Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the GREAT list, the bucket list.

1. go to every continenet. i want to go all over europe, i want to help around in africa, i want to visit my cousins in australia and i want to go to brazil, japan and i guess russia could be cool, haha.

2. have a great love. my married friend was talking the other day about how amazed she is that her and her husband still have the same connection as when they were first married. she got a text from him and got a big smile on her face and she gets butterflies, and she was talking about how she never thought it was possible to love someone else more than yourself. and i would feel that my life was incomplete if i died without every expeirencing that.

3. meet Barack Obama, i dont care when but he really is an inspiration to me and i just want to shake his hand. partly just so i can say that i did but also just to know inside, that i did meet him would be amazing.

4. i would love to meet audrey hepburn because she really is amazing to me and she still inspires me daily, but i guess that will have to be in the afterlife. hopefully we will be in the same afterlife :)

5. i mentioned this a little bit, but i would love to go and work/volunteer in Africa, i think it would be so life changing and so life inspiring that life shouldnt go without such an experience.

6. i want to sit ontop of the egyptian pyramids at sunset, like they did in "bucket list"

7. be succesful. but thats more like a goal in life.

8. change someones life.

9. inspire someone.

10. save a life.

11. i love the idea of bungee jumping or sky diving, i dont know that i could go through with sky diving but bungee jumping i would love to do.

12. have an international affair, its a move infatuation to make it seem so glamorous but i think it would be thrilling. i think all things are worth any amount of pain if they are worth twice the amount of laughter, smiles, good times and good memories.


this will be a list in progress, a growing list. till later.

Monday, March 9, 2009

This is why i voted for Barack Obama

yesterday was a really good day, full of excitement and laughter never a dull moment but seeing this particular headline made my whole day so much better. "Obama to reverse bush stem cell policy"

we all have certain passions in politics, why we even bother to vote, not everything on the democratic platform entices me and at the democratic convention, although i like the spirit and the energy of being there, deciding everything to go on the platform gets really boring but one of the big things i was always so passionate about was stem cell research, and I'm so glad that Obama knows the importance, that his supporters are learning the importance, and that now, theres going to be more stem cell research.

stem cell research has so much negative attention around it, and it has soooo many misconceptions it starts to really upset me, especially when people think stem cell research is to start cloning people. when people think that, i don't even bother explaining everything to them because, as bad as it sounds, i believe their intelligence is lower than butter, (the same with people who sit around and say ish about Obama and his race and being Muslim and so forth) these are people who obviously don't read they listen to rumor mills and don't listen to the whole story and they obviously don't know politics.

but stem cell research seems like such a milestone of accomplishment. stem cell research can help us learn and achieve new cures for diseases and sicknesses that we never thought could be possible. we can find answers to diseases like Lupus and find proper treatment against cancer.

i understand the argument that people have against stem cell research, because if they are taking embryoic stem cells then that means the embryo has to be destroyed so its similar to abortion and its the same argument that you are killing a human life and so on but the main argument against those people is that scientists and government are not making people "donate" their embryos against their will, they're not abducting them, these women have decided this and if the embryo is going to be destroyed anyways then why not put it to wonderful work?

the other thing is that embryoic is not the only way to obtain stem cells for research and one way that i would the most supportive of would be donating bone marrow, the one thing is that there are more stem cells in embryo cells, obtained from the fetus and not as many from adult stem cells (some scientist and arguments even say that adult stem cells aren't worth the effort) but i've had a bone marrow biopsy its horrrrrrribbbleeeeeee, i have never experienced pain like that before (you don't get knocked out, your wide awake for it, they num the area but that's it) so the fact that i know the pain and im still suggesting it shows how important i think research is, i would actually seriously consider donating my stem cells through bone marrow if I could and if it would help.

i'm huge on medical research, for such obvious reasons, and i would love to do more to advance research but i'm more about donating blood and such for research but i'm not okay with taking test drugs that could harm me.

basically i'm not against abortion so this decision is 20 times easier for me to make but even if i was against abortion, lets put it towards something great and lets find cures for so many things we have no answers to! lupus hasn't had a new drug in over 50 years and none of the medication is for Lupus its anti-malaria and cancer treatments, and there are no answers to anything how will we ever get a cure?