Thursday, March 4, 2010

i'm a stranger in the day

PICTURES: courtesy of my cousin Jonathan in Scotland, he recently graduated as a photographer and does really awesome photography - being in Europe usually just gives him more interesting pictures in general but it had been awhile since I had talked to him and looked at his website and found a lot of really great shots so I think my next couple posts will be photos he has taken, but i couldnt choose just one to share this time.
Listening to: Norah Jones - Turn Me On. for some reason I used to think I hated Norah Jones and I dont know why because she has really beautiful music and its really calming, its great to do homework too. (which i always need mellow music for.)
Watching: hollywood squares. (dont ask me how or why im watching TV, Listening to music AND blogging. not to mention also Facebooking.) I love the GameShowNetwork (GSN) its all the old gameshows (pyramid, regis millionarie, jeopardy) and they are totally dated but still so interesting to watch. I love millionarie when it was with regis.
Complaining: I have the worst back pains lately, I have this horrible knot in my back, my uncle (hes a physical therapist) taught me a trick to get rid of knots but its hard to do by yourself so it helped a little but not the way its supposed to. i want to see if i can get a doctors note for a massage, i dont see why i couldnt i feel like its completely valid for someone with lupus. i want a physical therapist massage anyways (not like gene juarez) i'm just hoping the insurance will pay for it, that would be sweet :)
annoyance: our ondemand has never worked with our digital cable so the cable guy came today and we ended up finding out we cant actually order anything from ondemand unless we have a landline phone - what the hell?? this makes NO sense, i've had digital cable before and always only had my cell phone. the guy didnt really seem to know why this is a "rule" i really hope it somehow has to do with communications (like the wiring) because otherwise its really stupid, people would spend so much money ordering movies and programs they are loosing out.
Eating: nothing right now but i made hamburger pie tonight that was improvised with what little food we had in our fridge it wasnt too bad, i was hungry so i ate it. haha.
drinking: good ol' h20, i feel really bad because I really believe in sustainability and green living but when it comes to water bottles i drink so much more of it if its in a disposable bottle. I have tried buying water bottles i never like them (i think it has to do with how the water comes out of the bottle.) but its bad to reuse the disposable bottles (something about the plastic...) BUT i much prefer to drink more water. I drink a minimum of 3 bottles and most days I ONLY drink water (i barely touch diet coke anymore! even at restaurants i've been good!)
okay the blog part.
I just had the weirdest day of doing the strangest things all day. So I'm not a stranger in the night the way Franky sings about it but a Stranger in the day for acting so strange.

1. I woke up at 9am.
2. I cleaned the whole apartment before noon
3. I cooked a real breakfast (hashbrowns and eggs with my lovely cocktail of morning pills)
4. I ran out of things to do after I ate and cleaned that I started deep cleaning (not just wiping down the counters and putting away clothes, i pulled out the bleach and organic cleaner!)
5.well by this time the cable guy comes which is always really awkward to me, so i randomly decided to find things to do in my kitchen so I started cleaning our stove top (took out all the grills and soaked the little round things that catch your food that always get really dirty.)
6. for some reason we have like 4 different sets of salt and pepper shakers. I have these hula dancing ones I bought when I moved out on my own the very first time, we have these ones left over from xmas, we have these ones I stole from the dennys in vancouver and then we have what the salt and pepper comes in when you buy it from the store. so i combine all of them together and get this - I WASH AND CLEAN every single salt and pepper shaker. NO IDEA why.
7. I realized we have had the same bag 10lb bag of potatoes in our cuboard since we moved in, it had grown so many sprouts it was grossing me out so I decided to peel, and chopped ALL the potatoes, I chopped them into French Fries, Scalloped Potatoes and HashBrowns and now they are all frozen in our freezer, i'm not sure if it really works this way but I figure thats pretty much what they do when you buy frozen potatoes anyways, we will see how it ends up working out...
8. I cleaned my bathtub with bleach. while i was in it on my way out of getting out of the tub. nakey and bleach apparently scream "clean!"
9. I reorganized my tupperware, the tupperware we dont use.
10. i dusted inside my closet. there wasnt really any dust in there.
11. i didnt vacuum. I vacuum almost everyday and the one day I go cleaning crazy, I don't vacuum.
I can't believe I ended on number 11.


  1. LOLOLOLOL, i think you might be prednizoning!

  2. hahaha i never even thought about how prednizoning applies to more than food cravings!! i think you are definitley right though!

  3. love the photos!

    I am procrastinating cleaning but I really need to get started because I didn't do any cleaning being away last weekend.

