Monday, July 26, 2010

The Big Easy, It Ain't So Easy

pictures: this on the left is my uncle troy and myself my dad said "look like lovers" and this is what came of it haha we were on a balcony in some bar. below from left to right: my dad and i dancing at the blues club, my mom, dad and i eating our first lucky dogs of the night, and then me with my first hurricane at pat obriens on the first night.

The big trip to Naw'lins. one of the best trips I've ever been on! It was so great that so many people ended up coming with, we had about 20 people in our group and about 5 of them flew in from other states (not including us)

everyone kept asking me "is it what you expected?" but I really didn't know what to expect, but it definitley wasnt anything I could have imagined. for one, heres what amazed me though

1. I thoguht it was really just one street, just bourbon street and all the others were just plain in comparison I never would have realized that the entire french quarter was just as crazy all the way through.

2. the girls and the sex, not just pictures of naked girls outside the strip clubs but the girls practically naked standing right outside wearing pasties, that was the one aspect I didn't like.

3. almost everywhere was cash only, which we never do here in seattle because then you'll get robbed (but one of the locals told me its so they fudge the numbers on what they make)

4. walking around the streets with drinks is always unusual, although everyone told me about that one, but i didnt expect that they would have plastic to go cups ready for when you wanted to leave with your drink

5. they start playing music at 9 in the morning and its not just once you walk in the bar you hear the music, you hear a new song and a new band playing every block

6. their are no codes (building wise) in this town. as a designer i kept noticing all that. there are o ventilation fans in the bathrooms, there are no occupancy loads, i even saw a lot of department of health codes, people making food with bare hands and such (not that its a dirty town i think people just arent as paranoid)

7. they hire people to stand outside their bar just to try and get people walking by to come inside

8. the people in new orleans are scared of the rain. haha.

9. everyone was incredibly nice, i woud have thought at some point i would have ran into someone bitchy but I never did. it was amazing.

10. there is obviously no rules in new orleans, even places that post rules no one abdies by like "one drink minimum" "bathrooms for customers only" "no outside drinks" no one ever said anything to us when we didnt follow these rules.


  1. I'm so glad that you had such a great time. New Orleans is on my list of favorite cities in the world.

    Talking about the "rules" -- can you just imagine what it's like during Mardi Gras?!? My first was back in college, and I'll never forget it.

    I like the off-Bourbon parts of the Quarter the most...a friend of mine owns a B&B there.

    I hope that this is just the first of many many trips to come as you explore the wonderfulness in the world.

  2. this is my favorite, lol!

    8. the people in new orleans are scared of the rain. haha.

    welcome back, kylee!

  3. i called Troy about that photo of you and him on the balcony. It totally looks like you're boyfriend/girlfriend. LOL...

    I like how you describe New Orleans. I loved the to go cups. and how the music was just going all the time.

    You should feel very good that so many came out with you to celebrate and connect with your southern roots!