Wednesday, January 21, 2009

history will never beat this. January 20, 2009.

preface: i sat down to write a blog for today many times and words couldn't describe what i wanted to say, and then all of a sudden, just writing a comment to a friend it turned into this long reflection. this is a day that we will remember for always and this is a day, for me, bigger than anything else i believe i will ever experience and i'm so happy to know that i had something to do with it. this is my letter to those without hope.

I know there are people out there who are still really against Obama, they still doubt his abilities and they still doubt our country but, (and this has been the biggest impact on his campaign) look deeper into what has happened, look beyond the war and the current economy, look beyond the hardships of the bush administration, look beyond the democratic and republican platform and realize and see how many people have come out and done things for their community because of this new hope and this new inspiration, even if you believe it to be a false hope, what does that matter? How does that hurt anything? its actually just like Obama says "there’s never been anything false about hope." nothing political matters, to know that people became citizen's to vote and to become involved in their community, to volunteer for food drives and donate money not just to a campaign but for good causes, to unite together to fight...whatever you want to fight, for whatever you believe, that’s amazing and its something our country desperately needed at a time when loved ones are being sent over sea's and families are loosing pension & retirement and are going to be forced to work years longer than they ever planned. This a time to be able to rely on your neighbor and it’s a time to at least be able to hope again.

A lot of people out there criticize Obama's "hope campaign" claiming it as a false hope and a dreamer’s world, I understand where they are coming from but I have to say, I think it’s quite odd. How can having hope ever possibly be a bad thing? How can having faith in something be a bad thing? If you have no hope for things to ever get better in life, why live your life? And if you criticize it solely on hope for the country, that’s not very optimistic is it?

I'm not naive, sometimes I prefer to be but I know deep down the truth and I know Obama isn't going to make dramatic changes; healthcare and social security aren’t changing over night and the war is going to be a long and delicate situation to pull out of, but I think he will make good decisions that his well-picked cabinet will help advise him to do, He's in great favor with the Senate and we all know the Senate is what makes or breaks the White House in the end.

but again, the biggest difference I think will be Obama's presence and his own hope for the country, I think he has a great moral backing that he truly believes what is good for himself and his own family, his own daughters, his own wife, is good for everyone and I think that’s a great mentality when your running a country.

I think that's where Bush failed us, he didn’t give us the support and hope we needed, it might have been his articulation, he couldn’t explain things to us in the ways we could sympathize with, it was hard to take him as an educated individual and it was easy to criticize him for the mistakes he had made, and denied and failed to accept he made.

the moral here is that Obama's our new President, I think a majority of you are supporters, some of you don't care at all and some of you wish the worst things upon him, but to look at it in at least one positive way is what happened to our country on election night and today on inauguration day. No one is in a place right now where they’re not affected, and it’s about time we all came together to gave a lending hand.

This is a new journey, be apart of it, be apart of history, do you really want to grow old and tell your grandchildren how much you were against this history making man, could you imagine your grandparents ranting on about how horrible Martin Luther King Jr. was? About how he spat on about equality? Realize that there is a reason so many people have faith in him, that so many people have woken up to this “new day”

This is our time. Join us.


  1. awesome post Kylee. Are you apply for a job as Obama's speech writer. lol..... :)

  2. aw thanks but i'm no where near as good as jon favreau! you should read this article about Favreau its really good, its about he first worked on the kerry campaign pretty much by accident and then how he met Obama and how great it is to work with him

    i like the last line he says "I looked at the Edwards people in 2004 and thought they were such Kool-Aid drinkers. Now I'm one of them myself."