Monday, November 30, 2009

All moved in and nowhere to go

I just moved in this weekend to a new apartment with my sister; a 2-bedroom/2-bath right in downtown seattle, its a great place for the two dogs they have lots of room to run around and the extra space is so nice compared to the old 500SF studio I had before. a view from our balcony at night time, i'm hoping they put lights on these trees out front to give it a nice holiday feel.

the walls are white but not in an annoying boring way, it seems more consistent and just makes the apartment brighter. and once we get more pictures and furniture it will all be colorful and it will work out. i also remember a quote one time "i decorate in white because my friends are all so colorful"

the dogs are having a great time, oliver had his ball-removal surgery so we dont have to worry about puppies but they have a blast together and ash and i switch off walking them together which is actually the funniest thing you've ever seen. however when we tried to feed them oliver just tries to eat all of chloes food and so chloe runs in my bathroom (where i feed oliver) and eats all olivers food

the kictchen has horrible storage, all the cabinets are very skinny so we dont have any cabinets for dishes really so we have most of them above the fridge and then i had a little black wooden hutch that holds alot of the other dishes. but we look like we have TONS of food because the cabinets are so packed.

we have a great little fireplace, and the building pays for the gas so its like free heat! my cousin Brian and his friend Shane hung the picture above the fireplace kind of as a joke but Ash and I really liked it so we left it, we ended up moving the pictures below because they were all family photos and she felt the picture above was "sex" and it made her want to throw up, so we took them off she wants to put a bunch of PBR (cheap beer) cans but I am refusing that idea (she thinks it goes better with the picture) but i said PBR cans would be really tacky and the picture isnt tacky sex, i said to put little tiny tea-lights but then she thinks thats like there is fire going up her crotch -- haha so i guess we'll figure SOMETHING out lol

and here is just a shot of my bedroom with the two dogs, the curtains came out really weird in this photo (i have a really crappy camera) but my window looks out onto the courtyard/pool and we are on the first floor so anyone can look in so i will just keep those curtains closed pretty much all the time. by the way thats my dog oliver on the ground, but thats his tail not his head LOL and thats my sisters dog, Chloe sitting on the bed shes small and blends in with my bedding a little too much lol

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've been a bad blogger lately.

oops, life gets busy and I apparently forget about my poor little blog, I used to always update it at work but now I don't have those 10 hours of nothing to do anymore. I'm actually quite busy! I'm taking a 6-Credit commercial design studio (our classes are normally 3 credits so it's like 2 classes in one.) and its a BIG project, but i'm excited about it i know i will have a great portfolio piece when the class is over but there is just
A LOT to do. our professor is an Architect and his firm is actually renovating the same building, so we have a lot of accurate data and real-life scenarios which is really cool, so i have that (which consumes the main majority of my time.)
then i'm entering into two design competitions (although i will admit i havent even started on the second one but thats okay its not due till June) the one i'm working on is a 1200 SF living/dining room which is actually quite large, we have to design one furniture piece in the room as well. its just different doing a design competition because you want to win but you're not sure if you should do some crazy "out there" design that would really never be built, or if you should do something simple "less is more" like the great Frank Lloyd Wright said but what is too simple? so its a big fight with yourself on what to do.
THEN my sister and I are moving thanksgiving weekend! I'm picking up the keys next week and we will probably start moving a little bit before that on small things but the anticipation is killing me.

alright on to the real blog stuff.

what i'm doing: taking a break from the design world to catch up on the real world i have class in about an hour so I need to wind down so I won't forget to leave

what i'm drinking: simply orange with mango, its Delicious! sometimes i put tonic water in it to give it a little bubbly. i love carbonation lol

recent itunes download: the soundtrack to 'Shall We Dance' (that movie with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez) I really just wanted the song 'Book of Love' by Peter Gabriel (which i have to say is the most rock-and-roll religious sounding name i've ever heard) it was on the season finale for Scrubs and I fell in love and you couldn't purchase it alone, but the soundtrack is pretty good theres only one or two songs I didnt care for and some I really like.

still reading: Howard Hughes book, I barely have time to read it, whenever i do something thats not "design" i feel guilty because thats what i should be working on.

what I need to do (besides design): start going through all the things i dont need for moving. i could even start packing, i totally would but i feel 2 weeks is too early lol i could start organizing though

alright i'm off i feel too guilty for leisurely blogging when i have so much to do I think my "tasks" (in outlook) is literally over 50 and my "tasks" are all actual things i need to do, not things i should get around too. its quite depressing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

yes we can. yes we did. yes he will keep doing.

