Saturday, February 27, 2010

Things I'm Grateful For

picture: i wish i could take credit for this picture because its SO clever! I just posted it cause I think its hilarious I dont even remember where I found it, somewhere online. I think I want to do a photoshop series with ideas like this.

What I'm doing: Sitting on my bed with the dogs listening to my IPod, I have a lazy day today so I'm just relaxing

What I've done so far: I cleaned the apartment, called tech support for my computer (was on the phone for 2 hours but it was totally worth it.) and fixed my carpet that is in my bedroom. pretty productive!!

excited for: i'm going to sushi tonight with my friend Stephanie, I'm obsessed with this sushi restaurant by my house, its like 2 blocks away, super cheap during happy hour and is fabulous. I am obsessed with sushi.

drinking: water. bottled.

eating: absolutely nothing but I think thats going to change when I finish posting this blog.

listening: Peter Frampton - Baby I love Your way. what a classic. I was defintiely born in the wrong era.

thinking: wow i have really bad posture right now, my neck is killing me. i have no shifted my posture after I typed this outloud. can you type outloud? I like to think so.

happy about: i'm having like a fabulous hair day. I'm really happy about it! haha (you'll see below I talk more about this. haha)

loving: Office quotes, I now have standing jokes with my friends when we will randomly text each other quotes from the office and since we are all such big fans we know its quote and its a game where you have to send another back

some of my favorite office quotes lately:

"I have eaten so much left-over guacomle over the years, I dont even know why I make it in such large quanities"

"in the islands they dont make you do stupid things like inventory"

"fun fact. I share a birthday with Eva Longoria, so if i ever met Teri Hatcher i'll have the perfect ice breaker"

"i want people to be afraid of how much they love me"

"sometimes i start a sentence and i dont even really know where its going i just hope ill find it along the way"

Okay here we go. the blog. A list of things. superficial things.

1. technology. Its a love/hate relationship (mainly only when it fails) but it truly is an amazing thing and everything we can now do with technology is beyond amazing. I've been having trouble with my computer lately so I called the HP tech support today and they take over your computer (so they are controlling your screen its really cool) and the guy goes "You know I'm controlling your computer from India right now? Cool, Huh?" haha but he was so right.

2. hair product. I really dont normally use a lot of hair product but right now with my prednisone/steroids making my cheeks all puffy i need my hair curly and big to help balance out my face and I put some curl cream (from bumbleandbumble) in it last night after I showered, Put it in a little bun went to bed and today i'm having a fabulous hair day! I will also say in addition to hair product I love hair...what would you call it. tools? like my hair straightner.

3. vacuum cleaners. I love to vacuum, and it always disgust me when I empty the little bucket of all the grim and dust but then i think "thank god i have the vacuum to pick it up" but its why I truly DISPISE carpet. I think all carpet should rot in hell its the worst thing on our planet (dont get me started even further.)

4. student discounts. I think student discounts should be EVERYwhere, and they pretty much are and I think its completely valid. I hate AAA discounts and senior citizen discounts (totally support military though) but we are students I think computer programs and museum admissions, things that are going to help us study should totally be there for us, especially since everyone knows students are broke.

5. Email. this kind of goes under technology but its just so a great thing to know that I can email my cousins in scotland, for free, and keep in great contact. Email has connected my life more than a telephone even has. facebook is truly falling into this same category though, its a great thing as well. I keep waiting for it to die off the way Myspace and AIM did but I think facebook is here to stay (myspace and AIM were definitley an age thing so I think since facebook is truly all ages it will last)

6. online banking. technology yet again but oh what i would do without online banking. it has saved me so many times and you can transfer money through accounts with the click of a button and pay bills its so nice. and everyone says you have to keep a check register (you older generations) BUT like the time my sister had my debit card on her and ended up accdientially using it at the bar one night, she wouldnt have told me she used it because she didnt know till the next morning when i checked my account online LOL

7. the democratic party. I dont have a whole paragraph to write about the DNC but I just know I'm grateful for them, I feel like their heart (most of the time) is always in the right place and to me, sometimes, thats all that matters.

8. chapstick. I dont think I need to write a whole paragraph about this either because I think its pretty self-explanatory. I like my lips un-chapped.

9. music. yet another I dont need to explain.

10. colors. I dont know what I would do without colors, I am a very colorful person metaphorically but I also just love colors in general they are such a wonderful way to express yourself and can make the biggest differences aesthetically. its definitley a good thing I'm studying design and colors : )


  1. I am going to respond to your comments and add some random ones of my own, but of course i have to number them.

    1. i am having a bad hair day but right now my hair is in a bazillion curlers in the hopes that i can tame it's madness.

    2. I balance my checkbook with a pencil, a calculator and my bank statement every month. I balance it to the penny and don't stop until i find the mistake (if there is one, most often there isn't i am happy to say.) this is something i have done since i was a poor single gal who could confidently let her checkbook get down to 39 cents the day before payday without qualms.

    3. Peter Frampton? Reminds me of my ex-husband and high school years. You were definitely born in the wrong era. (I didn't own that album, but Mark did, only it was on 8-track! LOL. THAT really speaks to how old i am!)

