Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Conversations Only Have Beginnings & Middles

in my glass: water. go me! :)

Book: amazingggg book about Hunter S. Thompson "Gonzo" (jojo posted about it before and she just lent it to me) I'm crazy busy so I'm crawling through it, but I loveeeee it. I loveeee HST and I still don't understand why. haha.

Music: I got turned onto "The Script" I'm completely in love but I think I already out played it so I'm listening to Lee Dewyze again, I like the mellow happy music for when I'm doing design work...

TV: You guys will all be so proud of me. I have finally begun my LOST final adventure. Pre-order on Amazon is amazing! I'm already on disk 3 (but tonight I was too tired to pay attention and I really have a lot of homework to do)

Movie: in lue/luei/lui (I never knew how to spell that) of watching serious LOST I watched 'The Back-Up Plan' I don't like Jennifer Lopez as a person, I think shes a diva but she does do good movies and the guy in the movie is so freaking cute. SUCH an unpractical movie though, I kinda hate those, these are the movies that make women crazy and think that's what real life is... haha

Best thing that happened: My cousin Tiffany got married on Saturday! I got my friend, Eddy, the photography gig so we got their really early so I got to help set up but it was one of the funnest and best weddings I've ever been too. It was so casual but still romantic and it was beautiful weather, I'm sure Eddy got amazing photos because of the lighting. It was just a generally amazing time and if I were do get married (don't hold your breath, maybe when I'm 40 lol) that will be my wedding.

Funny thing that happened: My friend, I'll rename her as Sam (Cause I don't have a single friend named Sam) so Sam meets this guy at a bar and its really loud so when they are exchanging names he says his name is "Harpi, like Happy" and she says "Harpi?" and he says "yes" but its really loud. They ended up hitting it off so they have been seeing each other and talking and such but anytime she says his name he makes a joke. the second time they met up she said "Harpi" and he joked "oh you remember my name?" and laughed. But now its been like 2 weeks and they've hung out so many times that can't just ask him what his name is and she tried looking at his license but "Harpi" is a nickname short for some Indian name that she can't pronounce so shes basically just landed herself a boyfriend that she doesn't know the name of. It's hilarious. we have a few problem solver scenarios we can put into action if it becomes a crisis lol.


I got really excited with jojo's red flag list so now I'm making my official red flag, blue flag, turn-off, turn-on and deal breaker list. they're always exceptions for everything but I'd like to think these are concrete. okay, ready, set, go!

(I'm totally stealing a bunch of these from jojos blog and everyones posts, I will give everyone their credit lol)

1. Amanda: Jesus Fish, alarms would totally go off, not only so much if it was a magnet on his car but if it was a tattoo on his arm, I would run. And I have seen this before.
2. Eque: Hunting/HateforAnimals. I have a love affair with any living thing be it a fish or a big fluffy dog, I'm quite convinced that I could make best friends with a bear; Polar, Grizzly, you name it. I'm on it. I'm not a PETA protester or any kind of animal activist but those Sarah Machlan commercials do make me cry. Plus the "hunter" kind of guy is so NOT my type.
3. Republican. I should put this on the dealbreaker list, but I do always give the guy a chance. Although the last guy I "dated" I gave him too many chances, he was not only a republican but he hated Obama, didn't vote and isn't registered. (and he opinions and my rule is that you can't have political opinions if you're not registered and don't vote.) I wore my "I only date democrats" Tshirt just to piss him off. haha.
4. Jojo: Mullet hair, handlebar mustache or anything else of the sort...unless its a gag joke and its temporary because I do get a kick out of that. and if a guy can still pull those looks off even for a joke, hes a keeper. LOL
5. Lack of education is still a red flag for me, I know y'all had objections to that but I'm sorry at my age if you're not pursuing an education your basically lazy (that would be my first impression) and I said it had to be a Bachelors or higher because a lot of lazy people out there go and get there AA just to have and still do nothing. this is obviously a flag that has many exceptions but at first my red flag is being raised.

BLUE FLAGS (good things- in all honesty its everything the opposite of the red flag but I'll do a list anyways.)
1. to not be repetitive I'll do all the "opposites" on #1. So blue flag's for the following: has a bachelors degree or higher or is pursuing such at a good school. registered democrat that's in love with Obama. (I'm on the opposite of Kat, if a guy is in LOVE with his pets, especially a dog, that's like 5 blue flags in one.)
2. if he's not into sports. you all know how I feel.
3. to further that, if he doesn't watch the "new shows" you all know, besides LOST, the only shows I watch are re-run sitcoms and movies.
4. if he can remember stuff. Its amazing how bad some guys are! If I'm hanging out with you all day and you can't remember something I said to you 3-4 hours ago, its kind of insulting. I don't believe in bad memory. haha.
5. an artist in some way shape or form. well not performance, I "dated" an actor and an actor is just a really good liar, haha and its really annoying to hear them talk about how they're gonna move to Hollywood and become famous and blah blah blah. a little reality maybe? but yes artist in all other shapes and forms I always love the idea of artist that are related to my kind of art because its cool to have that connection and understanding of what each other do.

