Thursday, January 8, 2009

because i'm still on vacation

1. i like the whole list-blog idea.

2. ice cream; love/hate relationship. i love the fact that its something i cant, wont, and & dont sit around eating the whole tub. butttt, you have to alwayssss climb out of bed and get up and put it back in the freezer, when everyone knows when your in bed eating ice cream your completely comfortable.

3. i'm watching an episode of sex and the city, Carries old high-school boyfriend is in one of those country psych-ward's he admitted himself, he was only going to stay a month and then he says "when i get out in 8-10 months, my doctor thinks i still have a lot of work to do." even in fiction i still think the doctor is ripping you off.

4. psychiatrist, psych in general. i think it really is psych, like sike. I mean if you go sit in a room an hour a day and dig deep to think of all these deep thoughts (that you never think of) of course something is going to come up as crazy, were humans. we make mistakes, we do stupid things anytime you say any of that outloud, especially years later it sounds completely crazy. i think in general, dismissing actual things like depression or OCD or PTSD (etc.) most people don't need pyschiatry. the whole point after mistakes and "hard times" is to get over it, to get on with your life, thats what makes you stronger right? so why dig deep and think about it everyday.

5. i would kill for Sarah Jessica Parker's body. and her hair.

6. i got glitter & spray glue to spice up a beaded wreath i got. i'm now thinking i should glitter & glue everything in my apartment. apart from my bedding and anything upholstered.

7. i want to grow my hair out, but i hate the in-between length so much i always want to cut it.

8. when you can see your kitchen from your bed it makes you want to eat more often.

9. my facebook status says "Kylee is marrying Jon Stewart" two of my "international" friends sent me congratulation messages. they don't get the daily show outside of america. but it did feel good getting congrats for marrying jon stewart. even if it isnt real.

10. i dont get acupuncture. maybe its like a mental thing; faith and hope. theres no way it has something to do with the way you stick a needle in your body to shock your nerves in some way.

11. the end, goodnight and good luck.


  1. 1. Funny about Jon Stewart. It's hard to believe that not everyone in the world doesn't know him already.

    2. I never thought about the view of your kitchen from your bed, but i bet that when you design your own home you will consider that!

    3. I am lucky in that i don't much care for ice cream. I don't like really cold food either now that i think about it. Except for margaritas. They're a good cold food.

    4. Can you call margarita food?

    5. Glitter is forever. No lie.

    6. I think Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse.

  2. 1.) i know i never thought about people not knowing his god-ly prescence

    2.) yes, although i dont think i would even put the bedroom that close to the kitchen but my place is alittle shrunk into one space. lol

    3.) margarita isnt a food.

    4.) i think her face is sometimes not that pretty but she does have pretty eyes; butttt her body and hair (when its curly, not messy curly though) its really cute

    5.) i got andy warhol dishes. :)