Saturday, August 1, 2009

Honest Love Letter Part Two

I have many bruises because I'm clumsy
I have never been in love, but I completely believe in it
My hair curls awkwardly, and my calves are really wide
I bite my nails like they are candy
and I shuffle a deck of cards "wrong"
however, I succeed in shuffling and one else can shuffle like me
I laugh at anything and everything
and I laugh in my own way
I idolize Audrey Hepburn more and more each day
as I respect Barack Obama more and more each day
I believe in giving back, to anything you deeply believe in
I'm a very passionate person
and I feel deeply for the things I care about
I put everything I have into things and people I care about
and you may not know it, but you possibly broke my heart once
I fall for guys hard and I fall for guys fast
and things almost always mean so much more to me, than they did to you
I hate popcorn
I love oranges, good ones anyways
I have opinions and they are strong
if you have a great smile, I'm yours
for that matter if you also play guitar, I'll marry you.
I love diet coke and I could possibly risk my life for not giving it up
I value personal time
I value time with friends and family
I hate scary movies
my imagination makes them far too real
I'm continually scared, not metaphorically, literally just scared.
I'm occasionally clique
and sometimes I'm sarcastic
but often very spontaneous
probably because I'm always very impatient
I am many many things
and this is only the beginning


  1. i love when you do these random thoughts. they are very poetic. And you always end them very strong, with an UMMMPPPPHHHH.... But i am disturbed about what you say about being scared. literally..... What does THAT mean?

  2. thanks :) i remember my speech teacher said I was the only one who had a good ending in my speech, i was honored. haha

    oh i'm always thinking people are always out to get me! haha i pass a bum, i panic. at my parents house i always thought someone was outside my window, haha.

  3. I swear, we share a brain. just like i said. I have way too many fears for a person who has lives as long as i have. Fear of flying. I hate driving I-5 and always think a car is going to crash in to me. I hear thunder and believe i will be struck by lightning. Or that a tree will fall on me when lightning strikes. I worry about bear and especially cougars when we are flyfishing.

    It's no wonder i have read 11 books on my vacation. LOL......

  4. haha yeah its that kind of stuff, i worry oliver is going to get run over everytime we go on a walk even when he's on a leash. i always think im going to get pick-pocketed. perpetually scared. haha