Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My cousin, Jonathan, is visiting from Scotland (he's the one's whose photos I post sometimes) so I'm kind of in hibernation, I don't spend as much time on the computer, I havent watched LOST and I havent watched any movies. (Since we hang out, explore the city and what not) It feels weird. haha. (he's here for like 5-6 weeks, so its kind of like the first week you're always really busy and then they get settled and its fine.)

If anyone from WA has any ideas of what to do in WA (or actually just anyone in America for different cultured compared to Scotland.) He's not the active type so he wouldn't want to climb to Camp Mure (part of Mt. Rainer) or go kayaking. He's not the lame tourist type to want to go to the top of the needle and all that. luckily the puyallup fair just came to town (which is either the biggest fair in the PNW or in the country, something like that) so thats lots of fun. I'll take him to gasworks park, Alki, hopefully go to a mariners game and a sounders game -- we'll do the first thursday art walk (the first thursday of every month all the museums are free admission and all the art gallerys have showings) hopefully we'll get some weather so we can sailing on our friends 50' sailboat (it might be bigger i dont remember the size) maybe go bowling and everything else includes food. I looked into Teatro Zinzanni (which is this super awesome local dinner theatre but the cheapest seats are still $120 -- its a 5 course meal by Tom Douglas so that alone is gonna set you back haha) and Cirque De Solis is in town but the cheapest tickets for that is $50 a piece

The Recents

Concert: it was really my first real concert, Maroon 5 & Kelly Clarkson at the puyallup fair really don't count. JJ grey & the MoFro's -- My Cousin Brian & Uncle Troy had 2 extra tickets so Jonathan and I got to go with and I hadn't heard them before, but I lovedddd them. I'll try and post a video later, JJ grey has a really soulful kind of rock-southern style, he's from florida (not louisiana Jo, same kind of area though I suppose)

Food: Gelato from The Chocolate Box -- I love their gelato, they have the most amazing chocolate here (they had a little chocolate with Obama's face on it, it was great) it was just oddly sunny today so we went and got some gelato

Sushi from my favorite place - Umi Sake House - I always go for happy hour because it's super cheap ($4 - $5 rolls) but my FAVORITE roll isnt on the happy hour menu and it's $12 so every once in awhile I get it, its SO delicious, the Thunderball roll its Eel and cucumber (and a ton of other stuff) and theres a mango sauce, its a really fresh tasting roll, and it looks gorgeous. and i love eel.

Project: We finished and presented our project for John Mayer's tour bus today. the presentation went GREAT I dont know if I wasnt nervous because I was presenting with someone or I was just really confident in the project but we did great, my professor gave me a hug after and said "I was beeming with pride! so proud of you!" and sent us an email later saying we did great and she wants to showcase our work and use it for a faculty presentation -- It will be up on my website shortly but I need to get the final original file to compress it down for web viewing (its actually to big to even upload to my website right now because of my storage limits)

Internships: I really love my internship but I started realizing, its kind of crap, I'm WORKING for them, I'm doing their work...for free. And at first I was getting in as many hours as I could and I'm like "why am I killing myself for a job that I'm not getting paid for" I dont want them to take advantage of me. I've always been that kind of worker, putting in more than I should but it always made sense to me before, but if I didnt want to go into work I would think "at least I'm getting paid" and thats hard to do here. especially when its slow and i'm just sitting there.

I just need to be more dilligent about my hours because I was starting to let that take over homework and thats not okay.

Although, my internship is way better than my friend, Fanny's that designer has SIX interns! thats just tacky -- obviously you need to hire someone and you're too cheap, and I guess with that internship their Boss (cause a bunch of my friends are working at the same place) will text them at like 10:00 and ask them to come into work the next day, makes them come to events they put on and stay all day (like a saturday that starts at 10 and goes all night) and then the boss doesnt even really acknowledge or apperciate or even say thanks.

my boss is great and she says thank you for the smallest thing, like making a copy.

an intern is supposed to be one or two students that can assist work, if the intern is doing enough work and hours as an employee, you need to pay them. case closed. (mine really isnt that bad, I've had my hand in everyones projects so I definitley am assisting, this all really comes from Fanny's internship)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drink is oil for unauthorized movement

Title: Its a Hunter quote, of course. Its a totally alcoholic quote, but its just so poetic. I love him for all the wrong reasons.

Photo: Taken by my friend Eddy, who did the photography for my cousin Tiffany's wedding. To ride to the reception (down the road) we all jumped in the back of my uncles trunk and rode like this. Adrienne, Myself and Jessie are sitting on top of a cooler and I'm having way too much fun after 2 beers and no food. haha

Back to "me" progress: excellente. I've done either squats or crunches (50) every night sometimes both and my dumbell arm workouts, i've expanded and started doing more with them, for the first time I can feel the burn in my arms.

upcoming excitement: my cousin Jonathan (whose also a photographer and I've posted alot of his stuff on the blog) is coming to visit for a month! I pick him up tomorrow at 11:30 and in perfect timing my sister bought her own car so we won't have to share



1. I hate Serif's on font's. Hate hate hate. I think they look gross. (serifs are the lines along your letters, like times new roman and such. this font i'm using, has no serif ("sans-serif") I went to a typography lecture.

2. I like colors. many many colors. and I like to wear many colors and I think its because I remember the line in 'P.S. i love you' when he says 'I remember seeing you standing there, in all your colors' (she wore a green hat, red jacket, purple gloves, purple scarf, i thought she looked adorable, haha)

3. one day, instead of having cash or checks or coins were all going to have plastic and were going to wear watches where you just run your card across and it deducts your money, so if you owe a friend money. there you go. I think its brillant. maybe we wont even have cards we'll just have pin numbers -- if you have no checks, cards or cash too loose how will anyone rob you?

