Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I'm Grateful For

picture: i wish i could take credit for this picture because its SO clever! I just posted it cause I think its hilarious I dont even remember where I found it, somewhere online. I think I want to do a photoshop series with ideas like this.

What I'm doing: Sitting on my bed with the dogs listening to my IPod, I have a lazy day today so I'm just relaxing

What I've done so far: I cleaned the apartment, called tech support for my computer (was on the phone for 2 hours but it was totally worth it.) and fixed my carpet that is in my bedroom. pretty productive!!

excited for: i'm going to sushi tonight with my friend Stephanie, I'm obsessed with this sushi restaurant by my house, its like 2 blocks away, super cheap during happy hour and is fabulous. I am obsessed with sushi.

drinking: water. bottled.

eating: absolutely nothing but I think thats going to change when I finish posting this blog.

listening: Peter Frampton - Baby I love Your way. what a classic. I was defintiely born in the wrong era.

thinking: wow i have really bad posture right now, my neck is killing me. i have no shifted my posture after I typed this outloud. can you type outloud? I like to think so.

happy about: i'm having like a fabulous hair day. I'm really happy about it! haha (you'll see below I talk more about this. haha)

loving: Office quotes, I now have standing jokes with my friends when we will randomly text each other quotes from the office and since we are all such big fans we know its quote and its a game where you have to send another back

some of my favorite office quotes lately:

"I have eaten so much left-over guacomle over the years, I dont even know why I make it in such large quanities"

"in the islands they dont make you do stupid things like inventory"

"fun fact. I share a birthday with Eva Longoria, so if i ever met Teri Hatcher i'll have the perfect ice breaker"

"i want people to be afraid of how much they love me"

"sometimes i start a sentence and i dont even really know where its going i just hope ill find it along the way"

Okay here we go. the blog. A list of things. superficial things.

1. technology. Its a love/hate relationship (mainly only when it fails) but it truly is an amazing thing and everything we can now do with technology is beyond amazing. I've been having trouble with my computer lately so I called the HP tech support today and they take over your computer (so they are controlling your screen its really cool) and the guy goes "You know I'm controlling your computer from India right now? Cool, Huh?" haha but he was so right.

2. hair product. I really dont normally use a lot of hair product but right now with my prednisone/steroids making my cheeks all puffy i need my hair curly and big to help balance out my face and I put some curl cream (from bumbleandbumble) in it last night after I showered, Put it in a little bun went to bed and today i'm having a fabulous hair day! I will also say in addition to hair product I love hair...what would you call it. tools? like my hair straightner.

3. vacuum cleaners. I love to vacuum, and it always disgust me when I empty the little bucket of all the grim and dust but then i think "thank god i have the vacuum to pick it up" but its why I truly DISPISE carpet. I think all carpet should rot in hell its the worst thing on our planet (dont get me started even further.)

4. student discounts. I think student discounts should be EVERYwhere, and they pretty much are and I think its completely valid. I hate AAA discounts and senior citizen discounts (totally support military though) but we are students I think computer programs and museum admissions, things that are going to help us study should totally be there for us, especially since everyone knows students are broke.

5. Email. this kind of goes under technology but its just so a great thing to know that I can email my cousins in scotland, for free, and keep in great contact. Email has connected my life more than a telephone even has. facebook is truly falling into this same category though, its a great thing as well. I keep waiting for it to die off the way Myspace and AIM did but I think facebook is here to stay (myspace and AIM were definitley an age thing so I think since facebook is truly all ages it will last)

6. online banking. technology yet again but oh what i would do without online banking. it has saved me so many times and you can transfer money through accounts with the click of a button and pay bills its so nice. and everyone says you have to keep a check register (you older generations) BUT like the time my sister had my debit card on her and ended up accdientially using it at the bar one night, she wouldnt have told me she used it because she didnt know till the next morning when i checked my account online LOL

7. the democratic party. I dont have a whole paragraph to write about the DNC but I just know I'm grateful for them, I feel like their heart (most of the time) is always in the right place and to me, sometimes, thats all that matters.

8. chapstick. I dont think I need to write a whole paragraph about this either because I think its pretty self-explanatory. I like my lips un-chapped.

9. music. yet another I dont need to explain.

