Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drink is oil for unauthorized movement

Title: Its a Hunter quote, of course. Its a totally alcoholic quote, but its just so poetic. I love him for all the wrong reasons.

Photo: Taken by my friend Eddy, who did the photography for my cousin Tiffany's wedding. To ride to the reception (down the road) we all jumped in the back of my uncles trunk and rode like this. Adrienne, Myself and Jessie are sitting on top of a cooler and I'm having way too much fun after 2 beers and no food. haha

Back to "me" progress: excellente. I've done either squats or crunches (50) every night sometimes both and my dumbell arm workouts, i've expanded and started doing more with them, for the first time I can feel the burn in my arms.

upcoming excitement: my cousin Jonathan (whose also a photographer and I've posted alot of his stuff on the blog) is coming to visit for a month! I pick him up tomorrow at 11:30 and in perfect timing my sister bought her own car so we won't have to share



1. I hate Serif's on font's. Hate hate hate. I think they look gross. (serifs are the lines along your letters, like times new roman and such. this font i'm using, has no serif ("sans-serif") I went to a typography lecture.

2. I like colors. many many colors. and I like to wear many colors and I think its because I remember the line in 'P.S. i love you' when he says 'I remember seeing you standing there, in all your colors' (she wore a green hat, red jacket, purple gloves, purple scarf, i thought she looked adorable, haha)

3. one day, instead of having cash or checks or coins were all going to have plastic and were going to wear watches where you just run your card across and it deducts your money, so if you owe a friend money. there you go. I think its brillant. maybe we wont even have cards we'll just have pin numbers -- if you have no checks, cards or cash too loose how will anyone rob you?

4. this might be very bold but lately the more I think about this, the more I think its false. I dont think there is a heaven or a hell. I don't think I've ever believed in hell, but I think heaven is something we want to believe in so we can think of our loved ones fondly and we want something to look forward too. but i dont think anything happens.

5. i might be becoming very cynical.

6. actually I think I am cynical especially when it comes to dating and love, I don't feel lonely or bad for being single, i dont feel lost without another person (maybe thats why I'm cynical about it) but anytime I mention a love story/romantic comedy to any of my friends that are married or in love they are like "no i totally think its possible" "i thought it was realistic" and im like "yeah rightt! that would never happen!" hahaha

7. i have nothing to say, "sometimes I just say things, just to say them" I think thats how it goes, Jo? My cousin said it...

8. I hung up these "inspiration" pictures for working out all of women because its what I want to look like I have 2 pictures of jennifer aniston (one shes pretty much fully clothed with a tank top) one of marisa tomei in a tshrit and shorts, one of jewel in practically nothing workout wear -- I think people might think i'm a lesbian.

9. LOST is pretty amazing, I tried to ask my friend a question (and I emailed jo and she just kept ignoring me) and she says "I can answer your question but its totally gonna ruin everything so just keep watching" I wish it was a show I could watch while I did homework or something. I tried doing that once but I kept rewinding and then not doing any work.

-- alright everyone. come ramble yourselves.

whats your weird thought that you're not allowed to say out loud?


  1. 1. My favorite font is Calibri. I too hate serifs, but sort of like adding them to my handwriting when addressing envelopes as sort of an original kind of calligraphy.

    2. Eddy had so many good photos of our family at that wedding. Is there a way we can link them on Facebook? I love the series of you and me and your mom and Ashley and Pam in the driveway.

    3. You are too young to be cynical. Stop it. When you get my age, i will think it's okay.

    4. If you don't stop it i will get you by telling you that you are just trying to be more like me. And you know you feel about that.

    5. Remember when you told your mom at the age of 3 when she knew she made a mistake about comparing you to Ashley? You told her, "I AM MY OWN PERSON" I think she said your elbows and arms where akimbo as you defiantly had them placed on your hips.

    6. I was thinking that EddY, (the photographer Eddy and not Ashley's Eddy), should be a Tommy Hilfiger model. He should be a model. He's got a cool look that's not typical.

    7. Not that i don't think Ashley's Eddy isn't cute. Because he is so cute. Didn't you just love him dancing in that bright green hooded sweatshirt at the wedding that he put on because it got cold?

    8. If Ashley get's married will you get to be the maid of honor? Maybe she should pick ME since she was MY maid of honor... LOL....

    9. I wrote this down on 9/7/10 in my non-sleep journal book at 3 am. I think if i write a book i know exactly the title of the book and it fits everything and maybe the title alone will inspire me. The title will be:

    "Slamming on the breaks".

    10. It comes from mom's accident in 1967 in Louisiana when i was 10 years old. She was speeding and skidded on a levy road. and all she needed to was let up on the gas but instead slammed on the breaks. And that was all she wrote. The family was in upheaval for over two years and still is.

