Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I could be famous one day

Current Music: Musiq Soulchild (I lost all my itunes playlists and I'm too lazy to remake them so I'm listening to whatever comes on, I used to love this guy in high school, he has a good voice but it is very r&b which isnt really my style anymore, but i still enjoy it)

Food: Tater Tot Casserole. we have this way too often but its so yumm and its not really that bad for you (its just ground beef (and i buy the lean stuff) tater tots and cream of chicken (and i buy the low sodium/low fat stuff) and cheese. we love cheese.

Drink: Diet coke of course. this is why I'll never be an alcoholic I love diet coke way too much, Even if I order a vodka/diet I get upset that my diet coke doesn't taste the same, whether it's vodka or not. haha.

Excitement of the week: I got an internship! I had the interview on Wednesday, I found out Sunday night they hired me and I was in the office Tuesday & Wednesday -- They already had me doing spec sheets, finish schedules, pulling materials, CAD work (alot of my friends I've talked to still don't do this kind of work or it took them awhile to be able to be allowed to do it) I got to sit in on a client meeting today and one of my coworkers said "wow, she doesn't normally let interns sit in on meetings..." so it feels really good that they obviously feel really good about me.

Pet Peeve: That there aren't better editing tools in blogger. I hate these generic fonts. bluchk.

Upcoming: Josh's anniversary is Friday, we're doing something as a family but nothing large, but I think thats how it should be, its amazing to me that it was a whole year already. Josh was the first person I lost that was close to me (My grandpa passed away but it was a little different under the circumstances and I think it was time for my grandpa, he was really sick and held on a good amount of years) and you always hear people talking about how "it felt like just yesterday" and I don't have this amazing memory really, especially not after a year, but I remember everything. I remember exactly what I was doing when my dad called, I remember our exact conversation and I remember everything that was going through my mind.

Weird Thought: I hope this doesn't offend anybody, but I always think about this when people say your loved ones are looking down on you -- so they are in heaven and they can look down on you and watch everything you do? shouldn't there be some kind of censor for that? what if you "watch in" on your parents while they're having sex, or someone showering, like, thats not cool. haha. So I was thinking about this, maybe its like a transcript gets sent to them on a little fax machine, haha. Its a very interesting thought I could probably talk about it for hours on all the possibilites because I really hope there is SOME kind of censorship or warning or somethinggg for both parties sake! haha


So I never really realized this before but with the career path I've choosen and the industry I am in... I could be famous one day. I think for some reason I always thought any job could make you famous if you were good enough at it, but then I realized MOST jobs thats not true when I look at everyone around me, sorry I love you guys but you have no chance of being famous and being told about in history books lol (dental assistant, secretary, admissions officer, whatever the heck my dad's job title is, physical therapists, and so on) Now I do realize if I ever do become famous it will probably be more within my own industry BUT the last couple articles I've read in Vanity Fair have been about designers & architects (which is always very cool because I feel like they are talking about my friends lol)

I could have an article written about me in Vanity Fair, I could have my own TV show, I could be written about in history/design books. Of course I would have to be really good at what I do but I'm up to that challenge. I don't plan on being famous, but its cool to think that I could.


  1. i dont have all my pictures on my computer yet from when I reformatted my computer when I get them up I'll put some pictures of josh up...

  2. Current Music: an eque song is playing as i type. I love this song because is has the lyric: "Shook a little turd out of the bottom of your pants." the song is "Anyone Else but You" by the Moldy Peaches.

    Food: I made a "Food and Wine" magazine recipe tonight. It was Panko Crusted Chicken and sooo good. Also risotto millanese (sp) with saffron.

    Drink: Murphy Goode chardonnay.

    Excitement of the week: Your internship!

    Pet Peeve: Those asshole Anchor Baby spokesfolks.

    Upcoming: I can't believe it's been a year since Josh either. And i can't hear the song "Above the Bones" anymore without wanting to cry. I'm glad you and Ashley are coming down. It won't be drama-y. just company for Troy.

    Weird Thought: God, i hope no one is watching down on me. But i like to think they might be guardian angels with some power over making things work out for us all without the voyeurism. (sp?)

  3. Kylee, if you get famous. I hope you mention me in the Vanity Fair article since i am the one that pays for your subscription! LOLOLOL.

  4. I've never cooked or even tasted (i dont think anyways) saffron but I really want too, did you know its the most expensive spice in the world?

    what baby anchor spokesperson? is it a commercial? lol

    i know! i mean i think they do have some kind of powers i remember when my grandpa passed away and nannie was trying to figure out the fiances (and she knew nothing about them) and she told me she couldnt find something and she was searching for hours and finally she started yelling at papa (haha) and it turned up like 10 minutes later, and i think any second chances we get in life (like with our life) is a guaradian angel saving us -- but i hope they cant just drop in whenever, thats just not safe. haha.

    hahah i WOULD mention you! actually in rehearsing interview questions i mention family alot -- i actually had to question myself on whether it was too much haha

  5. your wrote fiances.....! LOL

    The anchor baby / and terrorist baby news has been on Anderson Cooper.

    I actually meant in reference to what i recently was watching in regards to terrorist babies.

    Louie Gohmert is a Republican rep from Texas who believes that terrorists have figured out a way to "game our system" so they can gain citizenship. He claims that tourists come over here pregnant with the intent to deliver their babies while they are in America. And then these babies will grow up to be "home-grown terrorists" and quote: "help destroy our way of life." Anderson took him on and did a good job of it. Gohmert was a total ass.

    I am sick of Republicans spreading this kind of fear.

  6. yeah i have no idea what you're talking about with the anchor baby thing i'll have to google it when i'll get off i only watch anderson when there is big stuff going on (he goes good crisis coverage) cause sometimes i get bored or annoyed with other news (and sometimes i want to be a little naive about it, the world is a freakign depressing place! lol)

    I know, I dont want to feel prejudice against politics but i totally judge anyone who is a republican especially a hardcore one, and i cant believe glenn beck is on the air if not only to make fun of him on jon stewart LOL

    now, I can at least see where Gohmert came up with the concept, its almost actually a good idea if you were a terrorist but its a little unpractical (although i think it actually has happened, muslim terrorists born in the USA do exist--) HOWEVER, if that was really a plan its really flawed, i mean soceity has no impact on that? especially in america, your parents are not the only ones who raise you - your teachers, your friends, news media, everything influences you and that means everything raises you -- unless the plan is also to homeschool their children and never let them socialize...

    im gonna youtube that and see anderson rip into him, because i do always like that part of the show.

  7. Hi Kylee!

    Glad your internship is going well. You will look back on it one day as so valuable in getting started in your career.

    I don't think dead people really look down on us in a voyeuristic sense, but maybe that they have a knowledge of our state of mind and hopefully can nudge it into a better direction or feel at peace if we're in a good place.

    Have y'all seen the new issue of vanity fair with the society column about the 30th anniversary of preppies? it's very funny!

  8. eque, i read that too in Vanity Fair. It was funny!