10. colors. I dont know what I would do without colors, I am a very colorful person metaphorically but I also just love colors in general they are such a wonderful way to express yourself and can make the biggest differences aesthetically. its definitley a good thing I'm studying design and colors : )

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Honest Love Letter Part Three

I bite my nails
I say curse words
I procrastinate
But I also plan far in advance
I pretend to be spontaneous
But I truly really like to pencil things in my planner
I stress when im running late
And I stress when im really early
I hate when I forget to bring a book
It takes me months to ever finish a book
I text, email, and facebook more than I talk on the phone
I like it this way.
I laugh at inappropriate things
And I laugh at inappropriate times
I won’t do something just because you want me to
But I probably will if you ask me nicely
I think Ray LaMontagne has a sexy voice
James Franco has a sexy face
And Jon Stewart has a sexy mind
I love my dog more than life itself
And he loves me just as much in return
I love Sudoku, FreeCell and Spider Solitaire
And one day I will finish a crossword puzzle on my own
I wish I had a MAC laptop
Microsoft sucks
I don’t think I could write a paper without Word correcting my grammar though
I can type really fast
You might be impressed
I love sneezing
I think it’s the best thing in the world
I love colors
Probably because im a colorful person
And from here on out
I’m going to just be making more colors
Here’s to the color of Kylee.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

because sometimes blogging is better than stressing.

Menu of the day:

listening to: batman begins on cable, my sound isnt working on my laptop to listen to my Itunes and my IPod is in the car (which my sister has) I feel empty right now because I could really use some Ray LaMontange

I always forget how much I love Ray and then I see/hear that commercial for some insurance company where a dog is trying to find a safe place for his bone and they are playing "trouble"

drinking: water. I just flossed my teeth and i'm really weird and love cold ice water right after I brush or floss my teeth. I also actually love to floss my teeth but I havent always done as much as I needed to, my mom got me a ridiculous amount of floss so now I have it everywhere (i think I litterally have 5 little boxes in my bed alone) so I floss all the time now.

eating: I am quite proud of myself, the prednisone hasnt overcome me, I woke up around 10am (and couldnt eat till noon because of another medicine) and at noon I had a bowl of special k cereal, and a yogurt and then at like 3:00 I had a special K snack bar and thats all I've had today! I am starting to feel hungry again but my dad is making some big grand dinner tonight so i'll wait for that, I might have another special K bar

feeling: well now that i've been talking about food. i'm just hungry.

currently doing: getting ready. I actually did my hair and makeup and am quite satisfied but I am having one of those days when I feel like I own no clothes, (even between my wardrobe and my sisters) I have changed my outfit for the 5th time now, I think i'm finally good with what im wearing now, though. I'm going home this weekend and going to a party tonight (a going away party for my sisters boyfriend wisdom teeth LOL)

things on my to-do list: homework homework homework. The problem is that none of my homework has offical due dates, its all work in progress stuff. but I did finish writing my essay on Socrates' Unexamined Life, my computer actually shutdown right after I finished but thank god for autosave! I recovered the whole thing! I am quite proud of the paper though, I tied it into the loss of my cousin and his unexamined/examined life. sometimes I can surprise myself with my writing. My problem is that I write exactly how I talk and I talk fast so my puncutation and grammatical errors are not always to snuff. (especially because when I re-read it i'm reading it the way I wrote it) If an english teacher were to really grade my writings they would be bleeding with red ink. I'm big with run-on sentences - which i'm sure most of my blogging friends out there know and hate.

random facts for the day: my fingernails are plum purple and I finally tweezed my eyebrows - i couldnt find my good tweezers and the only thing worse than plucking your eyebrows is doing it with a crappy pair of tweezer. My eyebrows really arent that bad I probably could let me grow out all the way and it wouldnt look that bad, I really just shape them a little. I apparently didnt get the family eyebrows.

current pet peeve: people not taking me seriously enough. Yes, I am an art student but I'm not a total idiot. the problem is, is that I tend to be a little blonde sometimes and I laugh a lot so people usually tend to get the wrong idea about me. sometimes I'm not offended and I laugh along with whatever stupidity I just proved (like when I had a blonde moment at my doctors office and couldnt add and he responded 'its okay you're an art major' lol) but when I generally just don't know a piece of information, I'll ask (because otherwise you just became even more stupid.) and someone judges me for lack of intelligence. It truly does bug me, because I do pride myself on having an intelligence.

alright I think thats all I have to say for the random thoughts popping out of my brain tonight. do enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Commercials I loveed.

Ford ‘Wet’ from Eddy Adams on Vimeo.

this one is the one my friend did! (in collaboration of other people obviously)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

headaches and spinal taps there is a story in everything

i could probably write a book about all the things that happen during a hospital stay but i'll stick with blogging for now. i don't think there is going to be real order of how i list these experiences i'm just ramble (and then number them so it seems like i'm organized) i will tell you now i don't feel 100% better (i couldnt even finish the easy sudoku in the paper this morning!) so forgive any spelling and grammar errors. i just had to pause for like 15 seconds on whether or not i was supposed to write "there" or "their" in the previous sentence. haha.

