Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the GREAT list, the bucket list.

1. go to every continenet. i want to go all over europe, i want to help around in africa, i want to visit my cousins in australia and i want to go to brazil, japan and i guess russia could be cool, haha.

2. have a great love. my married friend was talking the other day about how amazed she is that her and her husband still have the same connection as when they were first married. she got a text from him and got a big smile on her face and she gets butterflies, and she was talking about how she never thought it was possible to love someone else more than yourself. and i would feel that my life was incomplete if i died without every expeirencing that.

3. meet Barack Obama, i dont care when but he really is an inspiration to me and i just want to shake his hand. partly just so i can say that i did but also just to know inside, that i did meet him would be amazing.

4. i would love to meet audrey hepburn because she really is amazing to me and she still inspires me daily, but i guess that will have to be in the afterlife. hopefully we will be in the same afterlife :)

5. i mentioned this a little bit, but i would love to go and work/volunteer in Africa, i think it would be so life changing and so life inspiring that life shouldnt go without such an experience.

6. i want to sit ontop of the egyptian pyramids at sunset, like they did in "bucket list"

7. be succesful. but thats more like a goal in life.

8. change someones life.

9. inspire someone.

10. save a life.

11. i love the idea of bungee jumping or sky diving, i dont know that i could go through with sky diving but bungee jumping i would love to do.

12. have an international affair, its a move infatuation to make it seem so glamorous but i think it would be thrilling. i think all things are worth any amount of pain if they are worth twice the amount of laughter, smiles, good times and good memories.


this will be a list in progress, a growing list. till later.


  1. Finally you changed your blog! YAY!
    I like your Bucket List. And some of them would be mine:
    as in #3 and #10 and to some degree #11 in that i mean doing something out of my comfort zone.BUT.....I don't want you to go to Africa. It's too dangerous. And there are lots of places in America that could use you.

    Here is mine:


    You know what? I actually thought as i started to type that i would have about 5 or 6 things here that i wanted to do. But right now, i can't think of one thing. I've been blank for about a minute or two here.

    It occurs to me that if i found out i was dying, and i am telling the truth here, i am not sure i would tell myself i need to do this or that or anything that i am not already doing.

    And yeah,I would like to meet Obama, but it's not THAT important. And yeah, I would like to have the courage to do something that involved danger, but it's not like i have a yearning for this.

    I think my Bucket List would be to write. write. write. And so I would leave something in writing for everyone that i love in the world so they would know how i felt about them.

    I love my life the way it is. I don't need to find out i am dying to do the stuff i wish i could be doing.

    So...maybe that makes me a boring person to others. But i don't bore myself. And my husband says i don't bore him either. I like my life, just the way it is. I don't think i'm holding back. I'm too old at this point to worry about that stuff and i got rid of two husbands who made me not feel this way. I'm glad however, Kylee, that YOU have a Bucket List, because i think everyone under the age of 50 should have a plan for their future that is positive and stretches themselves.

    But for me. I feel like a very lucky person.


  2. you know, my sweet niece, that if you don't tell people about your blog site that no one will ever know they should be posting on it.

  3. i thought of something for my Bucket List.

    1. actually i didn't. I thought i had something for a moment there. but i didn't.

  4. OK, now i have something.

    Before i die,

    1. i will watch the movie "Citizen Kane". (I have NEVER seen it and it's such a classic.)

    2. I will finally make that last will and testament making it legal for you to move into our condo.... LOLOLOL......

    again.....i don't know why this is so hard. I'm actually sitting here at the computer trying to come up with something interesting and i cannot.

    The truth is i do not have a Bucket List. I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I'm only 52 years old. Should i be happy about not wanting more? Or should i be worried?

    What do YOU think?

  5. well its not about "id feel upset if i didnt do this in my life" its kind of like not knowing what your missing. an experience that you think could shape your life, so i guess the younger the better.

    oh i do have other friends that have my blog but they dont have this blog account, so they save it on favorites, check in on it and email me LOL

    they are going to laugh when they see this haha

  6. well its not about "id feel upset if i didnt do this in my life" its kind of like not knowing what your missing. an experience that you think could shape your life, so i guess the younger the better.

    oh i do have other friends that have my blog but they dont have this blog account, so they save it on favorites, check in on it and email me LOL

    they are going to laugh when they see this haha

  7. I think the problem is i don't feel that i am missing anything. I would rather post a WISHES list than a Bucket List. Like i WISH i would do this (even as i know i won't). That list would be:

    1. I wish i ran for a political office. Even if it was just school board at first and then as a house representative in the legislature.

    2. I wish i published a book.

  8. yes!! wishes, deff. work on that :)

  9. 1. I wish that i could speak Spanish fluently.

    2. I wish i could live in Napa Valley.

    3. I wish i owned my own vineyard.

    4. I wish that everytime i was out flyfishing that i caught a fish.

    5. I wish that everyone i loved had all the means needed to get along well in life, including financial, emotional, and healthwise.

    6. I wish that my advice someday saved a life.

  10. Great lists, guys! Dream big and go for it!

    1. I want to walk on all the continents too...have 2 to go (Antarctica and South America -- I'll hit them in one cruise, the year I retire. Which at the moment looks like it'll be around 2035)

    2. Go to a Christmas markets in Europe.

    3. Learn to play piano.

    4. Learn to speak either Spanish or Italian.

    5. Go to France.

    6. Revisit Israel, Italy and Greece.

    7. Weigh what it says on my drivers license.

    Lucky seven...that's a good start.

  11. Hi Kylee....

    1. Go horseback riding in a different country every year as long as I'm physically able. Topping the list: Scotland, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland (although the Alps aren't really ideal for horsebacking, lol), Thailand, New Zealand, Croatia, Austria, Morocco, Kenya...

    2. Publish a novel.

    3. Like pearl, speak Spanish or Italian fluently.

    4. Read as many books as possible.

    5. Go to a Bruce Springsteen concert.

    6. Wash my truck (just kidding!)

    7. Be single someday(shhh!)

    8. Learn to play guitar.

    9. Be an expert on wine.

    10. Drive up the US Pacific Coastline.

  12. oh you guys are expanding mine! i couldnt even remember the others!

    13. play guitar like hendrix, okay not like hendrix but just play well.

    14. play piano

    15. sing well, where my friends are embarrased to sing along with mei n the car

    16. speak french fluently

    17. speak italian fleuntly

    18. read everybook that i ever thought looked good

    19. be an expert on design

    20. be an expert on green design

    21. do something political.

    22. go to an amazing rock concert.

    23. ride in a hellicopter

    24. jump off a cliff (into water)

    25. swing through the trees in the amazon

    26. white-water rafting, climb a mountain, those types of things.

  13. oooh, equeyaya and pearl. HOW COOL that you are over here. I love all of your lists!