Monday, January 12, 2009

Seattle Living = Reason for Living

And why living in my building is even better.

1.) you can walk everywhere, everything is in walking distance which is convienent and you work out everyday and don't even know it. and if you dont walk you can take the bus almost all of downtown is a free ride zone or just take the monorail! and theres always taxi's if you get desperate.

2.) everything delivers! you dont feel like cooking one night, maybe your sick and you need soup, just order it...groceries, chinese, italian, anything and everything is deliverably some not even at a cost

3.) seattle people keep to themselves, occasionally some of the bums will ask you for money but thats standard of any city, if you dont make eye contact they usually dont bug you.

4.) we keep to ourselves, but we are friendly if your visiting seattle and you get lost ask someone on the stree we'll help. i've happily helped tons of people and I've never seen or heard of someone not helping someone.

5.) we're very hippie, we are good to our environment. if your against that you throw your trash on the street or do insane things with plastic bottles and dont recycle; you may not like us, but we won't like you either lol

6.) its not new york, you dont have to be dressed up everytime you walk out the door. most people in seattle are dressed down anyways, remember we're hippies.

7.) endless amounts of restaurants and boutique stores that you won't find anywhere else. including the market of an endless supply of fresh and nautral foods.

8.) my building has free parking

9.) my building has guest suites for like $80 so you can come visit and have your own place.

10.) we have a free gym and jacuzzi

11.) we have 24 hr. concierge/security with controlled access at every entrance = SAFE

12.) we have a movie theatre

13.) we have a courtyard with a big bbq pit so you can have outdoor parties with your friends.

14.) art is everywhere, its made out of our trashcans, our pipes from old buildings and even our lampost, you cant help but be inspired here.

15.) why would you want to live anywhere else?


  1. RE: #8-#13....You sound like a real estate agent for your building working on her commission. LOLOL....

    NOT everyone is a hippie in Seattle!

    #15, i actually like Portland better. I think i could live in Portland.

    PS what are you doing for Inauguration Day?

  2. haha well those were the reasons I moved here!

    psh i love seattle so much better, i know alot of people who said they like living in seattle better, apparently theres more bums in portland!

    not everyone in seattle is hippie but i sware everyone apperciates them! :)

    i'm not quite sure yet i'm either watching online on CNN, watching downstairs in the theatre or going over to my friends to watch it. i was gonna come back in town but i have class that doesnt get out till 4:30 and i'd be wasting too much time just driving home.