    11. I get my best ideas at 3 am. I complain about insomnia but it actually has its positives.

    12. i think heaven and hell are here with us right now where we live. But i'm not sure when you die it's all over. I think that maybe you come back again as another person. If you were bad you have a bad journey in your next life. If you were good you will be rewarded.

    i think Jesus is all of us. At some point in our life we have been a Jesus for someone and maybe didn't even know it. Jesus uses us to work miracles we don't even know are happening.

    On that note, i'm signing off.

  2. I love calibri too! and when I wrote "i hate serifs" i was thinking "but i do like jo's serifs on her handwriting" although i do like courier new sometimes, i've always hated it because it was so "typical" but i've found for projects i do like the graphic appeal to it.

    I know I wanted to see if he could just send me a zip file with all the folders and he sent me this thing on how to get it off flickr so i need to try it, i want to make them one of my videos

    haha i know i am really cyncial. I dont mind being you but if the only thing i'm developing from you is your cynicsm - i got robbed. haha

    you tell me that story all the time, i love it.

    whats akimbo?

    Gross. models.

    haha yeah thats just eddie (thats how you tell them apart Jo, Ashley's Eddie is IE and my friend is Eddy

    I dont know, ash has alot of really close girlfriends that might outrank me, I wouldnt be offended though.

    Yes I think so too, I think heaven and hell we live everyday. I like the idea of reincarnation but if reincarnation is real, then heaven and hell could be real because they are all spiritual things.

    but i like the idea that murderers come back as dungbeetles. i just always wonder, who judges what? and are there different levels?

    I like that jesus idea - pay it forward.

    I got so pissed today I saw "impeach obama" protestors out today and they had hitler mustaches on his picture and I always just wanna say "fuck you!" to them but i do give them dirty looks. i did tell one off before, i wrote about it on the blog.

    jonathan thought it was weird that was legal.

    did you know they dont have bar tabs and tater tots in scotland? haha

  3. you say:
    "i know i am really cyncial. I dont mind being you but if the only thing i'm developing from you is your cynicsm - i got robbed."

    LOL...You would be robbed! But that's a nice indirect compliment. Let's see how else are you like me?... we read similar books, like similar movies, and we are homebodies and share some religious beliefs. But intolerance of wackos and cynicism ranks pretty high on the personality scale.

    When you put your hands on your hips and your arms are angled with your elbows sticking out that is akimbo. I love that word 'akimbo'. I love that story too, but actually i think you were probably 4 or 5 instead of 3. But i know you were very little.

    I see the Obama stuff too. It happens to every president. People drew Hitler mustaches on Bush too, not very original. And it diminishes how bad Hitler really was to compare him to anyone.

    I have the DVD Gonzo! it came yesterday. Brian is out kayaking and i'm going to hang out and watch Lost, and movies and read and have a nice time. I sort of like it when the weather changes and gets cold.

    Somewhere this weekend i will be putting away my summer clothes.

  4. My favorite is Lucida handwriting, but I use Arial for work. It's easier on the eyes. And I love finding novel fonts to use in my scrapbooks - matching the flavor of the place.

    I love lots of colors too...I think that's why my hobbies run to things that involve bits of colored paper (scrapbooks), pretty beads and a wide variety of colors and textures (embroidery). I just like being surrounded by bright and lovely colors. If you open my closet, you'll see a jumble of blues, bright reds and pinks and corals, with a dash of purple and some black (for contrast).

    I'm pragmatic by nature, and that tends to come off as cynical, depending on your perspective. I'm getting really sick of negativity and sarcasm, though. It's toxic to my soul and spirit. I'm trying to purge it and keep it out of my life.

    I struggle with the whole heaven/hell thing. I believe that we create much of our own right here in this life. And it is a comfort to believe that I will someday be rejoined with my sister and my dad in some sort of afterlife. I know that I still keep them in my heart and (very much) in my mind. But I don't buy into the angels and harps and stuff.

    I am a big fan of paying it forward. I've gotten in the habit of telling people that when I've done a random act of kindness and the person asks how they can repay me. Don't pay me -- pay it forward. There's an exponential payoff in that for us all...and I strongly believe that it is what we are meant to do. Live the values we preach.

    I'm sad today - not just because it's September 11 and that day will always be sad for me. I'm especially sad that we (the collective We) all remember the event, and the pain, but seem to have completely lost the lesson. They have finally completed their mission: spreading their hate. Instead of the solemn remembrance this date deserves, we are seeing more dissension and hate within our own ranks. We are more deeply divided and filled with contempt and - yes - hatred than I can ever remember in my lifetime. And that lifetime spanned the McCarthy hearings, Watergate, Vietnam, and the race riots of the 60s.

    I blame the internet and the 24/7 news cycle...and Us.

    Were it not for Our insatiable need for ugliness to feed on, that little pissant "preacher" in Gainesville would be a complete unknown outside of Alachua County...and no doubt mocked and ridiculed there. (And by the way, standing on the stoop of a church doesn't make him a man of God any more than standing in a garage makes me an automobile.)