Sunday, September 20, 2009

where did all the good people go?

I don't know what exactly snapped in me, but something did and I am much more aware of people being nice, and i have to say, it completely makes my day. sometimes i worry that maybe I seem like i'm pissed or bitchy and i feel bad when they apologize and say something nice cause i always wonder why, which is silly to think that nice-ness has an alliterative motive.

for instance, i was at the grocery store the other day and i let this guy go in front of me because he only had one thing, a bottle of cooking wine. apparently it was on sale and the cashier was saying it wasnt the right kind of item that was on sale, the customer wasnt neccesarily rude about it but he was basically not paying the full price, he wanted the sale price, and it was taking awhile so im thinking in my head "geez guy, just pay the freaking full price its not that big of a deal, its just one bottle of safeway select cooking wine" lol

well when it all got solved, he turned to me and said "i'm sorry this held you up." and when i left the teller and the bag girl all were apologizing for the wait, but i have to say. i was pissed at the guy before, but once he said sorry for holding me up, it completely made my day, and for the teller and the bag girl to say something as well.

at work i've been noticing a lot of people sincerely telling me to have a good day or actually asking how my day was, or a passenger just being very grateful and it makes my entire day!

but i wonder, is it weird that nice-ness has such an impact, am i more aware of it now and more grateful or did something snap in the earth and people really did suddenly get nicer? maybe i look sad, and they feel bad for me or something? i hope not. but again, there shouldnt be a motive for nice-ness and it shouldnt seem so weird when people are nice.

but thats my new thing, apperciating when someone is nice and I, myself be a lot nicer. i want to make someones day. i want to save someones life if it comes down to that. you never know when you ruin someones day and you never know when you save it.

it drives me crazy that two people can be eating in a restaurant and they both get water spilled on them, the one person is perfectly okay, he makes sure the waitress is okay, "no worries" is his constant response. the other person screams at the waitress, demands a comp meal, is a total asshole; and he gets a free dessert and probably his whole dinner free.

we as a society reward bad behavior, when in life does that honestly happen? when we were kids when we yelled at our parents or said a swear word did we get a cupcake? no! we got sent to our rooms maybe with a bar of soap to chew on. but the minute you grow up thats completely reversed, and its completely wrong.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My New Month Resolution

who said it had to be a new year's resolution?

1.) read more often, books are an intelligent escape from the reality that you might currently fear or be bored and tired of.

2.) follow everything in Joshs' obit, don't get mad when people cut you off in traffic and one of the things i thought about when i first went back to work is that i need to be nice to everyone because a stranger doesn't know whats going on underneath and although it might be completely valid, they don't know that and you might have just ruined their day.

3.) lend a helping hand more often, there are too many times we might press the "door close" button on the elevator because we don't feel like talkig to someone or we watch the old lady struggle to open the door.

4.) eat out less and cook more often. i used to be SO into cooking, getting recipes and making kind of intense meals, homemade spanish rice and enchiladas, Manicotti, wolfgang punk shrimp tempura pasta and i dont know if its cause i eat alone and im cooking for one or if i'm just a lot more busy (which is VERY true) but i should make a stronger effort.

5.) walk oliver more, he deserves it because he is an amazing dog and his only bad habits or qualities come from me, but, and only real dog lovers can understand this, but a dog, and one like oliver really can change your world. Oliver has a genuine heart and I love him as if he was my son.

6.) clean more often, and keep the apartment clean more often. its just better fung shui

7.) save more money. I make $1600/mo I really shouldn't be broke and I really shouldn't be so concerned about where I'm going to be living when my lease is up. I don't spend my money on silly things I spend it on a lot of little things that adds up, usually food. sadly enough.

8.) spend more time outside, Kayak more often, however this is hugely contributed into how much time i have, which is nothing. i was really stressed the other day, actually i've been really stressed ever since Aug 20th with homework piling up due to some validate circumstances and i thought "i should go kayaking it would relax me" which is true but the fact is, is that i would just be thinking the whole time how i was loosing time to work on homework and it would just stress me out more.

9.) go home more often, this has already taken into effect, but I really don't enjoy my hometown so i didnt always go home that often at all but honestly, i love my family and its very important to create more and more memories with them, so that if something ever happened they can seem like they live longer in my mind.

10. make art daily. don't think about the idea, actually make art daily. it is such a good release on everything.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are You A White Liberal?

in my cultural theory class we were defining a "White Liberal" this is the list my class came up with, I have now defined myself as a white liberal but the list makes me laugh, I'm not sure how many you need to qualify for to be classified as a white liberal but the ones in bold are what I view as true for myself.

1. white
2. has a dog
3. political (democratic or republican or independent)
4. tech savvy (has the best technology out there; ie: Iphone, BluRay etc.) however i don't have the best technology out there, I can't afford it.
5. Mac User if i could afford one, i would own one, i love them.
6. Sustainable/environmental
7. Likes recycling
8. probably has a composite
9. drives a hybrid card, probably a Prius if i could afford one, i would own one.
10. bikes everywhere
11. Vegan or Vegetarian
12. likes to kayak
13. has the best TV or is Anti-Tv
14. likes to be healthy (exercise or eating) i like being healthy, doesnt mean i always am
15. listens to NPR
16. organic or local clothes
17. fresh food (no processed food, usually gets food from the local market)
18. no franchises (grocery store, restaurant or even clothing)
19. likes to be barefoot or shoes with open toes (flip flops and sandals)
20. likes being outside i like being inside too though
21. usually campaigns for things; causes, campaigns etc
22. in a committed relationship
23. has a "partner" because they don't believe in marriage
24. Agnostic or Atheist
25. likes Bill Maher
26. Reads the local paper daily
27. read all the books on NY top 100 list
28. likes Feung Shui
29. claims to be Buddhist or follows certain aspects thats one of the only religions i could seriously consider being apart of.
30. "is always right" and will argue with you if you don't have the same views
31. they make smart investments
32. doesn't gamble
33. no kids
34. tree hugger
35. Wino
36. Beer-o (my classes way of saying beer enthusiast's)
37. sophisticated palette
38. posh home
39. likes hiking

so, are you a white liberal?