Saturday, February 13, 2010

because sometimes blogging is better than stressing.

Menu of the day:

listening to: batman begins on cable, my sound isnt working on my laptop to listen to my Itunes and my IPod is in the car (which my sister has) I feel empty right now because I could really use some Ray LaMontange

I always forget how much I love Ray and then I see/hear that commercial for some insurance company where a dog is trying to find a safe place for his bone and they are playing "trouble"

drinking: water. I just flossed my teeth and i'm really weird and love cold ice water right after I brush or floss my teeth. I also actually love to floss my teeth but I havent always done as much as I needed to, my mom got me a ridiculous amount of floss so now I have it everywhere (i think I litterally have 5 little boxes in my bed alone) so I floss all the time now.

eating: I am quite proud of myself, the prednisone hasnt overcome me, I woke up around 10am (and couldnt eat till noon because of another medicine) and at noon I had a bowl of special k cereal, and a yogurt and then at like 3:00 I had a special K snack bar and thats all I've had today! I am starting to feel hungry again but my dad is making some big grand dinner tonight so i'll wait for that, I might have another special K bar

feeling: well now that i've been talking about food. i'm just hungry.

currently doing: getting ready. I actually did my hair and makeup and am quite satisfied but I am having one of those days when I feel like I own no clothes, (even between my wardrobe and my sisters) I have changed my outfit for the 5th time now, I think i'm finally good with what im wearing now, though. I'm going home this weekend and going to a party tonight (a going away party for my sisters boyfriend wisdom teeth LOL)

things on my to-do list: homework homework homework. The problem is that none of my homework has offical due dates, its all work in progress stuff. but I did finish writing my essay on Socrates' Unexamined Life, my computer actually shutdown right after I finished but thank god for autosave! I recovered the whole thing! I am quite proud of the paper though, I tied it into the loss of my cousin and his unexamined/examined life. sometimes I can surprise myself with my writing. My problem is that I write exactly how I talk and I talk fast so my puncutation and grammatical errors are not always to snuff. (especially because when I re-read it i'm reading it the way I wrote it) If an english teacher were to really grade my writings they would be bleeding with red ink. I'm big with run-on sentences - which i'm sure most of my blogging friends out there know and hate.

random facts for the day: my fingernails are plum purple and I finally tweezed my eyebrows - i couldnt find my good tweezers and the only thing worse than plucking your eyebrows is doing it with a crappy pair of tweezer. My eyebrows really arent that bad I probably could let me grow out all the way and it wouldnt look that bad, I really just shape them a little. I apparently didnt get the family eyebrows.

current pet peeve: people not taking me seriously enough. Yes, I am an art student but I'm not a total idiot. the problem is, is that I tend to be a little blonde sometimes and I laugh a lot so people usually tend to get the wrong idea about me. sometimes I'm not offended and I laugh along with whatever stupidity I just proved (like when I had a blonde moment at my doctors office and couldnt add and he responded 'its okay you're an art major' lol) but when I generally just don't know a piece of information, I'll ask (because otherwise you just became even more stupid.) and someone judges me for lack of intelligence. It truly does bug me, because I do pride myself on having an intelligence.

alright I think thats all I have to say for the random thoughts popping out of my brain tonight. do enjoy!


  1. Hi Kylee, are you watching the Olympics at all? I told Brian last night that i wanted you to marry Apolo Ono. (I have SO many husbands picked out for you! LOL.)

    What great meal did your dad make?

    I've been painting my bathroom and it pisses me off because i went to all that trouble and i don't like it. I should have listened to myself and stopped and took the paint in to darken it but i was not wanting to make that trip so i tried to talk myself into it. I am going to redo it but i'm so sore now i might have to wait.

    I crack up at your mom buying you a ridiculous amount of floss.

    Good job on resisting the prednizoning (i like calling it that!) side effects!

    You should be happy that you didn't inherit the famous family eyebrows. Mine are insane. If i didn't tweeze them they would look like Andy Rooney's (you probably don't know him). I'm rather obsessive about keeping them in control. And remember if i am ever in a coma you have to call someone in to wax them for me!

    How was the party?

  2. i did watch the olympics a little last night with mom and dad and watched apolo ono, i like that hes on our team because he's good but i kind of have this feeling hes a cocky ass-hole but i dont know, i mean he has the right i dont think hes cute at all though - youre bad at picking out husbands for me! i dont think i've agreed with you! hahaha

    dad made this BBQ shrimp thing, it was supposed to be a cajun recipe (it was a new one he was trying) but it wasnt cajun at all - he didnt like it at all, i thought it tasted good it just wasnt cajun at all. he had to change it up a little because he said it didnt taste good at first lol it was a guy who was doing cajun cooking and he wasnt even from Louisiana which is always how dad detects bad recipes lol (only good cajun recipes come from people that are really from louisiana lol)

    the paint might still grow on you! still let it sit a couple of days and dont automatically think about how you hate it, maybe still wait a week. it might be because you had a vision of what you wanted it to look like and its not matching up, but it doesnt mean it looks bad.

    haha well she didnt buy the floss she got it from work so they are all sample flosses so they are only like 5' of floss (ones you buy in the store are like 30')

    yeah i think the difference from being 80mg (what i started on 2 years ago) and now on 60 isnt too bad, my mom did say my face has filled up but since my cheeks are already pretty skinny its not bad and my haircut helps, i actually cut my bangs myself (they were WAY too long and i didnt have time to go see my girl) so i cut them straight across and i think that helps too.

    i am happy about my eyebrows! i would go crazy

    the party was good it was pretty relaxed, me and michael played DJ all night and kept playing Top Gun songs hahah

  3. Was it all 80's stuff????

    Last time your face was prednizoned your hair was also very thin, so this time it might not be so bad, plus you aren't on the same mgs of it as before are you? At least it's temporary. Angled hair will probably help. so keep the bangs straight.

    I was going to paint it today because i couldn't stand it but i'm looking at it again thinking hmmm, maybe if i bought some towels that have a stripe in the color with a yellow and grey (to pull in the counter) it will be okay. It does look "fresh". Actually i want to use the word 'fresca' even. It's sort of that color.

    I just bought some Brandi Carlile on iTunes. I like her EP.

  4. And actually i do NOT think that Apolo Ono is an asshole. On the contrary he seems to have grown into a fine man raised by a single father. (His father has a hair salon in Belltown, probably where you live!)

  5. yeah well my hair does feel a little different but i dont think its thinning the doctor did said that the plaquneil can thin the hair out so maybe going back on it takes a small adjustment but i think the prednisone just makes it feel not that healthy but apparently im the only one to realize so maybe its in my head (pun-intended!) haha

    see!! let the bathroom sit on you, you had this vision in your head and its different that the vision but that doesnt make it horrible.

    okay at sunday dinner i did say that apolo ono and everyone got on me lol i just dont think hes cute, i mean he is a little cocky but he is a olympian he needs to have and deserves to have a little cocky-ness/confidence. i've only actually seen him in one interview and i wasnt paying attention all that close so i really shouldnt have said that lol