Wednesday, January 13, 2010

people say I'm negative but i'm here to prove i'm postive

I Like...

i'm not naming actors, people i know, tv shows, movies or anything of the sort.

1. turning up the heat in my bedroom so i can sleep with basically no clothes (I would sleep nakey if I didn't live with my sister and she didn't come in my room every morning, haha)

2. walking through the rain (as long as my hair isnt an issue) this is usually best accompanied by really good music, I find Hendrix is a good 'walking-through-the-rain' music

3. reading RealSimple because I love the "new uses for everyday things" even though i hardly ever actually use them because they arent usually things I have laying around my house

4. online shopping even when I don't buy things, its like a weird sense of window shopping but knowing you can put it on a wishlist is a little more satisfying

5. a lot of colors in everything I do although I love the classical look of black and white

6. sushi.

7. chinese

8. prismacolor brand...anything. although I really only use the markers and colored pencils (they have pastels and such things as well)

9. the mastercard commercial (that is previously posted on this blog) with the classical music playing and photos of ordinary things that look like smiley faces, it cheers me up everytime i see it.

10. old gap commercials, I don't like the new ones they are all "cheerleaders"

11. really good cheeseburgers

12. facebook, email and text messaging

13. Ann Saks tile, its SO beautiful. (google it if you don't know it.)

14. diet coke, cherry coke, orange fanta, peach fresca and sprite.

15. massages

16. getting my haircut at Seven7 (hair salon in Seattle)

17. design and art in all forms.

18. Seattle as a whole from downtown to belltown from ballard to freemont from wallingford to pioneer square and so on

19. travel, i just wish i could do it more time and money doesnt allow me to :(

20. movies and music



  1. I like

    1. Freshly polished nails - especially if someone else did the polishing for me.

    2. Hearing from old friends and catching up.

    3. Traveling -- especially to places that I've read so much about that they seem familiar. Walking around Rome gave me such flashes of humanities and art classes and movies and books that I've read. And now when I see or read about them, I can be there in my mind.

    4. Baking my own birthday cake. I know exactly what I want (this years it's devils food with cream cheese frosting) and homemade tastes sooo much better than bakery.

    5. Walking around the golf course at a tournament. I'm not that interested in who's playing or who wins, but I appreciate a well placed shot and the courses are as pretty as any park. Plus there is something so healthy about walking around all day in the sun and fresh air after being cooped up in an office all week.

    6. I love my job -- even the frustrations of it.

    7. A clean house. Now if I could just grow to love the process that produces it.

  2. i do love when i get a manicure or pedicure (french tip) but its exspensive and i hate the upkeep.

    one day i hope im rich enough to just travel everywhere.

    My friend, Fanny is french and i used to hate cake, until i had her homemade cake with homemade icing. to me homemade cake was making it from the box. LOL

    whenever you get to WA you have to go to chambers golf course, it has a 3 mile loop path and its GORGEOUS jo and i used to walk there every saturday when i lived at home. its actually going to be a PGA golf course, i think there are still working on it but the next tournament is supposed to be there. its quite exciting lol

    i definitley agree with you on the clean house. i love when my apartment or room is clean but i really hate to do the cleaning part. especially after its acculumated lol

  3. 1. the feeling of my blood flowing and muscles engaging when i'm walking fast or working out.

    2. getting on the scale and getting a positive result.

    3. walking with my dog.

    4. riding a jumping course smoothly - love the feeling of partnership with the horse!

    5. my job, most days.

    6. seeing my daughters emerge as women and find their purpose in life.

    7. dreaming about my future.

    8. sharing a bottle of wine with friends.

    9. ipod shuffle

    10. with you on the clean house, just not the cleaning of it so much.

    11. getting a good night's sleep between a set of smooth sheets.

    12. watching the old family movies on the dvd set my parents gave me for christmas.

    13. traveling to new places

    14. my new haircut that my daughter did for me.

    15. rack of lamb

    16. acupuncture

    17. unencumbered time

    18. getting absorbed in a book

    19. finding great new music

    20. blogging with y'all!

  4. i second 18, 19 and 20!! theres something kind of therapeutic in the time I spend blogging, i don't think i ever would have gotten as involved as i did if it werent for being SO bored at my old job.

    im excited to one day also say my job and travel. hopefully my job will let me travel like Pearl, its more efficent and gets you to places you wouldnt normally go (what do you think, pearl?)

  5. Absolutely! And traveling for work has made me much more comfortable with travel in general.

    But where travel is concerned, it's not how much money you make -- it's how you choose to spend it.

    We decided at the start that we wanted to be able to travel. So we don't buy a new car every couple of years, or spend a lot on clothes and stuff. You'll never see me with a Coach handbag.

    We live quite reasonably - some would say frugally -- except for our holidays. And it's so worth it!

