I do spend energy on love
Because that’s always completely worth it
I truly do want world peace
But I’m far from being Miss America
I believe in karma
I believe in hope
I believe in dreams
I like music
I love movies
I like surprises
I surprise myself often
And maybe one day, ill have the chance of surprising you.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

history will never beat this. January 20, 2009.

preface: i sat down to write a blog for today many times and words couldn't describe what i wanted to say, and then all of a sudden, just writing a comment to a friend it turned into this long reflection. this is a day that we will remember for always and this is a day, for me, bigger than anything else i believe i will ever experience and i'm so happy to know that i had something to do with it. this is my letter to those without hope.

I know there are people out there who are still really against Obama, they still doubt his abilities and they still doubt our country but, (and this has been the biggest impact on his campaign) look deeper into what has happened, look beyond the war and the current economy, look beyond the hardships of the bush administration, look beyond the democratic and republican platform and realize and see how many people have come out and done things for their community because of this new hope and this new inspiration, even if you believe it to be a false hope, what does that matter? How does that hurt anything? its actually just like Obama says "there’s never been anything false about hope." nothing political matters, to know that people became citizen's to vote and to become involved in their community, to volunteer for food drives and donate money not just to a campaign but for good causes, to unite together to fight...whatever you want to fight, for whatever you believe, that’s amazing and its something our country desperately needed at a time when loved ones are being sent over sea's and families are loosing pension & retirement and are going to be forced to work years longer than they ever planned. This a time to be able to rely on your neighbor and it’s a time to at least be able to hope again.

A lot of people out there criticize Obama's "hope campaign" claiming it as a false hope and a dreamer’s world, I understand where they are coming from but I have to say, I think it’s quite odd. How can having hope ever possibly be a bad thing? How can having faith in something be a bad thing? If you have no hope for things to ever get better in life, why live your life? And if you criticize it solely on hope for the country, that’s not very optimistic is it?

I'm not naive, sometimes I prefer to be but I know deep down the truth and I know Obama isn't going to make dramatic changes; healthcare and social security aren’t changing over night and the war is going to be a long and delicate situation to pull out of, but I think he will make good decisions that his well-picked cabinet will help advise him to do, He's in great favor with the Senate and we all know the Senate is what makes or breaks the White House in the end.

but again, the biggest difference I think will be Obama's presence and his own hope for the country, I think he has a great moral backing that he truly believes what is good for himself and his own family, his own daughters, his own wife, is good for everyone and I think that’s a great mentality when your running a country.

I think that's where Bush failed us, he didn’t give us the support and hope we needed, it might have been his articulation, he couldn’t explain things to us in the ways we could sympathize with, it was hard to take him as an educated individual and it was easy to criticize him for the mistakes he had made, and denied and failed to accept he made.

the moral here is that Obama's our new President, I think a majority of you are supporters, some of you don't care at all and some of you wish the worst things upon him, but to look at it in at least one positive way is what happened to our country on election night and today on inauguration day. No one is in a place right now where they’re not affected, and it’s about time we all came together to gave a lending hand.

This is a new journey, be apart of it, be apart of history, do you really want to grow old and tell your grandchildren how much you were against this history making man, could you imagine your grandparents ranting on about how horrible Martin Luther King Jr. was? About how he spat on about equality? Realize that there is a reason so many people have faith in him, that so many people have woken up to this “new day”

This is our time. Join us.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

simple things that make me smile.

a simple smile would be something that you wouldn't smile about by definition. a joke or laugh or anytime a person expects you to react in a smile doesn't count. try yours out.
1. when a stranger says "Hello" or smiles or asks "How are you doing?"

2. when a stranger holds the elevator door for you, or any door for you for that matter.
3. when someone compliments you, especially on a day you don't feel particularly compliment-able.
4. when someone has been drinking a little bit and calls to tell you how much they love you. It's nice that they thought of you in that state of mind. Plus its always entertaining.
5. getting a fortune from a fortune cookie that actually relates to your life.
6. seeing a really cute dog, showing that you think the dog is cute and then the owner seeming so proud and happy as well.
7. getting a text message from someone you haven't heard from in a while
8. when someone makes a comment about my Obama bag, Obama button, Obama shirt or all the other ways I show my support.
9. seeing someone else's Obama bumpersticker, tshirt, button, bag etc.
10. making someone else smile for a simple thing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pet Peeves

1. the cap off the toothpaste; its a waste of toothpaste, it usually gets on other things like makeup brushes or your shirt which then leaves a werid stain all day and its so hard to clean off the counter/sink.

2. girls who wear way to much make-up because it doesn't help them at all and usually girls that wear a ton of make-up don't need it.

