Monday, November 30, 2009

All moved in and nowhere to go

I just moved in this weekend to a new apartment with my sister; a 2-bedroom/2-bath right in downtown seattle, its a great place for the two dogs they have lots of room to run around and the extra space is so nice compared to the old 500SF studio I had before. a view from our balcony at night time, i'm hoping they put lights on these trees out front to give it a nice holiday feel.

the walls are white but not in an annoying boring way, it seems more consistent and just makes the apartment brighter. and once we get more pictures and furniture it will all be colorful and it will work out. i also remember a quote one time "i decorate in white because my friends are all so colorful"

the dogs are having a great time, oliver had his ball-removal surgery so we dont have to worry about puppies but they have a blast together and ash and i switch off walking them together which is actually the funniest thing you've ever seen. however when we tried to feed them oliver just tries to eat all of chloes food and so chloe runs in my bathroom (where i feed oliver) and eats all olivers food

the kictchen has horrible storage, all the cabinets are very skinny so we dont have any cabinets for dishes really so we have most of them above the fridge and then i had a little black wooden hutch that holds alot of the other dishes. but we look like we have TONS of food because the cabinets are so packed.

we have a great little fireplace, and the building pays for the gas so its like free heat! my cousin Brian and his friend Shane hung the picture above the fireplace kind of as a joke but Ash and I really liked it so we left it, we ended up moving the pictures below because they were all family photos and she felt the picture above was "sex" and it made her want to throw up, so we took them off she wants to put a bunch of PBR (cheap beer) cans but I am refusing that idea (she thinks it goes better with the picture) but i said PBR cans would be really tacky and the picture isnt tacky sex, i said to put little tiny tea-lights but then she thinks thats like there is fire going up her crotch -- haha so i guess we'll figure SOMETHING out lol

and here is just a shot of my bedroom with the two dogs, the curtains came out really weird in this photo (i have a really crappy camera) but my window looks out onto the courtyard/pool and we are on the first floor so anyone can look in so i will just keep those curtains closed pretty much all the time. by the way thats my dog oliver on the ground, but thats his tail not his head LOL and thats my sisters dog, Chloe sitting on the bed shes small and blends in with my bedding a little too much lol


  1. You know i hate that pubic hair photo over the fireplace! i would much rather see Obama...LOL. Just kidding. How about a blown up photo of your favorite aunt?

    You are so lucky to live in such a cool place at your young age! I've very excited for you. Can't wait to see what your furniture will look like.

  2. its black underwear! not pubic hair, that really would make it lesbian. its just sexy in a classy kind of way, i think so anyways. ash thinks its tacky and i dont think it is at all, either way we both love it. if it was just my place i totally would have hung obama there, you know i would have but ash isnt as obessed as i am lol

    i know i was bummed to move from my other apartmebt but i love this apartment too. i am excited about the furniture too, we have ash's flat screen on the floor right now (and it has to lean to the side so its pretty funny) lol

  3. it looks like pubic hair! And Obama over the fireplace would be alittle weird too. Brian L. went to set up cable in a older lady's house and she had all these photos of Obama and Michelle and Sasha and Malia in frames like you would if it was your own family. He said it was kind of funny so he said to her, "So, you KNOW the Obamas?"

    Why is the TV on the floor? Sarah louielouie has a TV stand that we are getting today. It might work. Even if it is the kind to hang on the wall. You could hang it just above the top of the stand and let the cords hang below so they don't show. I'll let you know.

  4. haha i remember you telling me about that lady, thats pretty funny i may be a little excited/obsessed about obama but i wouldnt even do that. all my "photos" of him are graphic and are obviously "art" you know? i do have audrey in frames but they are posed pictures, not like family pictures lol

    well the TV is jut in the living room temporary but its her flat screen and it doesnt have a stand to sit up on, so when i say it doesnt have a TV stand i mean like a part of the TV not a furniture, do you get what im saying? so her TV can ONLY be ounted on the wall (she lost the part)

    well if all the furniture is gonna be at troys anyways i might stop by on monday when im in town for olivers appt (getting his sitches out) and then i can take a look at everything (i emailed him about it to see his schedule and what not)

  5. i have an idea about your apartment after looking at your photos. Once you get the slipcovers for your sofa and maybe some matching pillows to bring in the colors on your chair that your Aunt Stephanie gave you then i think you should paint the fireplace wall only (not the two walls on the side, only the fireplace wall)to also bring in those same colors or at least a complementing color.

    The wall isn't that big so if you move and they make you paint it back to white, no biggie. But i think it would be really cool because of the whiteness around it. I could help you.

  6. hmmmm, are those flowers feng shui? Not sure i like them. I DEFINITELY like the second photo on the mantle. LOL.

    I also just noticed your fireplace doesn't look centered in the wall???? and is the mantle off centered? that's funny. I love that you have a fireplace though. Very cool.

  7. i was also thinking that if you did paint the fireplace wall, that your Audrey picture (the one on the left) might be a cool contrasting color too. and no pubic hair!

    haha, every time i try to type 'pubic' i ALWAYS type 'public' first i guess since i've been working in public education for 30 years. Better than making the mistake the other way around! LOL.

  8. haha no no we love that picture over the fireplace, for many reasons. its a picture we both really love so this way it is more "shared" its cool because brian was the one who originally hung it. your honestly the only one who doesnt like it haha, when i posted the pictures on facebook a few people actually said "where did you get that picture, i love it!" and they were all girls. lol

    i always think about painting but you have to prime it back yourself when you move and i always know when im moving i'm not going to want to paint so i never do it.

    i originally was thinking of that yellow photo over the fireplace (which is actually for taittinger champagne, its not audrey but i see the connection) but ash thought it was "too much" yellow and "fire" with the actual fire, i dont see the problem but she apparently does, the same way she made me move the pictures on the mantle.

    she keeps saying "less is more" which was frank lloyd wrights' moto who is a famous architect (im pretty sure she doesnt know him) but she goes over board when she thinks "less is more" you can't have less if you dont have anything, haha.

    but i do have a more eclectic "busy" style.

    do you think i can rip off the "formica" on my ikea dressers and paint them? (you know what i mean right) i might check out the dressers from sarah but i love that i have two small dressers because its enough drawers but i can seperate them out so its not such a large piece of furniture.

  9. you should check out the dressers. I like the tall one because it's antique-y. The other one is sort of like the one i have in my own bedroom. You wouldn't have to put the mirror behind it and it wouldn't seem so big.

    Remember the two sofas are in Troy's storage shed and not the garage.

    When did we start using blogs as email? LOL.

    P.S. I agree with Ashley. Less is more in decorating.

  10. i definitley wouldnt want a tall dresser, i dont remember your dresser in your room, i still like how i have two seperate dressers but ill still check them out

    well i dont need to check out the couches, is the rest of the furniture in his garage?

    haha i dont know

    ash goes TOO less though.