Monday, February 9, 2009

future equals progress, and the past is the past.

this was a post i had saved in my drafts, no clue why i never posted it (it had a great title and was perfectly edited, well to Kylee standards) so anyways i'm posting it now, i'm quite proud of it actually.

why is it such an unusual thought to think that the future is what holds the brighter days? I think a lot of people like to hold on to the past and recall glory days and trips down memory lane because your past is the past, it will not change no matter what on earth could ever possibly happen. your past is like a movie you've seen over and over again, you know the story, you know what essentially happens but sometimes you like to re-watch, re-live those moments for fun and pleasure, you can skip around and forget about the bad scenes and no matter how long ago it was you last saw your movie, there are no surprises, you know whats going to happen and you don't have to be scared and on the edge of your seat.

but isn't that why we watch new movies? don't you love watching a movie that you don't know whats going to happen, i love sitting on the edge of my seat being so involved with the movie I laugh and cry and get angry. That's what life is about, sometimes we get unexpected, unfair curveballs but its what makes us who we are. in every movie there is a climax sometimes its good, bad, and ugly but its what makes the movies great and its what makes life, life.

now this is particularly contemplative over a personal situation that recently happened but i also think about it when it comes to silly things like technology. the older generation of vinyl records, although most embrace and love our ipods from the "wiki" generation (referring to wikipedia, i didnt create the term apparently its a real one) constantly make comments about "i miss those days" "it used to be so simple." but i have to look at them and think, WHY?

what is it about the "vinyl" generation that they think is so great? well when it comes to technology because i think i would love to be a "vinyl" generation when rock and roll was still alive, but you think about it. think of everything we can do now, i litterally just started to explain the whole process of DVDs, from the moment the camera hits the actors to when we see it on this plastic round flat thing, and it just sounds so amazing, it sounds ridiculous, so i had to delete it to prove my point.

the "vinyl" generation had their own invention independence and they were ecstatic and amazed when man landed on the moon, when the vinyl record became a cassette, and now we can do everything on a computer that has its memory, everything i'm writing right now, on a piece of plastic and metal. we are amazing people, we are an amazing world and we are only ever going to get better and better.

when i think of all the time the computer saves me, the convience of the internet, (which is my personal belief a small reason why are there a few more educated people walking among us,) the fact that i can email my cousin in scotland in a matter of second for free and i can reconnect and build relationships and friendships with people that moved away or people that i just met at a party. the fact that i can leave my house and not worry about missing a call or swipe a piece of plastic that holds all my information of the money i have in my bank account, its just amazing.


  1. Kylee, awesome post and i don't know why you didn't post it earlier either. Course you know i'm not one to live in the past. I do not like nostalgia, even as i do like listening to my vinyl records on the patio in the summertime, but thank god that is not the only way we have to listen to music. And even though i do not own a cell phone, I have no idea how i lived without my:
    1. iPod
    2. email
    3. Google
    4. netflix

    so yeah, i don't get folks who think they miss those days. I can't wait for what else comes out that i don't even know i can't live without.

  2. did you coin "vinyl generation". I like it.

  3. i did coin "vinyl generation" but i ripped it off of "wiki generation" i dont like wiki generation cause i dont know wikipedia isnt use by a certain age group nor was it created by a specific age group but somehow it represents my age group? haha

    yeah i dont know why i never posted it, maybe i had just posted a post and i was saving it for a week and forgot to post it. haha.

    i dont know how i would ever live without most things in life. life is life and it can only get better.