Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've been a bad blogger lately.

oops, life gets busy and I apparently forget about my poor little blog, I used to always update it at work but now I don't have those 10 hours of nothing to do anymore. I'm actually quite busy! I'm taking a 6-Credit commercial design studio (our classes are normally 3 credits so it's like 2 classes in one.) and its a BIG project, but i'm excited about it i know i will have a great portfolio piece when the class is over but there is just
A LOT to do. our professor is an Architect and his firm is actually renovating the same building, so we have a lot of accurate data and real-life scenarios which is really cool, so i have that (which consumes the main majority of my time.)
then i'm entering into two design competitions (although i will admit i havent even started on the second one but thats okay its not due till June) the one i'm working on is a 1200 SF living/dining room which is actually quite large, we have to design one furniture piece in the room as well. its just different doing a design competition because you want to win but you're not sure if you should do some crazy "out there" design that would really never be built, or if you should do something simple "less is more" like the great Frank Lloyd Wright said but what is too simple? so its a big fight with yourself on what to do.
THEN my sister and I are moving thanksgiving weekend! I'm picking up the keys next week and we will probably start moving a little bit before that on small things but the anticipation is killing me.

alright on to the real blog stuff.

what i'm doing: taking a break from the design world to catch up on the real world i have class in about an hour so I need to wind down so I won't forget to leave

what i'm drinking: simply orange with mango, its Delicious! sometimes i put tonic water in it to give it a little bubbly. i love carbonation lol

recent itunes download: the soundtrack to 'Shall We Dance' (that movie with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez) I really just wanted the song 'Book of Love' by Peter Gabriel (which i have to say is the most rock-and-roll religious sounding name i've ever heard) it was on the season finale for Scrubs and I fell in love and you couldn't purchase it alone, but the soundtrack is pretty good theres only one or two songs I didnt care for and some I really like.

still reading: Howard Hughes book, I barely have time to read it, whenever i do something thats not "design" i feel guilty because thats what i should be working on.

what I need to do (besides design): start going through all the things i dont need for moving. i could even start packing, i totally would but i feel 2 weeks is too early lol i could start organizing though

alright i'm off i feel too guilty for leisurely blogging when i have so much to do I think my "tasks" (in outlook) is literally over 50 and my "tasks" are all actual things i need to do, not things i should get around too. its quite depressing.


  1. funny how now that you're not working i don't hear as often from you!!!!

    You better start doing some packing soon!!!! it will be here before you know it. Your mom would have been done already! LOL.

    I just got finished watching four episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I think it jumped the shark when they brought back the ghost of Denny Doucet. Who is really cute, but it's just weird having him torment Izzy. (I never liked Izzy anyway. But i have to say thea actor with the three names but i forget what they are is very cute. Like Javier Bardem - only Javier NOT starring in the No Country for Old Men movies. More like the Vicky Christina Barcelona Bardem.)

    OK, time to wash the hair. Get back to your homework!!!!

  2. i know! its cause i used to do it at work all the time!

    well i packed my books and magazines the other day but i always pack SO early that i'm restraining myself, i'm the girl who packs a week early for a vacation lol but i dont have anymore boxes i think im going to go down to a recycle bin in the apartment and just steal boxes lol

    im so anxious to leave ashleys snoring is driving me crazy lol she told me to throw something at her when it happens so the other night she starts snoring, i throw a pillow at her but i miss, i pick up another pillow and i miss again, one more pillow. missed AGAIN. so i pick up one of the remote cnotrols and i chuck it at her and it his her hard right in her throat! i like froze in terror lol but she didnt wake up and it didnt work lol

  3. Poor Ashley. It's not her fault she snores. All those damn Louvrak allergies. Did i tell you i have to go back on shots again? 30 years of allergy shots and i'm still getting them! Your dog and her snoring. Seems like a fair trade. LOLOLOL.....

    Think of living with Ashley as getting prepared to live with a man someday. They are work too, you know.

  4. why do you even take the shots? do they help?? dad doesnt take them because he says they really dont do anything lol

    ah the snoring is always like right when im going to sleep, she goes to bed at like 9pm but i stay up a lot later and go to bed after midnight and she doesnt start snoring till then lol

    ugh i really dont think i could ever marry someone who snores! i know its one of those things that you'd have to live with but seriously i think thats my major deal breaker lol

  5. The shots do help. I know they help because when i am not on them i keep having troubles. I am pretty much cured of the grasses and trees i used to have such trouble with. I used to be so much worse than i am now.

    Now it's only dust mites. I always thought Ashley and your dad should have gotten shots.

    what day are you moving and how are you doing it?

  6. it occurred to me that like me, Ashley may be allergic to dogs!

  7. well i get the keys friday morning so we might start moving a few things over but the big main move is gonna be probably friday-saturday thanksgiving weekend, were just recruting people to help out lol i dont have any big furniture and everything can be broken back down, gotta love that ikea furniture lol so we dont need to rent anything i know nannie wants to help but i think were trying to discourage that cause she just pulled a tendon in her back or whatever so she wouldnt be able to do much btu she wants to be involved and offer her car lol im getting excited though its perfect timing were gettin WAY too crowded and its just creating more and more mess and problems and my closet doors are from HELL and this morning they fell over and almost squashed oliver and now has a dent in it, i am definitley NOT getting my deposit back lol