Saturday, August 8, 2009

The new trend that makes me feel old.

There is a new trend out there in the technological world, that new trend is FML. if you are unfamilar it stands for "fuck my life" i guess you could replace the F for many things like "freak, fudge, fitters" but in this case I don't think this works.

this new trend has been in a frenzy, I am so annoyed with it. it drives me bonkers, yes i just said Bonkers, I used it delibertly to pretend like I am an old lady annoyed with the kids and their new fangled slang. But I really am. everyone's facebook status has FML in it AND it is always stupid things. let me re-post to you what some of my facebook friends status that include FML are.

"round 2 FML... lol" this is in response to someone who drank a lot last night and is drinking again tonight.

"cant believe my DEBIT card got eaten by the ATM just because i didnt want to grab it back that very second! FML! too bad the banks aren't open downtown on the weekends!"

"Phone's dead. FML"

now in some cases, like your debit card getting eaten by the ATM that is a situation that sucks. BUT "fml" is hardly approrpiate when you think in the litterally terms, FML would translate too something in the equivalent of "my life is over, i cannot go any futher." so when you think about it "omg im drinking again" FML is hardly the appropriate response.

AND i mean really, when we have a war going on oversees, we have soliders fighting for us, people are out there dying from cancer and suffering from paniful illnesses, people are living on the streets, loosing all their money... "my phone is dead, FML" don't you feel a little...stupid.


  1. Oh, what a great post! This is something new I had not heard about : "FML"

    That pisses me off about it is that many of them are dumbasses who say FML when THEY are responsible for their own fuck-up.

    i sometimes worry that your generation isn't ready to take over for our generation because they are either too coddled, self absorbed, entitled, are not problem solvers, don't contribute to ANYTHING that won't benefit them directly.

    I know not all the kids today are like this but i do wish i could clone you, Kylee.

  2. i know!! i mean to be honest i would feel a little lost without my phone, its just a habit for me and i dont have a landline phone so i wouldnt be able to get in contact with anyone, all my phone numbers are in there and a lot of pictures and music. thats a lot of stuff to loose!

    BUT i would never say FML.

    my generation can be a joke, but i think obama is helping on the whole contribution thing. whats better for america, not whats better for you.

  3. MH -- this may be the wisest thing that you have ever written!

    And I fear that it is not limited to a particular's the latest manifestation of something that began, arguably, with mine.

    Although I will say that my particular generation tended more toward the Mr Natural theory of life: "Don't sweat the small sh*t, and don't forget -- it's all small sh*t."

    Parents want better for their children. My parents generation, born of a bitter depression and a world changing war, tended to (although certainly not in MY household! LOL) spoil/indulge their children. This has resulted, through the generations that followed, in an unreasonable sense of entitlement and unrealistic expectations of what life holds for them.

    We don't want our children hurt, so we shield them from every little bump in the road. Much like hothouse flowers, they then inevitably 'grow up' unable to weather even the slightest inconvenience. They just never learned how to cope.

    A dead cell phone battery is the end of their world. A broken relationship is reason enough to literally end their life. It's annoying at best; heartbreaking and terrifying at worst.

    I'm just happy that there are young adults like you who have the wisdom to see life for the wonder and ultimate gift that it is...and the bumps and bruises for no more than what they are.

    Keep spreading the word!

  4. My grandfather who was a smart and fun loving man, used to say 'I hate to see what the world will become with all these juvenile delinquents raising delinquents'. (speaking about my generation of course) I thought it was just something a grandpa would say, you know along the lines of 'why do you play your music so loud?' (Although he did attend my cousins rock concert, he just put cotton in his ears). And now I find myself saying almost the same thing (about the delinquents not the music-ha)

    It just reminds me that we all probably wonder how the next generation could possible take care of the world when we see how stupid they can be. With people like Kylee in the world I don't worry so much! :)

  5. i don't think the delinquents becoming parents are the problem.

    i think it was all those kids who went to Woodstock and now are parents of your generation, Ms. Hippie. I agree with Islandpearl, it's the overindulging and the coddling. Something we keep seeing over and over with parents our age.

    I think the delinquents (lol, when was the last time you used that word anyway?) probably hold their kids more accountable and likely smack them around and into shape a little more often, telling their kids to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and quit their whining. Meanwhile the flower generation is giving their kids anything they want and never telling them 'no'.

  6. PS did you know that the whole FML thing got started as a blog? With short excerpts from texting. Kylee, can't you just see your sister adding to that? LOL.

  7. my sister does say FML!! and her's are always just as...silly. is the nicest way i can put it, "work at 5am, FML" "Need coffee, FML" haha!!

    you know, i dont think you can factor in on a generation on who raises children better, all "types" of people can raise or fail their children.

    take for instance the woodstock generation, it can be viewed as a bunch of giant children with a passion for music and a jones' for drugs (haha jones for drugs) and how on earth could those people be parents?! BUT i have a lot of art teachers, one of my favorites actually is a woodstock generation, hes for one an AMAZING artist and makes me a better artist just for knowing him, but he has kids and i can tell he has got to be an awesome dad. his teaching skills are amazing (they actually are going to video him teaching a class and sell it as a rendering DVD class hes that good) i think he would be one of the good parents because he would give so much freedom and almost be aware of "well your not doing that, i used to do that and i knnow what happens when you do that" haha you know?

    and then you have the "cookie cutter" families, where everything is perfect and the kids get straight a's and where kahkis and collared shirts and are SO sheltered they're like zombies.

    i dont think we can pin-point any generation on who can raise children better.

    i like your grandpas quote. its kind of poetic! haha

  8. i coded out wrong on the Sonitrol. Apparently being on vacation has caused me to forget my number. (Though i did get four of the 6 digits right). But the two wrong digits i coded incorrectly turned out to be a distress call and the cops were called. I never knew that there was a sequence of numbers that made up a sonitrol distress call.


  9. Yeah, i can just see it now. A criminal bad guy comes in and i'm alone in the office. and while he has a gun pointed at me i say to him,

    "ummm, can you excuse me, I need to go around the corner to the Sonitrol keypad and key in the distress call so the cops will come."

  10. I bet every generation thought at some point that the world would go to helll in a handbasket when the next generation took over. I can just hear some grandfather about 400 years ago saying 'thou son you have sired hath soured and will sour unto his own until all mankind will be damned!" Actually this sounds more like something Charlton Heston would have said. :)