Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my werid quirks.

1. i cannot shower with the shower curtain closed, i cant even pee with it closed, pay attention to the next time i'm over at your place if i've gone to the bathroom, chances are I opened your shower curtain and forgot to close it. BUT in my apartment i have a see through shower curtain so i dont have this problem.

2. i almost never lock my front door, i have no idea why, i just dont do it. please dont tell anyone.

3. i love making lists, i will make lists when im bored of things i need to get, buy, want, do and if im going somewhere i make a list of everything i need to bring.

4. i hate other peoples mess, it stresses me out but i will let my own apartment get so messy theres no place for anyone to sit.

5. i NEVER shut my drapes and i get really upset when someone goes to shut my drapes, ive yelled at someone about it before.

6. when i do my laundry, i hate folding clothes and if i need to clean quickly, i put my clean clothes in my washer and dryer and they usually stay in there until i need to do another load.

7. i recycle EVERYTHING. i wash my yogurt cups and i always recycle ANYTHING glass..

8. i name inanimate objects, i have a triangle ruler named jeffery, a cermaic pig named henry bacon a printer named frank, it just seems so much nicer to call them by a name.

9. if i'm with people with accents, especially my scottish cousins i will pick up the accent really thick (and really well apparently) but i dont notice it BUT ask me to do a fake accent, i cant.

10. i always like my feet bare, flip flops are fine but heels or flats i will always take them off at any chance i get, i take them off at work and walk around bare foot, i know this drives Jo crazy but my toes need to be FREE! haha

Friday, August 14, 2009

Am I Blessed or Unfortunate?

Am I blessed or unfortunate to grow up in the era I have? I feel that at heart and deep in my soul I am a 60’s baby, totally hippie and all about the rock and roll. I get pissed because today’s rock and roll is nothing of the same, even the concerts aren’t the same. You don’t experience music the same anymore and it’s because the music isn’t the same. But am I blessed? I mean I didn’t know everyone rolling stones song growing up so I discover them slowly as I do get older; in restaurants, iTunes, friends, parents etc. I just recently discovered Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden and I wonder “how did I ever live without this song?” but its spectacular when I find a new song, instead of having the whole album in front of me or the radio playing it out so I end up hating it, I have new favorite and there is endless amount of new favorites for me to find for years to come.

But the problem that this creates is that I find myself attracted to the older generations, okay not the 70’s generation but definitely generations 10 years older than me. And I meet a guy and I flirt and he flirts and then I think “oh no, he probably doesn’t know I’m 20, he’s 30. Is that okay? Is it okay not to tell him?” I mean a lot of time in society flirting is construed as politeness and there is the breed of people called the “natural flirt” which I certainly am, im sure I’ve flirted with some 80 year old men unconsciously so I don’t want to just say “hey by the way I’m 20 years old and now you’re a pervert because you’ve been flirting with a child.” LOL I mean how awkward! It’s not like I’m dating these guys, but seriously.

I think I was officially born as a 60’s baby and just hung out in my momma’s womb for 30 years or so, because besides the new technology I would have been rocking in the 1960’s. My birthdate is not 1989. Thank goodness I made the 80’s I would die if I wear a 90’s baby.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The new trend that makes me feel old.

There is a new trend out there in the technological world, that new trend is FML. if you are unfamilar it stands for "fuck my life" i guess you could replace the F for many things like "freak, fudge, fitters" but in this case I don't think this works.

this new trend has been in a frenzy, I am so annoyed with it. it drives me bonkers, yes i just said Bonkers, I used it delibertly to pretend like I am an old lady annoyed with the kids and their new fangled slang. But I really am. everyone's facebook status has FML in it AND it is always stupid things. let me re-post to you what some of my facebook friends status that include FML are.

"round 2 FML... lol" this is in response to someone who drank a lot last night and is drinking again tonight.

"cant believe my DEBIT card got eaten by the ATM just because i didnt want to grab it back that very second! FML! too bad the banks aren't open downtown on the weekends!"

"Phone's dead. FML"

now in some cases, like your debit card getting eaten by the ATM that is a situation that sucks. BUT "fml" is hardly approrpiate when you think in the litterally terms, FML would translate too something in the equivalent of "my life is over, i cannot go any futher." so when you think about it "omg im drinking again" FML is hardly the appropriate response.

AND i mean really, when we have a war going on oversees, we have soliders fighting for us, people are out there dying from cancer and suffering from paniful illnesses, people are living on the streets, loosing all their money... "my phone is dead, FML" don't you feel a little...stupid.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honest Love Letter Part Two

I have many bruises because I'm clumsy
I have never been in love, but I completely believe in it
My hair curls awkwardly, and my calves are really wide
I bite my nails like they are candy
and I shuffle a deck of cards "wrong"
however, I succeed in shuffling and one else can shuffle like me
I laugh at anything and everything
and I laugh in my own way
I idolize Audrey Hepburn more and more each day
as I respect Barack Obama more and more each day
I believe in giving back, to anything you deeply believe in
I'm a very passionate person
and I feel deeply for the things I care about
I put everything I have into things and people I care about
and you may not know it, but you possibly broke my heart once
I fall for guys hard and I fall for guys fast
and things almost always mean so much more to me, than they did to you
I hate popcorn
I love oranges, good ones anyways
I have opinions and they are strong
if you have a great smile, I'm yours
for that matter if you also play guitar, I'll marry you.
I love diet coke and I could possibly risk my life for not giving it up
I value personal time
I value time with friends and family
I hate scary movies
my imagination makes them far too real
I'm continually scared, not metaphorically, literally just scared.
I'm occasionally clique
and sometimes I'm sarcastic
but often very spontaneous
probably because I'm always very impatient
I am many many things
and this is only the beginning