Monday, January 12, 2009

Pet Peeves

1. the cap off the toothpaste; its a waste of toothpaste, it usually gets on other things like makeup brushes or your shirt which then leaves a werid stain all day and its so hard to clean off the counter/sink.

2. girls who wear way to much make-up because it doesn't help them at all and usually girls that wear a ton of make-up don't need it.

3. bad commercials like the lame every-commercial-is-the-same community college commercials. like the "order this fabulous piece of crap because its only ten dollars". and horror movie trailers because they scare me.

4. finding a bug in your bed cause even if you kill it you don't know if there are more and then you can't sleep because you keep thinking of bugs crawling all over you in your sleep

5. when the brita pitcher is empty my old roomate would never fill the brita pitcher and it would annoy the hell out of me; you can fill it up it doesn't take long for it to filter but then it's not very cold water. its so annoying.

6. the toilet paper being out i'm one of those people who refills the TP when i'm sitting on the toilet and just used the last sheet so i don't get why some people can't do it; i guess its a storage thing, its not always feesible to grab new rolls from the toilet but i still know i would get off the toilet, zip up, and restock.

7. when you can hear your zippers in the dryer some people may not understand this because they have laundry rooms or garages for the dryers but apartment living puts you in close contact with the noise of your washer and dryer and it doesnt happen all the time but every once in awhile a zipper just clanks and clanks and clanks usually when your trying to sleep. and my washer and dryer is silent for a stackable.

8. when people can't back up their political opinions don't tell me you don't like Obama or the democratic platform if you can't even tell me why or what they stand for and why your against it.

9. when people think decorators are designers. I'm an interior design student, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, that is a real four year degree that would make me a designer. if your just some bored-at-home-wife and you decorator your husbands office, or even charge people to decorate their homes that does not make you a designer.
--its actually when i tell people "oh i go to the art institute of interior design" and they reply "oh yeah my mom did that after she retired"

10. when people think AiS isn't a real college. for some reason because its "The Art Institute" people think its "not a real college" it must be the whole institute and art school thing, and because we only go to school for 3 years to obtain a bachelors (we go year-round so we knock off a year. its still a 4-year degree.) but people constantly say things like "I was going to go there but i wanted to get a real degree" or "i wanted to go to a real college" although yes, its not some boonie college with dorms and a mess hall; we are a real college and guaranteed a graduate from AiS vs any of these general "universities" is going to win the job position.


  1. Dammit i just lost what i typed. I hate this freaking signing in before typing.

    #5. Everyone seems to do this and it pisses me off too. It happens at my house and it happens at my mother in law's house and i've noticed it at your parent's house too. I thought I was the ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD who filled the Brita. (I do it every single time i pour a glass too.) But apparently, you fill it also. (Surpises me ....actually. lol)

    #6. IMO, this is more of man thing. That's why i never use Brian's bathroom.

    #7. People are supposed to turn their clothes inside out when there is a zipper so that the zipper doesn't rip into clothes. How come people commit so much Laundry Abuse? Where can I report that?

    #8 i run into less and less of these kinds of people because my friends are all smart.

    #9 People just don't know. They would probably have to actually attend the Art Institute to understand the distinction if that is not their interest, so you should get so mad. I'm sure you make similar assumptions about careers. I know some folks do think that secretaries only type, answer phones and greet people. But it's too boring to go into detail about what i really do.You just need to give a break to folks sometimes because how could they really know right out of the shoot until you kindly explain it?

    I watched American Idol. I wrote down only four names. Three people i like. One i absolutely will love to hate. All going to Hollywood. The one i hate actually auditioned in a bikini and if you think of the most conceited narcissitic chick in the world and multiply that by 10, you get a picture of this girl. One dude is blind. But not using it like Trache boy did years ago. One dude works on an oil rig and has the "likeability factor" (per Simon and jojo) and the other, i kind of forget now without looking at what i wrote, but he was also humble. Funny how you can spot the fake ones in 3 seconds. There were also two crybabies. Both dudes. (Didn't get through.) I am going to miss you not watching!

  2. OK i am really pissed now. I signed in. Typed up this WHOLE long ass thing, including my American Idol thoughts (which weren't that long) hit Post and it said it will show up after Approval?

    After Approval. What's up with that? What the F is wrong with your blog? Why is it acting so weird?

  3. testing 1-2-3....i sent you an email about this. I think you broke your blog when you changed the name or did some stuff to it.

  4. hahahahhaha this cracks me up!! i did this so when someone leaves me a comment i'm notified instead of havign to search my blog to see if anyone commented me.

    no worries they are all here!

    they do this on myspace so i guess i'm just used to it. lol

  5. responses to you:

    the AiS thing and school really refers more to people that i've explained this to over and over ie: an old friend that i'm not friends with anymore lol

    the TP thing ashley alwaysssss did she usually leaves a roll just sitting on the counter though which isnt too bad, at least your not without lol

    and the brita; my parents dont have a brita? lol but yes i always fill mine. i actually have a pitcher of water that just sits in my fridge so that theres cold water filtered already (cause say you have to fill it up, it filters in like 2 seconds but its not that cold yet) its pretty smart, eh?