Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Honest Love Letter.

Sometimes I’m neurotic,
Sometimes I’m naïve,
I’m almost always stubborn
I’m judgmental
I hold grudges
I’m argumentative
But I'm usually thoughtful
I’m analytical
And most of the time I’m creative
I’m inspired by life.
I get mad when the cap is off the toothpaste
And I get annoyed when the Brita pitcher is empty
I fall for guys quickly
But it never lasts, so don’t worry
I take risks because I want to live
I control my life and no one else
I control my life and nothing else
I enjoy politics
I think silver hair is sexy
It’s why I have a thing for Jon Stewart and Anderson cooper
I think religion is great
I’m envious of people who have faith
I want to travel…to everywhere.
Someday I want to wake up and think “I’ve done everything I ever wanted in life”
I hope this day is when I’m 101
I’m not scared of death
I don’t worry about “a plan”
I’m never satisfied with my hair
I expect a lot out of people
I don’t spend energy on hate
That’s just a waste of time
But I do spend energy on love
Because that’s always completely worth it
I truly do want world peace
But I’m far from being Miss America
I believe in karma
I believe in hope
I believe in dreams
I like music
I love movies
I like surprises
I surprise myself often
And maybe one day, ill have the chance of surprising you.