Tuesday, January 13, 2009

simple things that make me smile.

a simple smile would be something that you wouldn't smile about by definition. a joke or laugh or anytime a person expects you to react in a smile doesn't count. try yours out.
1. when a stranger says "Hello" or smiles or asks "How are you doing?"

2. when a stranger holds the elevator door for you, or any door for you for that matter.
3. when someone compliments you, especially on a day you don't feel particularly compliment-able.
4. when someone has been drinking a little bit and calls to tell you how much they love you. It's nice that they thought of you in that state of mind. Plus its always entertaining.
5. getting a fortune from a fortune cookie that actually relates to your life.
6. seeing a really cute dog, showing that you think the dog is cute and then the owner seeming so proud and happy as well.
7. getting a text message from someone you haven't heard from in a while
8. when someone makes a comment about my Obama bag, Obama button, Obama shirt or all the other ways I show my support.
9. seeing someone else's Obama bumpersticker, tshirt, button, bag etc.
10. making someone else smile for a simple thing.


  1. I like that you put up a positive post. Here is what makes me smile:

    1. a baby's laugh.

    2. the same as your #8. I love it when someone connects with me because of Obama.

    3. I love anyone putting their best effort to do their job, be it the Target cashier, the waitress at the local diner, or the bank teller or the EddieBauer person on the line when i am placing an order. People who will go the extra mile make me smile. (Oh fun, that rhymes!)

    4. My husband Brian makes me smile alot. Especially when he is singing in the shower, as he is inclined to do. He doesn't even know i hear him.

    5. YOU make me smile A LOT with what you write in your emails.

    6. The photos above my desk of my great niece Mariana that Brian took when she was about 3 years old make me smile. That's why i put them at work. Kids who are happy make me happy.

  2. just thinking of brian singing in the shower. i can hear the willie nelson now haha.

    kids definitley make me smile, especially when they dress all cute in little outfits with little boots and funky tights and nothing matches at all.

  3. other stuff that makes me smile.

    1. When i open up the dishwasher and see that Brian has unloaded it.

    2. Getting REAL mail in my mailbox.

    3. when i know i don't have to do anything or be anywhere.

    4. that first cup of coffee in the morning.

    5. Hearing a really good song that you love but heard in a long time. Especially if the song reminds you of a good person.

    6. When you see a photograph of yourself and think you look good. It's rare. But what a great feeling.

  4. getting real mail is the best! and the music thing as well; i'm about to write a blog about Ode to Rock & Roll lol

  5. i like your new template for your blog. It suits you better and is more happy!

  6. thanks!! i think so too! for some reason at first i was against a white design but i dont know why; white is so classic. lol