Thursday, January 21, 2010

I loved, I hated, and back again.

theres so many famous people out there that I 1.) either used to hate and now love. or 2.) used to love and now hate. here's my list. make sure to share yours!

1. Angelina Jolie. I used to really not like her, I think it was first her hard appearance, she had that tough girl exotic look, and then when the whole Brad and Jen break-up happened I was definitley on team Aniston. BUT the more I watched her movies and watched her in interviews I realized I love her, she is genuinely a really good person, the work she does for charity is so humble, she doesnt do it for fame, she uses her fame to help others which many people don't do.

2. Jennifer Aniston. My the tides have changed, I still love Jennifer but it's very different now because she is in a comparison to Jolie and she doesnt do nearly as much charity work and its not that i'm against it because Angelina does it and she doesnt, I'm against it because she has a lot of money and basically keeps it for herself. I know she does charity she works with St. Judes and a lot of others, but I just know if it was me, and I had money i'd be like Angelina doing so much more for others. (Brad and Angelina were #1 on the list of celebrities who donate money to Charity)

3. Drew Barrymore. I don't really know why I didnt like Drew so much, I think it was from watching her in 'Charlies Angels' I thought she was really white trash, and well she did marry Tom Green. But I have LOVED the movies she has been in lately and shes dating Justin Long which is a big improvement, I love him! but it was mainly an article from Bazzaar that she was in and I just fell in love with her. I don't even remember what the article was really about but I remember she said this one quote "I can't imagine why we all don't want desperatley to take care of each other. We need to be passionately inspired by the fact that we can take our environment and our country back." that just spoke to me on SO many levels.

4. Beyonce. I remember a time when I did like her, I think probably when I was young and she was in Destinys Child but I really CANNOT stand her. I hate that she tries to act so humble and down to earth and then shows up in a dress that is as small as a hand towel. I'd have more respect for her if she was like Samantha from Sex and the City and admitted she loved her body and wanted to show it off. But she tries to act like shes not. I hate her music I think it sounds horrible and like noise. I don't care for her stupid dances and I think her lyrics are a joke. okay enough with that. next!

5. Jennifer Lopez. there was also another time when I really liked J-lo but the more I found out about her, I couldnt stand her. some might be tabloid crap but apparently she has this whole pride of being from the Bronx (ie: "jenny from the block") but she doesnt do anything to help the bronx, nor is she largely supportive of any charity for that matter. I just havent really liked her in interviews she seems very full of herself although I do like the movies she does, they are always fun and lighthearted (Maid in Manhattan, Wedding Planner, Monster in Law) I did hear she tips really bad at restaurants which I think is really tacky when you have money. you don't need to tip more because you have money but you should still be tipping the standards and of course you still have the right to tip vs. on quality of service. I guess possibly this "rumor" started from the reports of a horrible waitress, who knows.

6. Heidi Klum. I used to not like her because I think I thought she was a stuck up model or something but I really do love her now, seeing her in interviews and watching a few episodes of Project Runway, she's really sweet and down to earth and marrying Seal I think says a lot about her (marrying someone for who they are and not their looks)

7. David Beckham. I thought he had to have been full of himself because of the hype of his good looks and the whole coming to America to earn more money thing seemed kinda...bad. BUT I fell in love with him when I read an article on how he denied to be in certain ad's because they wanted him to pose sexy with other famous models his response was "i'm married" and in almost every ad i've seen him in with another person its been him and Victoria, which I think is very cool.

Okay I didn't want to end on 7 but I can't think of any others so...oh well!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

people say I'm negative but i'm here to prove i'm postive

I Like...

i'm not naming actors, people i know, tv shows, movies or anything of the sort.

1. turning up the heat in my bedroom so i can sleep with basically no clothes (I would sleep nakey if I didn't live with my sister and she didn't come in my room every morning, haha)

2. walking through the rain (as long as my hair isnt an issue) this is usually best accompanied by really good music, I find Hendrix is a good 'walking-through-the-rain' music

3. reading RealSimple because I love the "new uses for everyday things" even though i hardly ever actually use them because they arent usually things I have laying around my house

4. online shopping even when I don't buy things, its like a weird sense of window shopping but knowing you can put it on a wishlist is a little more satisfying

5. a lot of colors in everything I do although I love the classical look of black and white

6. sushi.