  6. I agree 100%, pearl! And there are inexpensive ways to travel. Staying in youth hostels, camping and such. I have a friend who goes on trips to hike and fly fish. They mostly camp, but every few days get a nice hotel room for a night to take hot showers and eat at a nice place.

  7. Islandpearl, it's your birthday TOMORROW! And i didn't get a card out in time because i just remembered it yesterday. Are you making your birthday cake today? ??????? Do you really make it from scratch?

    1. Re: travel, i like staying in one place when i travel. It fulfills my homebody needs and gives me comfort. I couldn't stay in a youth hostel, though i don't like fancy hotels either. We like comfortable rustic log cabin type of lodging.

    I also like:

    2. definitely!... unencumbered time too. My favorite weekends are when i know i don't have to be anywhere and no one needs me for any reason.

    3. a new recipe. i get very excited when my issue of Food and Wine arrives.

    4.... vacuuming (though i don't have carpets anymore), dusting, and putting things in order.

    5. .... good warm low lighting in homes.

    6. i like nice quality stuff but it will never be a Coach bag or those Sex in the City heels or a BMW. I keep my shoes, purses and cars for a very long time.

    7. i like that i finally learned how to french braid my own hair. I hate my overthick but overfine hair, especially in this rainy season, but being able to braid it helps around the weekends when i don't want to wash it.

    8. ...the last 10 minutes of a run. Yay!, almost done.

    9. ...Friday afternoons.

    10. ...reading a really good book for hours in a row.

    11. D90 Nikon camera! Brian bought me a D90 DVD that gives further instructions on this camera. I haven't watched it yet but will.

    12. ...snow or the threat of snow.

  8. oops, i just realized today is NOT the 18th. See this is why i don't get organized in order to mail cards out in a timely manner. Tuesday, right? Tuesday is islandpearl's birthday.

  9. haha well Jo you are like a self-sustaining prodgy you thought you were going to miss Pearl's bday and sent out a card right away and now it will be on time because you had the days mixed up haha

    you would never by a coach or sex and the city style shoe because thats not your style, but you do buy the same quality and price. most definitley.

    i remember reading this article (i think it was in RealSimple) about how to spot a cheap purse and i was hoping you saw it, because i know you get mad when your purses dont last. it was all these little details that make up a good or bad purse.

    yeah i couldnt stay in a youth hostel, we have one here i seattle and i've had to go there for work and its nice...but the idea of hostel just isnt for me. i wouldnt be against a nice fancy hotel i just wouldnt want to pay for it haha

    although i do like camping, i havent been in years. my parents (and a ton of other people, its like a group of 50) go camping every year in august since i was 2, but when i started working when i was 16 i couldnt go, and then college started and we are year round and then i got lupus and wasnt supposed to go in the sun (which i have now found out is a load of crock haha)

    but i cant imagine camping as a way to really experience other cultures, going to italy and camping? the middle of the city? haha

  10. About the birthday cake -- Duncan Hines is my best friend. I've never been a cake snob, and what I was craving was a nice box-mix devils food with cream cheese frosting. It's yummy. And still miles better than bakery stuff.

    I don't bake often enough to maintain the kind of supplies necessary to bake scratch stuff. I do, however, juice up the box mix with add-ins sometimes.

  11. I used to force myself to make scratch cakes for the family birthdays, but I really don't think anyone notices a difference and it just made me crazy. My mother-in-law's tip was to add an extra egg to the mix to make it more moist, but I don't know that I noticed enough of a difference to waste an extra egg.

    duncan hines devil's food sounds positively sinful!

    Happy birthday, pearl!

  12. although i havent had many homemade cakes (jo im assuming the cakes that grandma makes are from the box?) i have to say my friend Fanny truly does make an AMAZING cake but the ENTIRE thing is scratch down to the frosting which is a butter cream frosting. and well shes french. they know how to bake. haha.

    we did a project for school during our first year of a park and our teacher was a complete idiot and would give you extra credit if you made an edible model (dont ask, there is a reason she only teaches to first year students) so fanny made a cake and we just used her homemade icing to draw the design of the park on it. lol

  13. i have never baked a scratch cake in my life. but i do make my own pizza dough when i am making the pizza. (It's from Julia Child's Way to Cook.)

    I don't like cakes so much. what i do like, is the cake mix in the bowl. I could eat gobs of cake mix. Also raw biscuit dough. And pancake batter too.

  14. Raw batter??!??! Can you say...Salmonella!! Gack!!

  15. i know my mom used to always tell me, "You'll get worms!" but i never got worms. And i never got sick.

  16. oh weird i posted a comment and it never got posted.

    i wouldnt think you'd really get sick you're not eating a whole bowl (i wouldnt think) but pancake and biscuit batter?! that dosnt even taste good! i always dip my finger in pancake thinking its gonna taste as good as it smells and im always disgusted.