As the anniversary of the night America changed, the night people danced in the streets, the night I smiled and cried as I drove home listening to Obama on NPR as he won the 2008 presidential election. This anniversary reminds me of the whole campaign I softly forgot about as the days past after his inauguration. It seemed on January 20th 2009 that my job was done and the time I spent on the campaign was more than memorable and as I sat back and let Obama make the good decisions I knew he would make, I always felt satisfied. The critics came in and watched his first 100 days closely, then nitpicked every word he said, passed judgment on him for being human and saying things we all thought and agreed with, just didn’t want our president saying them I suppose. for god sakes the critics, who lets face it are just the republicans, the GOP, the party who put Nixon in office, and furthermore put Gerald Ford in office only to pardon Nixon and leave the nation in question for years, heck decades to come. These same people actually criticize Obama for swatting a fly in a meeting, saying that Kanye West was an asshole when he interrupted Taylor Swifts speech to say “no you shouldn’t have gotten it, beyonce should have.” And for insulting him and saying his daughters got special treatment by getting the swine flu vaccine 2-3 weeks after it became available, even though there were no “droughts” of the vaccine in D.C. these critics make me laugh, they have to dig so deep to make him look bad, to be able to have a negative thing to say about him, and it really all is pathetic. Because I don’t care if he swatted a fly, or said a bad word because what I care about, is what he already did. His campaign was more important than almost anything he can do in office. Its repeated a thousand times to hear about his impressive campaign, the grassroots involvement was something you’ve never seen before, you know the story. But if you weren’t there, maybe you don’t understand. When I look back on the campaign, it was magical time. I stood in lines just to hear him speak, I spent hundreds of dollars to aid the campaign and to be able to wear a button and a t-shirt – and not only to wear it but to hear people say things like “I like your shirt” or “yes we can” when they passed me by wearing it. to be in a stadium full of thousands of people chanting “yes we can” gives you goosebumps, makes you smile, makes you wanna cry, it was something I’ll never forget. To know that I stood in the cold outside safeway to register voters, to know that I was a delegate, and I went to the meetings and I voted not just for Obama but for the people who were going to be there to represent him. To know that when I saw that number on the news for how many delegates he had, to know that I was one of those numbers. That’s something not a lot of people can say, I can truly say that I feel that I had a personal impact on this campaign. And I don’t follow Obama today blindly, although I don’t watch CNN and read the headlines quite as dedicated as I was during the campaign, I feel now that I put the right person in office and I trust his decisions and I trust the man and when he makes a mistake I actually find it endearing because his mistakes have not been those of Truman, Nixon or even Clinton but mistakes of human nature. To know that my president is real and seems less like a sleezy politican, means so much, and entrusts so much to me.

However, to those critics out there who say that he isn’t up to his campaign promises, I like to ask you, what were his campaign promises? Health care reform? Working on our environmental issues? Helping the economy? Building ties internationally? Because all of those issues are being addressed. I don’t want to make the list but you can check which is a non-partisan website tracking his campaign promises. But the one thing I want to point out on top of everything is that Obama was also blindsided with issues he didn’t know he was going to have to deal with. Issues that arose with the automobile industry, and the banks and these issues postponed and stalled the issues he had on his campaign platform, and beyond that. He is working for you and he always has been. It has only been a year, just wait and see what he can do in 4 years, and definitely what he can do in 8 years.

words are just words, lets see what mine will mean today.

Words are words lets see what mine will mean today
1. I love my dog, Oliver more than life itself. Everyone was really against me getting a dog since I live in the city, the added expenses that could occur etc etc but all these people who were against me getting a dog were not really dog lovers and I emailed my Uncle Brian and I sent him a picture right before I got oliver and I hadn’t quite told everyone yet (but I knew he would get it.) and I don’t remember the story exactly (you might have to correct me Brian lol) but something about being a poor college student but you had your dog and that was one of the best times of your life. It was awhile ago I don’t remember the story so well haha.