1. spinal tap. NOT cool AT all. they now call it a "lumbar puncture" which is totally bullshit trying to trick you like that, the nurse started to explain it and i said "wha-wha-wait! is that a spinal tap?!" and i said "i've had a bone marrow biopsy, which is worse?!" and she said the bone marrow is WAY worse. well it wasnt, the spinal tap was HORRIBLE i was crying and shaking and they had to give me more novacan during the middle of the procedure (which only takes 10 minutes total or so) but you're really actually wide awake for it you just ball up in the fetal position in your hospital bed and they go to work lol

although, i did realize/find out later that when i got the bone marrow biopsy i was freaking out so bad about getting it that they first gave me a valium before and then started with two shots of novacan (sp) and this time they just did one shot of novacan and that was it.

2. MRI. so i had two cat scans this week, no big deal those arent even that awkward you just lay there. and MRI is basically a better version of a cat scan but once i got in there it was HORRIBLE i HATED it, it was 35 minutes and it sounds like a jackhammer going off the whole time! which definitley didnt help the horrible headache i had been having, and you do feel clausterphobic, in the cat scan you can actually still see outside the machine and see the room. with the MRI all you can see is a sea of white which turns into a blur and makes you feel weird like you've lost your vision. its nothing like on TV, although they do intercom to you "keep staying still, 5 more minutes" or whatever.

3. dog hair brush my mom gets into total "mom mode" whenever im sick, the last time i was sick i was dehydrated and she was trying so hard to make me drink gatorade which i did NOT want since i was so sick and had NO appetite she started making slushies and slurpies and icecream. this time she didnt get as crazy but she would help me brush my teeth in bed and get my cold wash cloths for my neck and head when i got too hott. well we were trying to make me look a little better so she started brushing my hair while i was brushing my teeth and i look over at her and shes brushing my hair with the dog brush!! of which the handle is all chewed up!! she still doesnt seem to think it was all that wrong lol

4. underwear on the same note, not planning on being in tacoma that long i didnt bring extra clothes with me so i had to start wearing my moms underwear in the hospital - which is a story in itself but then she found a pair of my old underwear that i had left at the house that she brought to the hospital but when she pulls them out they were the underwear we tied on my sisters dog as a diaper when the dog was on her period!!!! Mom still said "well they've been washed!"

i should put an exclamier now, that my mom actually does have excellent hygiene these stories just are a small exception apparently lol

5. unique giftsmy cousins came to the hospital the second day or so i was there and i see Brian walking in with this big bag but he doesnt say anything and its not wrapped so i didnt think anything of it but then all of a sudden he pulls it up and its this HUGE (really soft) blanket with tupac on it! it was hilarious, my dad pulled it up and hung it from (that thing that holds your limbs up over your bed if you were in a body cast lol) and it hung in the corner in all its glory lol i found out later that he was on Pacific Avenue and was going to get flowers and it was right next to a smoke shop, so he went in there and got the blanket instead lol

6. my grandparents (jojos parents) are always a kick, we had more stories last time (getting stuck in the elevator, getting lost in the hospital and having to get paged, going to the wrong hospital) but they did show up one day with a big box of chocolate ho-ho's, waffle chips, juice boxes, the list was endless and mostly stuff that i couldnt or didnt want to eat. the juice boxes, although they were good were really high in sugar and carbs and totally not worth it lol - it was the thought that counts though : )

7. oxycodine one night when jojo was hanging out with me while my parents and sister could go to dinner, the nurse suggested 1mg of morhphine to walk the halls (prevent blood clots) and maybe shower - it worked GREAT. i didnt feel loopy and high i just felt normal my headache was completely gone! it was amazing. i got to shower and everything, so yesterday morning i wanted to try and stop taking things intravenously i wanted pill forms of things so i could take them at home if needed so they gave me oxycodine - OMG i FREAKED out, it didnt set in for about 30 minutes but i was SO high and not in a good way, i was scared! i was sweating and having a panic attack and i was like frozen and lethargic - it was horrible! i dont know how rush limbaugh is addicted to it - he's freaking crazy! but i guess we didnt need to know he was hooked on oxycodine to know that.

8. oliver. i like to end on number 10 but i think these stories have been long enough. for anyone who was worrying, although a few complications of oliver being left alone in the house to long at my parents (a whole nother blog to explain) he is doing quite well, he is happy i'm home (and my grandma bought me a dog training book thats excellent to help overcome the seperation anxiety) my mom did take him to the groomers today as a ploy to have him babysat but he is pretty nakey he is no dust mop anymore, i'll post pictures of him soon. but it has now confirmed that he is not as chubby as everyone thought he is kind of lanky! lol