Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Of The Week

Song of the week: Train - Soul Sister

Book of the week: Mr. Monk in Trouble I'm a HUGE fan of the show and one of the writers of the show has branched off and started writing novels of the Monk character. This is the 9th book (and I have read them all so far) and the author Lee Goldberg just published the 10th -- you all know how long it takes me to read a book I think my blog said I was reading "Howard Hughes" for about 6 months. I just read 2 books starting my 3rd all within about 3 weeks (all monk books)

Currently Watching: Jon Stewart and his not so sexy new facial hair, it makes him look 60 - not the silver fox i'm in love with, I know its still there though, I haven't given up on him.

Upset of the week: I bought a fleur de lis ring in New Orleans. I remember looking at the rings at the market thinking they would be $5 or $10 and the dealer said $36 so I was like "woah nevermind, bye!" then my dad reminded me "well you don't want a cheap ring" so I went back and bartered down to $26 the ring started turning my finger green and then the day after I got back home, the fleur de lis snapped in half. thats got to be bad karma.

Solution: I found a sterling silver (won't turn my finger green and most likely won't snap in half) fleur de lis ring, almost identical online and purchased it right away with birthday money I had left over from my Aunt JooJoo :)

Annoyance of the week: My computer is in bad shape. Its been in bad shape for awhile ever since my adobe programs wouldnt work or install properly but I can't bare myself to sit on the phone for 5 hours with Adobe to fix it, So I just go across the street to the school campus when I need to work. But now, the internet is ridiculous, at some points I can't even open my email! I'm talking with a friend who works with computers to see what he thinks I should do. I've already ran every possible disk cleanup, optimization, defragment, virus scanner etc. I possibly can. they all come back with "no malicious files" "no corrupted files" its horrible. Its like having a child who is sick and you don't know what to do. haha.

Quote of the week: from the book "Mr. Monk in Trouble" it was just such a great line and way to describe a person "He looked like a peach that had been granted its wish to become human" it reminds me of that line that Jo found "she looked like she had spent her whole life waiting in lines" or something to that affect.

Movies of the week: I just watched 'Amelie' again, its such an amazing movie, it makes you feel so happy after you watch it, its the kind of movie you wish didn't end. I have a full review of it on my movie blog from when I first watched it not too long ago.

new project at school: designing John Mayers tour bus! its a pretty exciting project its me and my good friend, Fanny working on it together. Its actually becoming pretty hard because the research is so different and the regulations and we have to find out how tall it can be, what expand, weight limits all these things that you don't worry about in a building or that we have ever had to know before. not to mention standard codes really don't apply so when you normally know that you need 18" from the back of a chair to a wall you know you can make the distance shorter but what is too small? thats the hard part.

Simple Pleasures: Cracking my neck, I don't know how I do it but I can almost always crack my neck, I have several ways of doing it but most of the time if I cock my neck in the right way, it will crack and its a very satisfying thrill


  1. You totally remember that quote about waiting in line. it's from Dennis Lehane. I forget which book!

    Remember when you didn't want to watch Amelie and Chocolat but i insisted because i knew you would love them?

    I'm going looking for Jon Stewart's facial hair now on his website.

  2. oooh, you are so right. He looks bad. Like a wicked magician. I doubt he will keep it very long.

  3. oh, jon stewart. you disappoint me.

    love your song.

  4. oh you know I'm a quote person. Have you ever seen my quote notebook? its this old comp notebook that is all taped up from when oliver has played with it and chewed on the edges when he was a puppy its FULL sometimes, with certain movies (when I can tell its gonna have a lot of quotes) I just sit with my notebook and I write down the quotes but I doodle at the same time so it comes out as a little masterpiece. Benjamin Button had ALOT of good quotes.

    I KNOW! I need to listen to you more often (haha!) but you also like a lot of movies that I hate (like 'into the wild' ughh!) I totally judge movies by the cover and for both of those movies I never saw a trailer for them so i didnt really know what it was about and everyone explained chocolat as "a love story in an old french village" it sounds like a hallmark movie. haha.

    I think Jon's beard is for a specific reason, they have made fun of it every show they even did a whole snippet of "im growing this beard for a role, we are remaking blah blah movie" (i dont remember the movie lol) and then they showed a clip of him in some movie that obviously everyone else recognized because they all laughed but I wasnt really paying attention lol

    your hubby is calling me right now!

  5. Glad you got your 'puter fixed! That has to be a huge PITA.

    I've read the first two Monk books on my flights last week. The Hawaii one was neat (took issue with some of his "pidgin", but what the heck) I enjoyed them like I enjoy the Myron Bolitar series of Harlan Coben's ... I really like first person voice, and I enjoy the character(s). Thanks for the tip!!

    Once your MayerBus project is submitted, will you be putting up on your real website? I'm intrigued!!

  6. yeah now im just in the process of getting everything back on the computer, it took 5 hours just download all my adobe and cad software. now im getting my Ipod/Itunes all setup

    yeah in his germany and france books in the beginning he has aplogized for any errors in language and everything else

    i always like his introductions/authors notes i dont remember if he did them in the earlier books but in the last 3 he has done a 3 page authors note basically thanking anyone who helped out and i always like that he even says which books he sourced for information

    oh most definitley! we are very excited about the MayerBus (i like that lol) we were at the public library (my favorite building jo, the really famous one) for hours today getting research

    our library is amazing its 9 floors -- google "seattle public library" the exterior will amaze you enough, so just imagine that exterior is repeated in an amazing way on the interior (but not as crazy)

  7. About 2/3 of the way into my online album from our vacation you'll find pictures of the Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna.

    Hundertwasser was an artist, not an architect, with a decidedly organic bent. Have you studied his work? All squiggly walls and swoopy floors. He makes Gaudi look Bauhaus!

    The tenants complain that their furniture never sits quite right.

  8. I am making myself the Blog Police/FBI/CIA/Sheriff.

  9. HAHA I JUST CHANGED IT!! excellent timing!