2. Its 3am and I can’t sleep. No reason at all. Although there is a stingy in my big toe on my left foot and its bothering me.
3. I also have a recovering blister on my pinky toe (left foot) a big blister on my heel (left foot) and now this cut on my big toe (left foot.) my left foot is in big trouble right now.
4. I love the show ‘friends’ I can watch every episode over and over and over, no show will ever beat what this show is.
5. I’m no longer working it feels liberating I was so swamped and stressed working full-time and going to school full-time, and I’m taking advantage of the free-time by entering into two design competitions (one is a scholarship but both have cash prizes) and I’m also going to start working habitat for humanity – I’m stoked!
6. I am becoming increasingly inspired by my career choice as each day goes by, my classes this quarter are beyond amazing and I’m learning so much this quarter I feel almost more than I’ve learned the last two years I’ve been here.
7. I do get nervous that by graduating so young starting my career at 21 with no desire to ever own my firm and there wouldn’t really be any promotion in this career field that I might feel trapped later on but I figure that’s when you branch from project to project I someday hope to work on hospitals and I doubt that will happen right away and then I’m going to be a big part of sustainability
8. I was just watching this documentary on HBO about the Obama campaign – that was such an inspiring time, they showed the speech that inspired the ‘yes we can’ video from and really the main slogan of the campaign and I was almost reciting along with him and it was just so cool to think that I was there, I was a part of it, I was at the rallys, I stood in long lines, I saw Obama in person twice, I was a delegate although I love displaying all my stuff I’m thinking I want to start boxing some of my buttons up so I don’t loose them. I have some really cool buttons – a lady offered me like $50 for one of my buttons once. (I think it was $50 I feel like I’m exzaggerating but maybe not – jo do you remember that lady?)
9. We found a new apartment that I’m in love with! I cant wait to move just 3 more weeks. It is such a cool apartment, we have a balcony and a second patio that has our own private entrance to the pool and to the parking garage. We have built-in shelves, fireplace and a lot of other cool features. I’m stoked to move
10. Especially since ash snores, earlier I tried throwing things at her but that didn’t do anything, so I poked my finger at her head until it moved but it would just roll back and then I remember she had snore strips but when I found them they were like throat strips (those strips that melt on your tounge) no idea how those work/help but I didn’t try them on her I thought she might choke in her sleep
11. She just laughed in her sleep
12. Oh and earlier just before bed she reminded me about calling the vet to get an appointment for Oliver’s balls to get chopped off (I use the word balls for a specific reason.) she then says “yeah they might ask you to measure them” “what?!” then we both started laughing hysterically
13. I don’t feel good about ending on number 13 but I don’t like 12 any better and this is why Louie/Louie is soo right about the disadvantages of numbering you’re list. Dern.
14. What is the different between dern and darn, seriously?
15. I’m watching ‘friends’ and Rachel has been for a couple episodes now dying for Joshua to ask her out (season 4) and he finally asks her out and she had just agreed to take her boss’ niece out on the same night. This totally sucks, you cant tell your boss ‘no, he asked me out’ but that’s truly the kind of thing that could totally change your life.
16. If you didn’t notice I’m keeping the list going
17. Back to 15, when I like a guy it never really goes away until I try it out – I may stop talking to him and liking him so much but he’s always gonna be someone who pops in my mind when im single
18. I am dying for some sushi, this place in Bellevue is AMAZING they a house roll that has apple in it, which sounds weird I know, but its really good. my friend An took me out for sushi once and he’s from Japan and I’m used to restaurants with the conveyer belts and I can see what im grabbing – and we went to a menu place so I just told him to order whatever cause I didn’t really know – and I think that’s why I really like sushi! Its so adventurous! I will try anything now, I was reluctant at first but I said ‘fine I’ll just try a California roll’ and then I just dug in. anyone who hasn’t tried sushi yet, start with conveyer belt sushi it will totally help you when you see it because it looks delicious and theres always gyoza and non-sushi, non-raw food available
19. We once went to sushi and they had a house dessert that was basically apple pie in an egg roll but we didn’t see the little note/sign and we grabbed though pour teriyaki and soy sauce on it – didn’t taste quite good. awesome idea though.
20. Yay I made it to 20. Which is also my age. Which is also my birthday. The end.