7. chinese

8. prismacolor brand...anything. although I really only use the markers and colored pencils (they have pastels and such things as well)

9. the mastercard commercial (that is previously posted on this blog) with the classical music playing and photos of ordinary things that look like smiley faces, it cheers me up everytime i see it.

10. old gap commercials, I don't like the new ones they are all "cheerleaders"

11. really good cheeseburgers

12. facebook, email and text messaging

13. Ann Saks tile, its SO beautiful. (google it if you don't know it.)

14. diet coke, cherry coke, orange fanta, peach fresca and sprite.

15. massages

16. getting my haircut at Seven7 (hair salon in Seattle)

17. design and art in all forms.

18. Seattle as a whole from downtown to belltown from ballard to freemont from wallingford to pioneer square and so on

19. travel, i just wish i could do it more time and money doesnt allow me to :(

20. movies and music


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lyric or Saying?

was it the great lyrics that inspired the saying or
was the song a rip off of a sentence we know all too well?
1. Old Habits Die Hard (Mick Jagger)
2. Blind Leading the Blind (Mick Jagger)
3. Silence is Golden (Frankie Valli)
4. Love Makes the World Go Round (Madonna)
5. A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)
6. The Best is Yet to Come (Frank Sinatra)
7. Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles)
8. Kill The Messenger (Jacks Mannequin)
9. Lean On Me (Al Green)
10. You Can't Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)
11. I'll Be There For You (Bon Jovi)
12. All or Nothing at All (Frank Sinatra)
13. Let the Good Times Roll (Southern Soul)
14. Its a Man's World (James Brown)
15. I heard it Through the Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)
alright some of them I know are song lyrics first and some of them I know are sayings first but it's still fun! come share your thoughts and your lyrics!
I will say though that the best version of 'Its a Man's World' was by Christina Aguleria during some award show, ironic, huh?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thing's i'm embarrased of but I won't kick in the new year.

I have a lot of things I'm slightly embarrassed of, but I refuse to kick the habits, okay maybe theres a few I should kick.

I'm embarrassed...

1. that I refer to 'Friends' in my daily life so often it's as if they are my real life friends.

2. that I love watching 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' I know its for the younger than me generation but I find it very entertaining and I always wish I could be a witch like her and just *zap* for everything I want

3. that I sweat and pant walking up some of the big Seattle hills, but before you make fun of me, please tell me you've walked up them because they are not normal hills. I was better before I went home for Christmas, i went out yesterday and it was quite sad. but i'll get back to my place again haha

4. that I buy great books that I'm excited about it and it still takes me way too long to finish

5. that I would rather stay home and watch TV and movies all day cuddled up with my dog than go out. I am a homebody, but I am content out in the world as well. I'm a 50/50 gal, i just don't go crazy being home the way some people do.

6. that I'm a designer that lives in an all white apartment with mismatch furniture. although, its a rental I'm not going to paint because then I have to paint when I move out and i'm NOT going to want to paint when I'm moving and you never know what happens in a year I may be moving I may be staying but eventually I'll have all the accent pieces I want to warm up the apartment with curtains and such. plus i'm a poor college student.

7. that I own SO many movies, some are just really great movies that I wanted to own but I probably wouldnt watch again, unless someone came over and wanted to watch them (ie: Might Heart, Davinci Code, Disturbia, many more)

8. that one of the big reasons I want to continue working with Habitat for Humanity is because the supervisor is really cute. don't get me wrong i'd like it either way but he is a very big positive :)

9. that I love watching Mythbusters. I'm no where near being a science geek but I LOVE that show. even the world war II myths to the corny science jokes and even the somewhat bad acting, they're scientist not actors haha

10. I'm not embarrassed of a lot of things, I can't think of a # 10 but I would like to end on # 10 so enjoy!