Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random thoughts inspired by JoJoCucina

1.) why do you have to be in the mood to watch a movie? why do you have to really pay attention to them?

2.) wireless internet. an intriguing thought. everyone has it, tons of businesses have it but everyone blocks it so only they can use it. why doesnt the entire city just pay for wireless and then we dont have this problem? cause the funny thing is, i wouldnt mind lending my internet to my neighboors, but the reason I encrypt mine is because they encrypted theres and its a vicious circle, no?

3.) why do new rugs curl at the side (from being rolled up.) seems to me if i was selling rugs i wouldnt roll them for this very reason, but then again then you'd have to fold it and then you'd have a lifelong crease so maybe afterall they are on to something.

4.) why is it so entertaing to make lists? i make lists for everything including this blog. i currently have 3 lists going in my life 1- my to do list 2- things i need to buy that are a somewhat neccesity like coathangers & foil and 3- things i would like to buy because i think they would look nice in my new apartment; like a storage bench or a fake plant (because i'd surely kill a real one.)

5.) guys we want to meet, dont really exsist and guys we do meet turn out to be werid, geeky, creepy and apparently delusional to the point you have to make up a boyfriend.

6.) why do people think that making up a boyfriend to get rid of a creepy guy is a bad thing? i cant exactly just say "i'm not interested" when he hasn't brought it up. thats just rude. my lying is supporting his feelings, i truly believe in this.

7.) why do i find that lying helps more than telling the truth? its why lie's were invented. i truly believe this.

8.) i've mentioned what i believe in twice so now i feel like i have to mention Barack Obama. just his name will do, his name says the rest.

9.) but now that i've thought of him i've very peeved that people believe he is going to be assassinated, of course its a dreadful fear and attempts are out there but i have faith in our secret service, i believe our security is strong enough and i'd like to think..that i dont think of the worst. c'mon people.

10.) i've had a movie on for 10 minutes now and i have no idea what is going on. i should just turn it off and have friends. this might be the beginning of the crutch of not having cable. although as i'm writing this, i'm offline, i dont have internet yet and i feel that i would be compelled to watch jon stewart online, or house, or netflix movies online so i think i'm safe.

11.) I am upset that i cant watch CNN everyday though, maybe they can write their own newspaper and i'd pay for that.

12.) I think Anderson Cooper's real name is Cooper Anderson, or maybe a different first name but i bet his real last name is Anderson and I think he's married to the other CNN reporter...something Anderson I can't remember her name but shes pretty, in his age range and her last name is Cooper.

13.) I don't know when this list is going end.

14.) theres a globe in the distance outside of my window, like a neon sign globe to like planet hollywood but i dont think it is planet hollywood, i should walk one day and find out what it is.

15.) for those who don't know i've just moved to a fabulous studio in downtown seattle, belltown, waterfront. i have a view of the needle, the SAM sculpture park and the water. its a studio but its fabulous and i'm in love with it. we have a movie theatre in the building.

16.) i miss my dog. today i packed up some more stuff to come back to my apartment (leaving my parents house where my dog, snickers, resides.) i opened the door to the garage and she hung out in the garage sniffing away starring at me with puppy dog eyes, i never thought that expression was real, but it is. she knew, i could tell. she eventually jumped in the front seat, which i hoped she wouldnt do. but she did. as i went to get her (shes a small shih tzu dog, only 20 lbs.) she jumped in the passenger seat as i went to the passenger seat to get her, she jumped in the drivers seat. it was so cute, i wanted to cry. i thought about brining her for a day but i know she'd need to piddle and i wouldnt mind her doing it on my patio, its small and would be easy to clean but i know she would bark and such & i dont want to pay the puppy deposit.

17.) i think i'm done. good day mate.


  1. You are so verbose, are you sure you're not my twin sister instead of just being my niece? LOL.... Girl, you certainly now how to make a list.

    i LOVE your blog. Brian says he wants to take a better photo of you. It can still be kind of obscure (like mine too) cause i like that idea, but you look like a FLY!

    I don't like your #7.

  2. Hey i don't like my name showing up in the weird purple lettering. Is that something YOU need to change. You can't read it. Blogs need to be easy on the eyes......

  3. haha well thats just cause it sounds bad. but its true. lying helps more than telling the truth more times than not. telling soemone their new haircut looks good when they're upset about it being bad. there new car that they spent an obscene amount of money on that they're really excited about... sometimes you just keep things to yourself.

    to much honest is sometimes mean.

    and yes, i need edit the color. and i will. i do want a cool picture like yours! i wanted one that wasnt just like me thats why i like that one lol