Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My cousin, Jonathan, is visiting from Scotland (he's the one's whose photos I post sometimes) so I'm kind of in hibernation, I don't spend as much time on the computer, I havent watched LOST and I havent watched any movies. (Since we hang out, explore the city and what not) It feels weird. haha. (he's here for like 5-6 weeks, so its kind of like the first week you're always really busy and then they get settled and its fine.)

If anyone from WA has any ideas of what to do in WA (or actually just anyone in America for different cultured compared to Scotland.) He's not the active type so he wouldn't want to climb to Camp Mure (part of Mt. Rainer) or go kayaking. He's not the lame tourist type to want to go to the top of the needle and all that. luckily the puyallup fair just came to town (which is either the biggest fair in the PNW or in the country, something like that) so thats lots of fun. I'll take him to gasworks park, Alki, hopefully go to a mariners game and a sounders game -- we'll do the first thursday art walk (the first thursday of every month all the museums are free admission and all the art gallerys have showings) hopefully we'll get some weather so we can sailing on our friends 50' sailboat (it might be bigger i dont remember the size) maybe go bowling and everything else includes food. I looked into Teatro Zinzanni (which is this super awesome local dinner theatre but the cheapest seats are still $120 -- its a 5 course meal by Tom Douglas so that alone is gonna set you back haha) and Cirque De Solis is in town but the cheapest tickets for that is $50 a piece

The Recents

Concert: it was really my first real concert, Maroon 5 & Kelly Clarkson at the puyallup fair really don't count. JJ grey & the MoFro's -- My Cousin Brian & Uncle Troy had 2 extra tickets so Jonathan and I got to go with and I hadn't heard them before, but I lovedddd them. I'll try and post a video later, JJ grey has a really soulful kind of rock-southern style, he's from florida (not louisiana Jo, same kind of area though I suppose)

Food: Gelato from The Chocolate Box -- I love their gelato, they have the most amazing chocolate here (they had a little chocolate with Obama's face on it, it was great) it was just oddly sunny today so we went and got some gelato

Sushi from my favorite place - Umi Sake House - I always go for happy hour because it's super cheap ($4 - $5 rolls) but my FAVORITE roll isnt on the happy hour menu and it's $12 so every once in awhile I get it, its SO delicious, the Thunderball roll its Eel and cucumber (and a ton of other stuff) and theres a mango sauce, its a really fresh tasting roll, and it looks gorgeous. and i love eel.

Project: We finished and presented our project for John Mayer's tour bus today. the presentation went GREAT I dont know if I wasnt nervous because I was presenting with someone or I was just really confident in the project but we did great, my professor gave me a hug after and said "I was beeming with pride! so proud of you!" and sent us an email later saying we did great and she wants to showcase our work and use it for a faculty presentation -- It will be up on my website shortly but I need to get the final original file to compress it down for web viewing (its actually to big to even upload to my website right now because of my storage limits)

Internships: I really love my internship but I started realizing, its kind of crap, I'm WORKING for them, I'm doing their work...for free. And at first I was getting in as many hours as I could and I'm like "why am I killing myself for a job that I'm not getting paid for" I dont want them to take advantage of me. I've always been that kind of worker, putting in more than I should but it always made sense to me before, but if I didnt want to go into work I would think "at least I'm getting paid" and thats hard to do here. especially when its slow and i'm just sitting there.

I just need to be more dilligent about my hours because I was starting to let that take over homework and thats not okay.

Although, my internship is way better than my friend, Fanny's that designer has SIX interns! thats just tacky -- obviously you need to hire someone and you're too cheap, and I guess with that internship their Boss (cause a bunch of my friends are working at the same place) will text them at like 10:00 and ask them to come into work the next day, makes them come to events they put on and stay all day (like a saturday that starts at 10 and goes all night) and then the boss doesnt even really acknowledge or apperciate or even say thanks.

my boss is great and she says thank you for the smallest thing, like making a copy.

an intern is supposed to be one or two students that can assist work, if the intern is doing enough work and hours as an employee, you need to pay them. case closed. (mine really isnt that bad, I've had my hand in everyones projects so I definitley am assisting, this all really comes from Fanny's internship)


  1. Your intership is super valuable! You will need the reference when you apply for jobs and if you don't treat your internship work like a job then you won't get the reference that would stand out.

    You're right mofro is from where Tom Petty is. I thought i read somewhere they were from La. but maybe it was just one of the band members.

    Good job on John Mayer's bus project! I want to see it. Did you find a place for Jennifer Aniston to sleep in case they are back together? And did you remember the wine bottle holders? LOL.

    I don't know what you do to entertain someone for so long with so little money. Once you get some of the sight seeing stuff out of the way and settle in, I think you better get him watching Lost! LOL. Or maybe y'all could start a new tv series. Mad Men. Or i hear that Modern Family and Parenthood are super cool. Stay in and make popcorn.

    Or play Battleship!

  2. Yeah, I know I need the internship and I do love doing it but theres that part in the back of your mind thats just like errrr, im not getting paid for this. haha

    haha well we got him a queen size bed and 3 guest beds (the kitchen and two couches turn into beds) so i think we got her covered

    and yes we have cupholders! but remember what I said, he doesnt really drink, he sometimes has scotch but its rare. so no wine probably. haha.

    I thought about getting him into LOST but its too long to finish and it might kill him if he doesnt get it over in the UK, hes not a big TV or movie person so i dont think we'll plan on getting absorbed into a show

    hes pretty independent though, i dont feel like i have to entertain him, but when someone first comes into town you kinda want to, to get their feet wet.

    he's never played monoply!! so we have a plan for that some night, and he loves scrabble and so do i, maybe we should do a game night with you guys jo! lol

    i swear all my plans involve food, haha.

  3. Hey, Kylee. A word of caution on internships from the HR Cop. In order for them to be unpaid, you should not be asked to do anything that they would otherwise have to pay someone to do. So menial, clerical things like copying and filing on a routine basis are a wage and hour violation. The sole focus of an unpaid internship should be learning.

    That said, I know you need it and you certainly don't want to blow the whistle and call the department of labor or make a stink with them about it. But you should absolutely not be putting in more hours than you need to to get your credits and the experience you need. This is for your education, not for them to get free labor.

    After it is completed (and let your friend know this, too), you might want to let your school know the sort of non-educational things you were asked to do, so they can address it with the firm before sending other students to them.

    OK, off my soapbox now! I'm excited for you as you are getting ready to graduate and get started on your future!

  4. You know I'm wondering if thats a Pennsylvania law? Because I know everyone in Washington who does an unpaid internship does more than non-menial things ie: things other people would get paid for and the school is completely aware and I know this is for more than just my industry

    I'm more okay with it now because I've known realized and found out I'm putting these projects in my portfolio and on my resume and that looks really good and gives me a leg up against others I'm graduating with.

  5. No, it's a federal law. It's just one that is widely ignored. The things that are worth putting on your resume are not the things that are a problem.

    And you've got the right attitude - make the most of the opportunity!

  6. CHANGE YOUR FREAKING BLOG OR DELETE IT!!!! I am very tired of checking it and seeing nothing new.

    OK, rant over.