3. bad commercials like the lame every-commercial-is-the-same community college commercials. like the "order this fabulous piece of crap because its only ten dollars". and horror movie trailers because they scare me.

4. finding a bug in your bed cause even if you kill it you don't know if there are more and then you can't sleep because you keep thinking of bugs crawling all over you in your sleep

5. when the brita pitcher is empty my old roomate would never fill the brita pitcher and it would annoy the hell out of me; you can fill it up it doesn't take long for it to filter but then it's not very cold water. its so annoying.

6. the toilet paper being out i'm one of those people who refills the TP when i'm sitting on the toilet and just used the last sheet so i don't get why some people can't do it; i guess its a storage thing, its not always feesible to grab new rolls from the toilet but i still know i would get off the toilet, zip up, and restock.

7. when you can hear your zippers in the dryer some people may not understand this because they have laundry rooms or garages for the dryers but apartment living puts you in close contact with the noise of your washer and dryer and it doesnt happen all the time but every once in awhile a zipper just clanks and clanks and clanks usually when your trying to sleep. and my washer and dryer is silent for a stackable.

8. when people can't back up their political opinions don't tell me you don't like Obama or the democratic platform if you can't even tell me why or what they stand for and why your against it.

9. when people think decorators are designers. I'm an interior design student, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, that is a real four year degree that would make me a designer. if your just some bored-at-home-wife and you decorator your husbands office, or even charge people to decorate their homes that does not make you a designer.
--its actually when i tell people "oh i go to the art institute of interior design" and they reply "oh yeah my mom did that after she retired"

10. when people think AiS isn't a real college. for some reason because its "The Art Institute" people think its "not a real college" it must be the whole institute and art school thing, and because we only go to school for 3 years to obtain a bachelors (we go year-round so we knock off a year. its still a 4-year degree.) but people constantly say things like "I was going to go there but i wanted to get a real degree" or "i wanted to go to a real college" although yes, its not some boonie college with dorms and a mess hall; we are a real college and guaranteed a graduate from AiS vs any of these general "universities" is going to win the job position.

Seattle Living = Reason for Living

And why living in my building is even better.

1.) you can walk everywhere, everything is in walking distance which is convienent and you work out everyday and don't even know it. and if you dont walk you can take the bus almost all of downtown is a free ride zone or just take the monorail! and theres always taxi's if you get desperate.

2.) everything delivers! you dont feel like cooking one night, maybe your sick and you need soup, just order it...groceries, chinese, italian, anything and everything is deliverably some not even at a cost

3.) seattle people keep to themselves, occasionally some of the bums will ask you for money but thats standard of any city, if you dont make eye contact they usually dont bug you.

4.) we keep to ourselves, but we are friendly if your visiting seattle and you get lost ask someone on the stree we'll help. i've happily helped tons of people and I've never seen or heard of someone not helping someone.

5.) we're very hippie, we are good to our environment. if your against that you throw your trash on the street or do insane things with plastic bottles and dont recycle; you may not like us, but we won't like you either lol

6.) its not new york, you dont have to be dressed up everytime you walk out the door. most people in seattle are dressed down anyways, remember we're hippies.

7.) endless amounts of restaurants and boutique stores that you won't find anywhere else. including the market of an endless supply of fresh and nautral foods.

8.) my building has free parking

9.) my building has guest suites for like $80 so you can come visit and have your own place.

10.) we have a free gym and jacuzzi

11.) we have 24 hr. concierge/security with controlled access at every entrance = SAFE

12.) we have a movie theatre

13.) we have a courtyard with a big bbq pit so you can have outdoor parties with your friends.

14.) art is everywhere, its made out of our trashcans, our pipes from old buildings and even our lampost, you cant help but be inspired here.

15.) why would you want to live anywhere else?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

because i'm still on vacation

1. i like the whole list-blog idea.

2. ice cream; love/hate relationship. i love the fact that its something i cant, wont, and & dont sit around eating the whole tub. butttt, you have to alwayssss climb out of bed and get up and put it back in the freezer, when everyone knows when your in bed eating ice cream your completely comfortable.

3. i'm watching an episode of sex and the city, Carries old high-school boyfriend is in one of those country psych-ward's he admitted himself, he was only going to stay a month and then he says "when i get out in 8-10 months, my doctor thinks i still have a lot of work to do." even in fiction i still think the doctor is ripping you off.

4. psychiatrist, psych in general. i think it really is psych, like sike. I mean if you go sit in a room an hour a day and dig deep to think of all these deep thoughts (that you never think of) of course something is going to come up as crazy, were humans. we make mistakes, we do stupid things anytime you say any of that outloud, especially years later it sounds completely crazy. i think in general, dismissing actual things like depression or OCD or PTSD (etc.) most people don't need pyschiatry. the whole point after mistakes and "hard times" is to get over it, to get on with your life, thats what makes you stronger right? so why dig deep and think about it everyday.

