Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm not good at being a twenty-year old

this picture was taken by my friend Eddy Adams, I don't know how he did it but he took a picture of trash and made it appealing. thought i'd share it with everyone :)

as i enjoy thawing out in my bed watching TV, working on homework, relaxing on a saturday night with my two fluffballs of dogs, i realized. I am not good at being 20, and I don't think its really going to get any better, I am going to be sucky at my entire 'twenties' and here is why.

1. i enjoy staying home in bed watching a movie or even re-runs of friends, don't get me wrong i'm not against going out or having a drink but if I didnt have plans already I don't panick to find them, I am so content in my bed.

2. I like to many "old" things. I'm more interested in dead old people than the people who grace our planet today, speaking in celebrity terms of course. but I mean my biggest heroes are Audrey Hepburn who envokes the entire era of 60's glamour hollywood and a 48 year old man who has so much power and security I will never met him, AND shouldnt a girl in her 20's really being crushing on men rather than admiring their politics? but then again I do have a crush on Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper, its something about that silver hair

3. I prefer diet coke over a beer, glass of wine, or any cocktail almost any night of the week.

4. I don't go to concerts and I don't have a strong desire to do so.

5. I have probably spent a total of 2 years watching hours of Friends, no joke. I'm beyond obessed, i actually refer to incidents that happen in the show as if they are my real friends and real things that happened to me, you will hear me say "its like that one episode of friends..."

6. what else is common of a twenty year old? oh sleeping with so many guys you're essentially a whore. definitley havent done that, nor frat guys. i think thats actually in the guidebook and rules. you have to sleep with a lot of guys in your twenties. I somehow fell off the wagon there.

7. i would prefer having a dinner party and playing games rather than going to a big "kegger"

8. i don't know if theres a real corolation to my age but i treat my dog like he truly is my son and I am his mother, and i do believe there is a connection between us. he understands me, and he talks to me. he is known to have a bad reputation but he does listen to me. i call his name, and he stops walking, when i start to raise my voice he puts his head down because he knows hes in trouble. its a mother/son bond.

9. I prefer RealSimple over People, Cosmo or any other magazine. I also prefer Harpers Bazaar over these as well, they have the best article/interviews.

10. i always want to donate money or time thinking i have it. I read an article in RealSimple about dirty drinking water and how a $30 donation can do so much and i litterally wrote down the website address in full intent to donate money. $30 isnt alot, until i remember that i'm no longer working and i currently have $30 in my bank account and I owe money to my parents. AND its not even this one cause, I want to donate to everything. I spent way too much money on the Obama campaign, I have donated to malarianomore several times, Lupus Foundation, the ONE campaign, and gave money to the american idol cahrity thing they do, i did it for two seasons but not the most recent because i wasnt watching idol that year. all this adds up ALOT for a college student, especially when i really dont work. however, i dont in ANY way feel bad or guilty about doing it, i still dont feel like i do enough.

i believe all of this is a factor as to why I am and will be a horrible twenty-something until the day I turn 30 and I will finally be at "home".


  1. i agree. you will make a much better 30 year old! LOL... Great post, Kylee.

  2. thanks :)

    haha we always said i was an old soul, i truly am, i dont know how it happened haha

    i dont know why its all spaced out like that though, oh well.

  3. i'm not a good 20-something either, lol!