Monday, September 7, 2009

My New Month Resolution

who said it had to be a new year's resolution?

1.) read more often, books are an intelligent escape from the reality that you might currently fear or be bored and tired of.

2.) follow everything in Joshs' obit, don't get mad when people cut you off in traffic and one of the things i thought about when i first went back to work is that i need to be nice to everyone because a stranger doesn't know whats going on underneath and although it might be completely valid, they don't know that and you might have just ruined their day.

3.) lend a helping hand more often, there are too many times we might press the "door close" button on the elevator because we don't feel like talkig to someone or we watch the old lady struggle to open the door.

4.) eat out less and cook more often. i used to be SO into cooking, getting recipes and making kind of intense meals, homemade spanish rice and enchiladas, Manicotti, wolfgang punk shrimp tempura pasta and i dont know if its cause i eat alone and im cooking for one or if i'm just a lot more busy (which is VERY true) but i should make a stronger effort.

5.) walk oliver more, he deserves it because he is an amazing dog and his only bad habits or qualities come from me, but, and only real dog lovers can understand this, but a dog, and one like oliver really can change your world. Oliver has a genuine heart and I love him as if he was my son.

6.) clean more often, and keep the apartment clean more often. its just better fung shui

7.) save more money. I make $1600/mo I really shouldn't be broke and I really shouldn't be so concerned about where I'm going to be living when my lease is up. I don't spend my money on silly things I spend it on a lot of little things that adds up, usually food. sadly enough.

8.) spend more time outside, Kayak more often, however this is hugely contributed into how much time i have, which is nothing. i was really stressed the other day, actually i've been really stressed ever since Aug 20th with homework piling up due to some validate circumstances and i thought "i should go kayaking it would relax me" which is true but the fact is, is that i would just be thinking the whole time how i was loosing time to work on homework and it would just stress me out more.

9.) go home more often, this has already taken into effect, but I really don't enjoy my hometown so i didnt always go home that often at all but honestly, i love my family and its very important to create more and more memories with them, so that if something ever happened they can seem like they live longer in my mind.

10. make art daily. don't think about the idea, actually make art daily. it is such a good release on everything.


  1. this might be my favorite post of yours, ms kylee.

  2. thank you : ) i actually thought about it when i was on break at work on day and i was eating in that little city garden i found, the one i sent you pictures. and it just came to me so i saved the general ideas in my phone and posted it later.

    those are the best posts i think, the ones that come to you in the moment not the ones that you have to think up because you need to update your blog, you know?

  3. yes, i agree about those little inspirations, and this one is good.

    kylee, are you graduated from college now? it seems like it's too soon for that!

  4. 4 more quarters!! my school goes year-round so i get my bachelors in 3 years rather than 4!