5. i would kill for Sarah Jessica Parker's body. and her hair.

6. i got glitter & spray glue to spice up a beaded wreath i got. i'm now thinking i should glitter & glue everything in my apartment. apart from my bedding and anything upholstered.

7. i want to grow my hair out, but i hate the in-between length so much i always want to cut it.

8. when you can see your kitchen from your bed it makes you want to eat more often.

9. my facebook status says "Kylee is marrying Jon Stewart" two of my "international" friends sent me congratulation messages. they don't get the daily show outside of america. but it did feel good getting congrats for marrying jon stewart. even if it isnt real.

10. i dont get acupuncture. maybe its like a mental thing; faith and hope. theres no way it has something to do with the way you stick a needle in your body to shock your nerves in some way.

11. the end, goodnight and good luck.

Random thoughts inspired by JoJoCucina

1.) why do you have to be in the mood to watch a movie? why do you have to really pay attention to them?

2.) wireless internet. an intriguing thought. everyone has it, tons of businesses have it but everyone blocks it so only they can use it. why doesnt the entire city just pay for wireless and then we dont have this problem? cause the funny thing is, i wouldnt mind lending my internet to my neighboors, but the reason I encrypt mine is because they encrypted theres and its a vicious circle, no?

3.) why do new rugs curl at the side (from being rolled up.) seems to me if i was selling rugs i wouldnt roll them for this very reason, but then again then you'd have to fold it and then you'd have a lifelong crease so maybe afterall they are on to something.

4.) why is it so entertaing to make lists? i make lists for everything including this blog. i currently have 3 lists going in my life 1- my to do list 2- things i need to buy that are a somewhat neccesity like coathangers & foil and 3- things i would like to buy because i think they would look nice in my new apartment; like a storage bench or a fake plant (because i'd surely kill a real one.)

5.) guys we want to meet, dont really exsist and guys we do meet turn out to be werid, geeky, creepy and apparently delusional to the point you have to make up a boyfriend.

6.) why do people think that making up a boyfriend to get rid of a creepy guy is a bad thing? i cant exactly just say "i'm not interested" when he hasn't brought it up. thats just rude. my lying is supporting his feelings, i truly believe in this.

7.) why do i find that lying helps more than telling the truth? its why lie's were invented. i truly believe this.

8.) i've mentioned what i believe in twice so now i feel like i have to mention Barack Obama. just his name will do, his name says the rest.

9.) but now that i've thought of him i've very peeved that people believe he is going to be assassinated, of course its a dreadful fear and attempts are out there but i have faith in our secret service, i believe our security is strong enough and i'd like to think..that i dont think of the worst. c'mon people.

10.) i've had a movie on for 10 minutes now and i have no idea what is going on. i should just turn it off and have friends. this might be the beginning of the crutch of not having cable. although as i'm writing this, i'm offline, i dont have internet yet and i feel that i would be compelled to watch jon stewart online, or house, or netflix movies online so i think i'm safe.

11.) I am upset that i cant watch CNN everyday though, maybe they can write their own newspaper and i'd pay for that.

12.) I think Anderson Cooper's real name is Cooper Anderson, or maybe a different first name but i bet his real last name is Anderson and I think he's married to the other CNN reporter...something Anderson I can't remember her name but shes pretty, in his age range and her last name is Cooper.

13.) I don't know when this list is going end.

14.) theres a globe in the distance outside of my window, like a neon sign globe to like planet hollywood but i dont think it is planet hollywood, i should walk one day and find out what it is.

15.) for those who don't know i've just moved to a fabulous studio in downtown seattle, belltown, waterfront. i have a view of the needle, the SAM sculpture park and the water. its a studio but its fabulous and i'm in love with it. we have a movie theatre in the building.

16.) i miss my dog. today i packed up some more stuff to come back to my apartment (leaving my parents house where my dog, snickers, resides.) i opened the door to the garage and she hung out in the garage sniffing away starring at me with puppy dog eyes, i never thought that expression was real, but it is. she knew, i could tell. she eventually jumped in the front seat, which i hoped she wouldnt do. but she did. as i went to get her (shes a small shih tzu dog, only 20 lbs.) she jumped in the passenger seat as i went to the passenger seat to get her, she jumped in the drivers seat. it was so cute, i wanted to cry. i thought about brining her for a day but i know she'd need to piddle and i wouldnt mind her doing it on my patio, its small and would be easy to clean but i know she would bark and such & i dont want to pay the puppy deposit.