4. this might be very bold but lately the more I think about this, the more I think its false. I dont think there is a heaven or a hell. I don't think I've ever believed in hell, but I think heaven is something we want to believe in so we can think of our loved ones fondly and we want something to look forward too. but i dont think anything happens.

5. i might be becoming very cynical.

6. actually I think I am cynical especially when it comes to dating and love, I don't feel lonely or bad for being single, i dont feel lost without another person (maybe thats why I'm cynical about it) but anytime I mention a love story/romantic comedy to any of my friends that are married or in love they are like "no i totally think its possible" "i thought it was realistic" and im like "yeah rightt! that would never happen!" hahaha

7. i have nothing to say, "sometimes I just say things, just to say them" I think thats how it goes, Jo? My cousin said it...

8. I hung up these "inspiration" pictures for working out all of women because its what I want to look like I have 2 pictures of jennifer aniston (one shes pretty much fully clothed with a tank top) one of marisa tomei in a tshrit and shorts, one of jewel in practically nothing workout wear -- I think people might think i'm a lesbian.

9. LOST is pretty amazing, I tried to ask my friend a question (and I emailed jo and she just kept ignoring me) and she says "I can answer your question but its totally gonna ruin everything so just keep watching" I wish it was a show I could watch while I did homework or something. I tried doing that once but I kept rewinding and then not doing any work.

-- alright everyone. come ramble yourselves.

whats your weird thought that you're not allowed to say out loud?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

3:00 am, is a time for blogging.

New goal: get back to working out and getting back into shape.

So I've always known when you're aiming for a weight loss goal you need to have inspiration pictures and mine have always ended up being Jennifer Aniston. I don't think she looks too skinny (like Courtney cox has that lanky frame, others are too voluptuous) and Jenn isn't overly muscled but she is really just generally tone. and I like this picture, because its like shes working for that body (which she has) But i'm going to feel funny putting up all these pictures of women in my room people are gonna think i'm a lesbian! haha

Music: My cousin Mark in New Orleans (well technically hes living in North Carolina now) sent me a bunch of CDs for my birthday and then 2 of them were mixes of just generally AWESOME songs. one of them was actually my cousin Tiffanys wedding song and I'm OBSESSED with it! "Edward Sharpe and Magnetic Zeros - Home" it is the funnest song with the best lyrics. I also like "Tracy Bonham - devils got your boyfriend" and a bunch others but I don't know the names of them, I made up my own titles and artists so it wouldn't do me much to give you the names to try and download. haha.


I've done a blog before on pet peeves and I've done a blog on things that make me happy. but that was almost 2 years ago, so lets update it.


1. when their are dishes (bowls and plates) in the top rack of the dishwasher, the top rack is for glasses and big spoons and spatulas. I realized I think i'm OCD about things being in their correct place, I've always been an organized person so this truly does drive me crazy. (even at work I would love to spend hours just reorganizing the materials library, but they all know where everything is and I'm sure it would screw them up.

2. this might be hard to describe but let me try. I hate when "highlighting" is not a continuous block of highlighter. So say you are highlighting something, normally (most people) hightlight their couple of sentences, and these usually end up sentence on top of another sentence so you usually have open space. that annoys me and I always go back and make it a highlighter block. does that make sense? I will take pictures if necessary. haha.

3. when I find a song or album that I LOVE and I play it to death and then get annoyed of it. why do I have to get annoyed of it? I love it so much!

4. When you let someone "in" on the road and they don't give you a courtesy wave, it really pisses me off. ESPECIALLY when I consciously braked to let you in, and when its really bad traffic and no one is letting you in. for this, even when someone is miles back and they didnt "let me in" I still wave, and I hold my wave for far too long just to make sure they see it, in case my wave is in the blind spot. One time I didnt wave and I had guilt for like a week.

5. dust. I don't quite understand dust. it comes back every week and I don't understand where is comes from. I run my ceiling fan in my bedroom basically 24/7 (mine actually works really well for cooling me down) and when I do eventually turn it off I see a THICK layer of dust crusted at the edge of the ...panel? and then I think, does that mean it is spreading that dust all over my room? am I constantly breathing in dust?

THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE/THINGS I LOVE TO DO (superficial silly things)

1. real mail. my magazines, catalogs and netflix do make me excited. but there is nothing like real mail. and yano, I will include e-mail with that, especially when its someone I havent really talked to in a while. I hate when I have an inbox of 36 but not one single email is a personal email.

2. When I see a guy do something really cool like help an old lady, stand-up for his sister (Jo did you watch 'Remember Me' yet?) or something of that sort.

3. When I hear someone say they are a liberal. I don't know why exactly, but I smile, I guess its cause it means we're on the same team.

4. I love to play this game where you number a paper 1-50 and you try and name all 50 states in 6 minutes. I started playing so often that I always got all 50 so then it was just what was the best time I could get, my best was like 2.30 seconds!! If I go long enough I always forget just one state, its always like Nebraska or Arkansas. I now hate those states for that very reason. haha.

5. This is going to sound really weird, it makes NO sense to me, but I LOVE setting up all my pills for the week. I have one of those grandpa weekly pill cases (Monday-Sunday) but its kinda cool because it breaks apart so I can just grab the Monday pill case and bring it with me (and each separate pill case has "Morning" "Noon" "Evening" "Bed" - I know I'm like 60 haha) anyways I LOVE refilling it. I sit on my bed and I open all the "doors" and I pull out all my pills and I dose out my 13 pills for each day.