    4. I am not overly thrilled with the Democrats right now, at least the ones in Congress. Having said that, i AM still in Obama's corner.

    5. I love vacuuming too. I don't have to do it very often anymore because of our hardwoods, but we do have that Pottery Barn rug. What i love about vacuuming is making those nap marks in the carpet all nice and even. (I liked that about mowing the lawn too.) It's disappointing that my Pottery Barn rug doesn't have the same kind of nap. but i wouldn't trade my maple floors for carpet ever and i doubt i would ever live in a house with carpet again after i saw what it was like when we drug the damn thing out of the house.

    6. Chapstick. Did you know there is actually a website about those of us Addicted to Chapstick. I once realized i had none in my purse on the way to work and had to stop off at a 7-11 to get some. I buy them in bulk from Costco and have them everywhere. I think they did put something in there that makes you addicted.

    7. i would be lost without email since i hate the phone so much.

    8. BOOKS and bookstores. I am so thankful we have good books. I cannot imagine not reading. When someone tells me they have not read a book in years i'm incredulous. But then they probably think i'm a nut for being such a non-party-er homebody when i could be out kicking it up.

    9. I am grateful for my health insurance.

    10. my husband.

    11. my iPod.

    12. Oh, i probably should have listed my husband before health insurance.

    13. You!

    14. Obama.

  2. it annoys me how sometimes you have a good face day and a bad face day (doesnt matter what you do with your makeup, your just having an off day and some days you dont even need makeup) and the same goes with hair. mine is a mess right now.

    i think if i had really started out balancing my checkbook i would probably still do it, i did it when i first moved out but i found it to be pointless when i can do it all online, everytime you charge it records it as your "balance" and your "available balance" (im explaining becuase im pretty sure you dont do online banking) and your available balance is basically money you have spent that hasnt actually come out of your account yet. the only time you get screwed is when you write a check, which i RARELY do. at my old apartment ALL my bills were online and i didnt have to write checks. in the new apartment, we have to write checks.

    i only love that one peter frampton song, but i do love it.

    omg i always thought it was A-track not 8-track. im so young. haha.

    oh i HATE carpet, im still trying to convince mom and dad to not get new carpet, it is the worst invention on the planet. i NEVER use it for projects, it is so unhealthy, ungreen and horrible. they do now have "green" carpet but it really only last like 5 years which defeats the whole purpose of sustainability so i still refuse to use it.

    im really bad about licking my lips so my lips get chapped really easily. i like the cherry chapstick the original makes my mouth taste funny.

    i love to read i just dont do it all that often.

    its okay i wasnt taking your numbers as a priority listing because im pretty sure brian would go above chapstick as well. well maybe not.

  3. A-track, lol! I had tons of them but my frampton was on vinyl and i had a big sexy poster of him over my bed when i was in high school too.

    i hate carpet as well, and someday i will live somewhere where there is none or hardly any. i think it triggers my allergies.

    i do online banking, which makes me think i can wait months to balance my checkbook. the last time i did it, i did six months at a time and it did come out to the penny. ;)

    isn't there a fan page on facebook for chapstick? i am forever thinking where is my chapstick because i need it and don't use it enough. i constantly lick my lips too. i have the same issues with handcream. especially in winter.

    i'm thankful for music and my ipod, too, and wish i could get through a damn book. i'm going to watch LOST online tonight and then maybe settle down with my book. I have a cold and want to get to sleep early again tonight.

  4. so wait is it A-track or 8-track??

    I could go on and on about carpet, its the worst thing in the world. its so easily destroyed, its so bad for your health and the environment from how they make it, whats in it and what happens after your done with it. it probably does trigger your allergies. my entire apartment is carpeted :(

    yeah i love online banking, to me its more effective and i like knowing i can see whats going on, jo what happens if someone steals your card or fraud, how do you know? your monthly statement?

    THERE IS!! I JUST JOINED IT!! i am now offically a fan of chapstick :)

    yeah i dont have the commitment that Jo does with reading. my problem is that I need like total silence when i'm reading and I need to be in a good frame of mind, I cant read when I'm really exhausted or hyper

  5. I just don't get around to reading until the very end of the day and then as soon as I open my book, I pass out.

    I just became a fan of chapstick, too. Then I realized I actually use Burt's Bees lip balm. I'm a fake fan!

    And it's 8-track. They were horrible. They would make this loud clicking sound switching tracks right in the middle of a song. They were the size of VHS tapes. You do remember those, don't you? haha!

  6. yeah im STILL reading that book on howard hughes - its REALLY good but i just cant seem to get enough time to finish it, and im actually a fast reader.

    oh i like burts bees, i actually like anything i can put on my lips except sticky lip gloss. i hate sticky lip gloss. or really good tasting lip gloss because then i just lick it off haha

    definitley in the wrong generation for 8-tracks, i dont even think i've seen one! I know about vinyl and records because my dad still has one (and has an awesome collection stored in the garage somewhere) but i think 8-track had a short and not as cool lifespan? i was the generation of tapes. is that what they were really called? just tapes? and then the birth of the CD... haha