Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thing's i'm embarrased of but I won't kick in the new year.

I have a lot of things I'm slightly embarrassed of, but I refuse to kick the habits, okay maybe theres a few I should kick.

I'm embarrassed...

1. that I refer to 'Friends' in my daily life so often it's as if they are my real life friends.

2. that I love watching 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' I know its for the younger than me generation but I find it very entertaining and I always wish I could be a witch like her and just *zap* for everything I want

3. that I sweat and pant walking up some of the big Seattle hills, but before you make fun of me, please tell me you've walked up them because they are not normal hills. I was better before I went home for Christmas, i went out yesterday and it was quite sad. but i'll get back to my place again haha

4. that I buy great books that I'm excited about it and it still takes me way too long to finish

5. that I would rather stay home and watch TV and movies all day cuddled up with my dog than go out. I am a homebody, but I am content out in the world as well. I'm a 50/50 gal, i just don't go crazy being home the way some people do.

6. that I'm a designer that lives in an all white apartment with mismatch furniture. although, its a rental I'm not going to paint because then I have to paint when I move out and i'm NOT going to want to paint when I'm moving and you never know what happens in a year I may be moving I may be staying but eventually I'll have all the accent pieces I want to warm up the apartment with curtains and such. plus i'm a poor college student.

7. that I own SO many movies, some are just really great movies that I wanted to own but I probably wouldnt watch again, unless someone came over and wanted to watch them (ie: Might Heart, Davinci Code, Disturbia, many more)

8. that one of the big reasons I want to continue working with Habitat for Humanity is because the supervisor is really cute. don't get me wrong i'd like it either way but he is a very big positive :)

9. that I love watching Mythbusters. I'm no where near being a science geek but I LOVE that show. even the world war II myths to the corny science jokes and even the somewhat bad acting, they're scientist not actors haha

10. I'm not embarrassed of a lot of things, I can't think of a # 10 but I would like to end on # 10 so enjoy!


  1. #3 I totally get it! I've been known to walk a couple of blocks out of my way to lower the transitional incline. (I usually stay at the Sheraton and my customers offices are all on I love to eat at Wild Ginger)

    Keep up the good works at Habitat, whatever the reason.

    And MH -- please take (and use) these with my compliments :,,,;...;

    Your #6 had me panting for air.'s a good thing.


  2. haha yeah i usually walk up pike since its all flat but if my destination is before pike it makes no sense lol

    haha yeah some day my apartment will look the way its supposed to, or actually the way i want it too. I have a modern ecletic taste as it is but my mismtach furniture isnt technically the "right" kind of mismatch if that makes sense.

  3. LOL, pearl.... punctuation indeed ms. hippie. (pearl, it wasn't that long ago when she didn't use paragraph breaks! Remember when i used to complain ms hippie?)

    I totally forget about the Wild Ginger in Seattle! i love that place too but I think i have only been there once.

    I am embarrassed Kylee too that i am such a homebody and i would rather be home than almost anywhere. I really don't know how your dad and i are related because he loves to party and he is comfortable in loud crowds, and i just don't like it at all. You should be MY daughter.

    I just hope as i get older i don't turn agoraphobic. You know how quirks can progress as you get older. We can be agoraphobics together watching DVD reruns of Friends and West Wing and Mad Men and House - that'll keep us busy.

    I too remember last summer in Seattle for your birthday walking around those hills and panting.

  4. If either of you start edging toward agoraphobia, I'm coming to Seattle and kicking major ass. And I have size 9.5 feet, so my asskicking skilz are legend...wait for it...ary.

  5. haha I never do correct writing skills when i'm online, I mean if I need to write a professional e-mail or essay, I totally can but half the time I don't even capitalize my i's however i've done pretty good so far in this post.

    I've never been to Wild Ginger, but isn't it Thai? I really don't like thai. I wish I did because they are more popular than chinese restaurants downtown, still in the search of a great chinese place.

    well i'm definitley half my father though Jo, because I do enjoy going out, i like crowds (that seems weird to say but I mean honestly, I live downtown haha) I just don't freak out if i end up staying home. in high school i had a friend who would go crazy if we didnt have something to do that night, I was always fine staying in seeing a movie.

    yeah those Seattle hills, they'll knock you into shape, which is how i justify not going to the gym lol

    so don't worry pearl, you wont have to come kick our asses (asses? ass's? haha) but you can still come to seattle! haha