  4. arent the photos awesome!? he wants to make a trip over here to the states maybe this summer so im really excited!

    yeah the idea of cleaning is always a better thought than the actual action.

    its such a nice day in the city! i'm going to go run some errands and enjoy it! :)

  5. The photos are awesome, but I don't believe that Europe is any more photogenic than here. That won't keep me from going as much as I can and taking annoying amounts of photos, however.

    I rarely get that killer cleaning urge. Too tired. Moving Mom really took it out of me last week. Breaking my toe in the midst of it and falling on my knee (for the second time in 10 days) certainly didn't help. But I got 'er dun.

    Treated myself to a stainless steel water bottle last week. I can't bear adding to the plastic detritus any more and aluminum is just bad for you. I find that what I don't like about it is that tap water just doesn't taste as good. I know that's probably mental anyway (the ice I make from that water doesn't seem to bother me...), so I'll work on talking myself out of it.

    You might want to google 'sprouted potatoes' -- I don't know that they are safe to eat (or even tasty) once they've sprouted. But then, I'm the one that refuses to eat anything that is as much as 24-hrs past the sell by date.

    I only "let" my Mom take 10 of each of her plastic storage tubs to the new apartment. She must have had hundreds in the cabinets. If I ever recover from her move, I may start weeding out my own stuff. It's just more fun getting new stuff than organizing old stuff. You know? But at the end of the day, it's still just stuff.

  6. Yeah I dont think its any more photogenic but I think its the same thing with why my cousin wants to come to America to take pictures. its a whole different scene.

    yeah i dont normally getting cleaning desires most of the time when i do clean its just so Ash doesnt get pissed at me.

    I LOVE organizing though, I will do that any day. I may be messy but I am organized and I get soo annoyed when things are out of order. I get mad when Ash puts everything back in the wrong spot (the other day I found a collander where we keep the pots and pans!)

    I am totally with you - I can totally taste a difference in water and I hate when people say you can't because you can. I could definitley do a blind test taste, in the end it is all water but there is definitley good tasting and bad tasting water. I loveee dasani and I hate arrowhead

    Oh sprouted potatoes are fine as long as you rip the sprouts off, i'm just not sure if cutting up fresh potatoes and freezing them works the same as when you buy frozen potatoes lol (like frozen french fries) and such haha

    i have a lot of tupperware but alot of them are teeny tiny it was this big set my mom got at ikea but tupperware is always decieveing you always think you can fit your meal into a tiny one and you can!

    however, im with you on getting new stuff! we are a consumer society :-/

  7. we have a water softener, so our tap water tastes a little salty. in my next house, i'm going to get one of those brita things for the tap water. i should add the stainless drinking bottle to my wish list (

    i like the results of cleaning enough to usually get the major stuff done once a week. i can't stand mess. i like organizing when i'm in the mood.

  8. yeah i want to get one of those PUR taps as well, they have them now where you can add the flavor water to the tap but again you would still have to buy the filters which is our problem with the brita, buut it would be nice to not have to refill the pitcher all the time, i get so pissed when the brita is empty.

    i dont like mess either, but i am messy, when its my own mess i can be more accepting because i know its mine and i was the lazy one but others peoples mess does bug me, but more than anything i hate disorganization. my sister NEVER puts anything back in the right spot (i have our pots and pans organized by size, which i dont expect her to know or do so i never say anything cause i know its ridiculous but it does secretly bug me haha)

  9. I ALWAYS refill the Brita, but no one else does. And at Brian's mom's house it's the same way. Plus i suspect that she doesn't change her filters regularly like i do (because they are indeed expensive, but still not as bad as bottled water) plus it's the environmental thing to do.

    Also, Kylee, i'm with pearl. Don't be eating old potatoes with sprouts. Especially you with your lupus. Don't make a practice of it.

  10. well whats annoying about refilling a brita is that you cant refill it and put it away and its full you have to fill it up like 3 seperate times, wait for the water to go down and fill again. im all in favor of the pur tap.

    whats wrong with sprouted potatoes? you just rip off the sprouts, we've always done that its like cutting off the mold on a block of cheese. i promise you its fine! especially since you then cook and boil the potoatoes...

  11. p.s. brita filters are exspensive. i havent boughten a new filter in over a year i dont think :-/


    Don't eat yellow snow or sprouted potatoes.

  13. yeah that article says you can eat them if you remove the sprouts as long as the potato is still firm and not mushy.

    thats money down the drain throwing away perfectly fine food!


  14. There's also the issue of potatoes being a huge % water which means that freezing them - fresh or cooked - yields a woefully meh result.

    You can't possibly be THAT hard up!! :-P

  15. yeah I'm not postive about the freezing part, I'll have to see what happens on that.

    well no, but I dont like throwing away food! thats just a waste and there are starving kids in Africa who would surely eat sprouted potatoes regardless! hahaha.