Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Back!

I'm finally back!! I know it took me forever, but the last months of college were just way to hectic. so on that note, I am now an offical college graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. and now I have time for blogging again : )
Photos: (1) dad & myself at graduation (2) I think this is a yam or a weird potato but I love the shot (3) this is a thrift store in Freemont and I love the sign.

Watching: How I met your mother, I got season 1-5 for xmas I'm stoked, I love that show its great, its this generations 'friends' and we all know how much I love 'friends'

Music: I've been really into pandora lately, and because of that I've found some really great concerto bands/music, but its really modern (it comes on, on my john mayer radio) there are no words, but I love that kind of music especially when I'm working because words/lyrics can distract me, especially if i'm writing.
Eating: I started weight watchers with my Uncle, I sat in on a meeting at first (because I thought I would hate it, but I loved it) but then I had graduation and stuff coming up so I put it on hold for 2 weeks, So I only JUST started, but I do love it, everyone says its the most effective, I'm learning alot I think it will be fun. I'll think include a WW new tip in my new blogs, somethign I learned. today I learned I can eat Bacon =D (and its not expensive points wise, you can eat whatever you want, but it will cost you in points.)
New Stuff:

I moved home to my parents about a month ago now, my lease was up on my apartment a month before graduation and who knows where i'll end up working, this way instead of getting another lease in Seattle or Tacoma I can work wherever and move 5 minutes away from my work if I wanted

My cousin Jonathan visited for 6 weeks from Scotland, I might have mentioned that I know I stopped blogging around the time he visited, and so he has now gone home at some time late october

My dad's cousin Todd (Jojo's cousin as well) is visiting from California through the new year

I got a real awesome present from my Uncle Brian (jojos husband) - A Nikon D5000 with the works, zoom lense, camera bag, heck I don't even know what the rest of the stuff is yet, I got to learn a lot when my cousin was here because he 's a photographer, but were gonna start doing photo shoots so I can learn more about my camera, but I love it. be prepared for blog photos!

hmm what else? I'm sure tons has happened but thats the skinny for now, this is just my update blog so I'll add more later. but I'm back now!