Wednesday, August 19, 2009

my werid quirks.

1. i cannot shower with the shower curtain closed, i cant even pee with it closed, pay attention to the next time i'm over at your place if i've gone to the bathroom, chances are I opened your shower curtain and forgot to close it. BUT in my apartment i have a see through shower curtain so i dont have this problem.

2. i almost never lock my front door, i have no idea why, i just dont do it. please dont tell anyone.

3. i love making lists, i will make lists when im bored of things i need to get, buy, want, do and if im going somewhere i make a list of everything i need to bring.

4. i hate other peoples mess, it stresses me out but i will let my own apartment get so messy theres no place for anyone to sit.

5. i NEVER shut my drapes and i get really upset when someone goes to shut my drapes, ive yelled at someone about it before.

6. when i do my laundry, i hate folding clothes and if i need to clean quickly, i put my clean clothes in my washer and dryer and they usually stay in there until i need to do another load.

7. i recycle EVERYTHING. i wash my yogurt cups and i always recycle ANYTHING glass..

8. i name inanimate objects, i have a triangle ruler named jeffery, a cermaic pig named henry bacon a printer named frank, it just seems so much nicer to call them by a name.

9. if i'm with people with accents, especially my scottish cousins i will pick up the accent really thick (and really well apparently) but i dont notice it BUT ask me to do a fake accent, i cant.

10. i always like my feet bare, flip flops are fine but heels or flats i will always take them off at any chance i get, i take them off at work and walk around bare foot, i know this drives Jo crazy but my toes need to be FREE! haha


  1. and you think i'm weird about the laptop getting too hot on my maple hardwoods! LOL.
    By the way, you need to correct the spelling of 'weird'. I know it must be a typo because you don't have the 'i' before 'e' as most people when they mispell it. But fix it cause it's like the blinds being crooked for me!

    LOCK YOUR FREAKING DOOR. You live in a place where people can get confused about which door is the one they want for one thing.

    And yeah, i heard from your mom how you don't close your drapes, which is why i won't be sleeping in YOUR apartment when i come to visit and stay overnight in Seattle.

    It's very odd that you named your printer after your late grandfather.

    I get the accents. I do that only with the Louisiana relatives but only because i used to sound just like them. On the other hand i work with Irene who talks ALOT and i don't pick up her British accent.

    I don't get the bare feet at work. It's unsanitary and unprofessional. I love walking barefeet on my hardwood floors at home but it's my own personal dirt i am walking on. And nobody sees me so i'm not unprofessional. I don't like flip flops. To me they are the same as walking in bare feet. no support.

  2. Maybe if you pulled your drapes and locked your front door, you wouldn't have to worry about what/who's hiding in your shower...ya think?

    One of the best things about living in Hawaii is sandals year round. Bare footed at home - in fact here it is a grievous faux pas to wear shoes into anyones home...must leave them at the doorstep. I think it's a Japanese thing. But like jo the thought of going barefoot elsewhere is just ewwwwww.

    Hence the sandals. My toes just gotta dance.

    And pedicures are a MUST. No. Chipped. Polish. EVER.

  3. ah sorry ill fix it for you Jo, this was actually saved in my drafts and i finally posted it and didnt really edit it.

    well no one would ever think they live in my apartment, my door is very personalized, dont you think? but I mean for one, no one expects a door to be unlocked, no one knows my door is unlocked. i live in a building where you have to make 3x your rent with most rents as low as $1000 and as high as $5000 these arent people that are going to steal anything, and what on earth would they steal?!

    i know its bad, i just dont do it. its actually saved me hundreds of times when ive lost my keys and im not locked out of my house. if im going somewhere over night or gone all day, ill lock the door but just for school or work i usually dont :x

    okay seriously, WHY would i close my drapes?! i have the best view!! its pretty at night, its pretty in the morning. mom complains because i keep my door open and shes not used to the train going by, im used to it, in fact i cant sleep without it, i find it soothing, the train isnt close enough to shake my apartment, it doesnt honk its horn its just a nice static noise like the soft sound of traffic, and i love to sleep with the cool night breeze. : )

    haha i didnt name my printer after papa, i just liked how direct the name sounded. frank. its very frank haha

    i dont get the accents with the certain dialects of the english accent, like i wouldnt pick up Irene's or my nannies, but the stronger the dialect i will. im not sure what dialect it would be though

    i will wear my feet bare ANYWHERE, other than the sidewalks of seattle and old because theres probably grass, if my feet get dirty, i wash them. haha

    well my window, i dont get creeped out about that no one can look in my window its just the Bay and the Park :) and i dont get creeped about my front door, i usually lock it when im inside.

    toes should always be free, your head and your feet is what keeps you cool, something about your body heat escaping.

    i only just started getting pedicures, but i do love them : )

  4. I love being barefoot on cool green grass. However, my grass is either gone or yellow and crackly. I'm too afraid of all the copperheads to go barefoot outside here now. I did love being barefoot walking in the sand at the beach!

    Fit-flops and croc-flops have nice support and are cute & comfy too. But the cheapy wal-mart ones are good for me too lol.

  5. Kylee i saw your final post on my blog. you will get an email about me setting my blog to private. I did copy the whole thing, including the comments.

    Be careful of using your last name. you know why.