17.) i think i'm done. good day mate.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


so it's not a picture of me, but I'm not dead yet so it doesn't need to be. Jennifer Aniston isn't dead yet either & its not her obituary but its a great photo and i want my obituary photo to look just like this.

some people find it very weird to talk about death, even their own death let alone write a fake obituary a night that they get bored. but i know one person who would appreciate it and would find great humour in this. hopefully the day never comes but she request me to write her eulogy and I'd imagine it might be something like this.

i stole this idea from a clipping that my aunt saved about a woman's obituary i don't really remember anything about it except that it was short sentences, barely sentences and i remember the one line "she hated miracle whip" or maybe it was just mayonnaise but i think it was miracle whip, we thought it was strange but we laughed, and we remember it.

here we go;

she was 104 years old
she loved the color pink
she loved her dog snickers
she hated mushrooms, she said they were fungus
she loved onions, raw or cooked
she hated peppers
she liked black pepper
she hated lasagna & Mexican food until she was 18
she had a passion for politics
usually only democratic
actually, always only democratic
Barack Obama was her hero
she had a love for art
she was classic, at least she wanted to be
she had dreams
she accomplished almost all of them
she had a strange interest for Richard Nixon
she had a strange interest for bad people
she hated when you left the cap off the toothpaste
she loved cinnamon toothpaste
she enjoyed flossing, even though she didn't do it often
she owned to many shoes
but she would never stop buying them
she owned to many movies
but she would never stop buying them
let alone stop watching & or referring to them
she believed Jon Stewart was a God
she wanted to marry him despite their age difference
she enjoyed reading
she hated the library
she loved borders
she loved the rain, snow and even fall
the sun was a different subject
football annoyed her
Audrey Hepburn was her hero
she didn't like reality shows
she didn't like "drama" shows
she didn't follow fads
she enjoyed delicious meals
she loved Seattle
she didn't get the point of gambling
she didn't get republicans
she supported gay rights
she supported green living
she liked mail, even if it was junk
she liked driving, most of the time.
she loved music
she wished she could make her own music
her biggest pet peeve was people thinking decorators & designers were the same
she couldn't stand ignorant people
she did however like naive people, and she never understood why
she liked to support causes, she started young
she didn't like coffee
she loved the smell of coffee
she loved her family
and her goal was to die at 104 happy & healthy
she succeeded, she is now classic.

Monday, January 5, 2009

President Barack Obama

original post date: November 8, 2008

Hope, Change, Inspiration, Ambition, Confidence.

I'm not going to get "politically correct" no pun intended on saying "President Elect Barack Obama" because he is already the man we all look too, he is already the man we all aspire to be and the man that inspires us.

It is far from a secret about my feelings for Barack Obama, anyone who knows me and even people who don't know me...know that I'm one of the biggest supporters of Barack Obama. I have tons of magazines and newspaper articles featuring the man i'm inspired by, including his high school bulletin from Punahou, I have read Dreams from my Father and Audacity of Hope and I have watched his speeches, read words he's spoke and watched videos on what he instills into people.
I just want to say something to those few Americans out there that don't entirely support our new President, still have doubts about what he is capable of doing.

this whole campaign tons and thousands of people woke up and fought for things that they believed in, and the one main similarity between all those people is that they all believed in at least one same thing...Barack Obama. They may not have agreed on healthcare or gay rights or what we plan to do with our economy and environment...but they all believed in Barack Obama.
He may not be able to do all the things he wants to accomplish, he may be beaten down by the corrupt system of our American politics but it doesn't matter because the most important thing is that he is inspiring the American people again, people are opening their eyes and people are believing again in their country, in their rights, in their future.

all these people that believe in the ridiculous allegations about Obama, that he is a member of the Mafia, that he is not a united states citizen, that he is a terrorist... I don't even have a comment for people like you other than the fact that you shouldn't vote, because you're clearly uneducated. I don't take what you say as intelligence and I don't take what you say as offense, all until the part when you shout out "kill him" at a McCain rally, I just think of you as petty.
it really doesn't matter if you believe anything he says, or agree with a single thing on his platform, what matters is that the American people have hope again, and at a time when we need it most. When people are loosing their jobs, so ridiculously that we have never been this low since 1942 and the month of October was the worst month in this entire year. People lost their retirements and their college funds for their children, people can't pay for medication they need and others can't go to college for an education they deserve, the first thing American people need is not money, it's not a new bill or a new law or even a new president, a new politician. The first thing the American people hope. And that's the first thing President Barack Obama brings to us.

This is my America, your America, and our America. –
"I think the thing that inspires me most about Barack Obama that he really is going to be the President of the United States, He's not going to be the president of the top 10% or the president of the most powerful corporations or the president of the most powerful lobbyist he's going to be our president, he's going to speak for us cause we put him there."