Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas Past, Present and Future

Merry Christmas Past I have a lot of great Christmas memories from my childhood, all the way up to my late teens but I remember some of the funniest things. I remember my dad buying my sister and I a Nintendo64, a present that was clearly truly for him (and which is now solely his, although its been upgraded to a xbox) and I remember my aunt joojoo had gotten us a game for the console so on xmas eve (which is when we do presents on that side of the family) Jo said she forgot the present and she would come over in the morning to give it to us (but it was all just a plan to not spoil our present, so she gave the present to my parents) in the morning when we got the present, and got the present from Jo, I was just upset that Jo wasn't coming over in the morning. LOL I don't think I ever told you about that Jo.

Merry Christmas Present This is going to be a bittersweet Christmas, well not even sweet just bitter. the first Christmas without Josh, and its only been four months. I think what makes it harder is that's when i would have expected to see him. I get sad about it even when I just think about it when I'm in my apartment, but I think when I look around at the dinner table and realize he's not there it's just going to seem so much more real than it ever has. and I'll be sad that he is missing out when we laugh, or have a good memory that gets created. But I have to just think that he is with us, and he will be with us for every Christmas, every laugh and every memory created.

we miss you Josh. we always will.

Merry Christmas Future This one came to me when I was helping my Nannie set up her table for Christmas tonight and I said something that was apparently unheard of and she said "one day when you're all grown up and having your own Christmas dinner you will remember how persnickety and precise I was and you'll understand." and I never thought that one day I could be having my own Christmas dinner at my own house. I still think it will probably be when I'm like 90 because when my nannie someday leaves us, then my mom or one of my aunts will start hosting it and then I'd have to wait for all of them to leave and then I'll be having Christmas dinner for myself and husband and my sister and who knows what else. it somewhat excites me a little. as long as I always have carrot souffle at dinner and hash brown casserole on boxing day morning, I will be happy.

I wanted to add pictures from past Christmases
but I don't have them on this computer
(my old computer crashed last year)
and my parents don't have a scanner
so you're out of luck.


  1. Kylee i didn't remember until just now about the Nintendo. How sweet that you were disappointed i wasn't coming over in the morning for real.

    OOOOh, that photo of Josh. I remember that series of photos i took of him last Christmas and he was hamming it up. I looked at them closely for signs and came up with nothing. God, he was so handsome. When it comes time for the blessing before eating on Christmas Eve, don't look at me okay and don't look at Troy or Brian and we'll be okay.

    i hope there is definitely a Christmas dinner where you will be setting the table and i hope that my Brian and i are invited since we will be old and have no kids or anywhere to go. So i plan on coming to be with you. But you'll have to be younger than 90. Or else you'll just be having my hand blown glass snowman over for dinner.

  2. haha yeah i remember being very upset that you werent coming over lol

    I love this picture because he looks so happy I would be sad if all the pictures he was in, he looked so sad. I want to remember him happy.

    I will of course invite you, i demand to celebrate chrismas with you until the day I die lol

  3. That is so cool that you were upset that Jo wasn't coming over. Most kids would have just wanted the present.

    I remember when you went on vacation as a little kid and bought me a souvenir (wooden boat). It was so unexpected because little kids usually don't think of doing something for someone else. It also made me feel real good that you were thinking of me. :)

  4. y'all are making me cry. what a sweet post, kylee. merry christmas!