1. guitar playing. I would date a hairy man if he could play amazing guitar. actually no I wouldn't but I would maybe consider it. haha.
2. suspenders. I don't know what it is but I find suspenders un-naturally sexy. I could jump Larry King's bones. Okay, I'm lying again, but its a funny thought.
3. humor. of course. I like laughing.
4. cologne/good smells. I used to feel really uncomfortable when old fat teachers would wear cologne because they would smell soooo good yet I was so repulsed by them. cologne is very dangerous. the Axe commercials are real.
5. Manners. I never really thought I cared about this, until I met guys that have no manners. And I don't mean opening the car door or holding the door open for me but please and thank you's go a long way so you'd have to imagine bigger manners than that go even further.

1. Smoking. anything, everything, even nothing. I've dated smokers, so its not a dealbreaker for me, but I certainly don't like it. Although I will admit, sometimes, some guys can look really sexy with a cigarette in their lips. (aka James Dean)
2. HAIR! you all know how I feel. clean shaven facial = okay (and usually kinda sexy) long hair and/or chest hair = makes me wanna puke...on your hair.
3. I call it Gangster Style. if you talk or write in ebonics, walk like an idiot and think its cool to say nigga, pop a cap or anything else retarded like that. gross.
4. highly into fashion. its one thing to enjoy shopping, like a tshirt, pair of jeans, have good style. you should not subscribe to fashion magazines and know more designers than me (and I don't know THAT many.)
5. republican. can I put that again? because really if you tell me you're a republican I might walk away. haha.

1. Long-distance. nope, nope, nope.
2. Military (jo might say something about this because I almost did date a guy in the army) That's not the lifestyle for me, it was a big reason why me and that fella didn't end up dating. for 1.) its long distance 2.) dangerous and I'd be constantly worrying 3.) if things got serious I could end up away from my family and I'm not okay with that.
3. Friends ex-boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, friends. these are definite deal breakers but I really want to include family of friends, and friends of family but I'm sure there could possibly be some exceptions, although its always been a dealbreaker in the past
4. younger than me. i don't even like dating guys my own age why would I want to go younger? always older.
5. way older than me (haha) I would have no problem dating a guy who was 30 or around that, but then I think its weird that they want to date a 21 year old.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I could be famous one day

Current Music: Musiq Soulchild (I lost all my itunes playlists and I'm too lazy to remake them so I'm listening to whatever comes on, I used to love this guy in high school, he has a good voice but it is very r&b which isnt really my style anymore, but i still enjoy it)

Food: Tater Tot Casserole. we have this way too often but its so yumm and its not really that bad for you (its just ground beef (and i buy the lean stuff) tater tots and cream of chicken (and i buy the low sodium/low fat stuff) and cheese. we love cheese.

Drink: Diet coke of course. this is why I'll never be an alcoholic I love diet coke way too much, Even if I order a vodka/diet I get upset that my diet coke doesn't taste the same, whether it's vodka or not. haha.

Excitement of the week: I got an internship! I had the interview on Wednesday, I found out Sunday night they hired me and I was in the office Tuesday & Wednesday -- They already had me doing spec sheets, finish schedules, pulling materials, CAD work (alot of my friends I've talked to still don't do this kind of work or it took them awhile to be able to be allowed to do it) I got to sit in on a client meeting today and one of my coworkers said "wow, she doesn't normally let interns sit in on meetings..." so it feels really good that they obviously feel really good about me.

Pet Peeve: That there aren't better editing tools in blogger. I hate these generic fonts. bluchk.

Upcoming: Josh's anniversary is Friday, we're doing something as a family but nothing large, but I think thats how it should be, its amazing to me that it was a whole year already. Josh was the first person I lost that was close to me (My grandpa passed away but it was a little different under the circumstances and I think it was time for my grandpa, he was really sick and held on a good amount of years) and you always hear people talking about how "it felt like just yesterday" and I don't have this amazing memory really, especially not after a year, but I remember everything. I remember exactly what I was doing when my dad called, I remember our exact conversation and I remember everything that was going through my mind.

Weird Thought: I hope this doesn't offend anybody, but I always think about this when people say your loved ones are looking down on you -- so they are in heaven and they can look down on you and watch everything you do? shouldn't there be some kind of censor for that? what if you "watch in" on your parents while they're having sex, or someone showering, like, thats not cool. haha. So I was thinking about this, maybe its like a transcript gets sent to them on a little fax machine, haha. Its a very interesting thought I could probably talk about it for hours on all the possibilites because I really hope there is SOME kind of censorship or warning or somethinggg for both parties sake! haha


So I never really realized this before but with the career path I've choosen and the industry I am in... I could be famous one day. I think for some reason I always thought any job could make you famous if you were good enough at it, but then I realized MOST jobs thats not true when I look at everyone around me, sorry I love you guys but you have no chance of being famous and being told about in history books lol (dental assistant, secretary, admissions officer, whatever the heck my dad's job title is, physical therapists, and so on) Now I do realize if I ever do become famous it will probably be more within my own industry BUT the last couple articles I've read in Vanity Fair have been about designers & architects (which is always very cool because I feel like they are talking about my friends lol)

I could have an article written about me in Vanity Fair, I could have my own TV show, I could be written about in history/design books. Of course I would have to be really good at what I do but I'm up to that challenge. I don't plan on being famous, but its cool to think that I could.