Friday, February 13, 2009

things that make me feel good.

things that make me feel like i'm a better person.

1. working out, you never really want to work-out, sometimes your on a kick and you're really pumped up about it and then you feel rewarded just for being pumped up about it so thats a reward in its own. but when you desperatley don't want to work out, when it would be easier to just lay in bed and do harmless stuff all day, and you work out anyways. thats greatness.

2. making a stranger happy. holding the door or complimenting someone and you can just see that maybe they had a horrible day and you just cheered them up, its so worth it.

3. being involved in the Obama campaign, I dont really need to explain why.

4. donating to charity, donating to anything! i dont need to explain this one either.

5. paying my bills online, it sounds werid but it feels so good to go "eco" (ecobills) and pay everything online and save the paper.

6. recycling as much as I do. my friends actually make fun of me because i recycle EVERYTHING, i wash my yogurt cups and my recycle bin is always 10x more full than my garbage. i will go through and seperate peoples food trash (like from McDonalds or something, and seperate whats been "contaminated" from what i can recycle) people may think its crazy but to be honest, you deffinitley don't feel bad about doing it!

7. making my grandmothers week. i was in town for a short while a couple weeks ago, i was by my grandmothers house so i stopped by with my friend. it took like 10 minutes out of my day, and it made her whole week she was telling everyone about it. it was nothing for me and everything to her. (well not nothing for me, i enjoy seeing her, but you know what I mean.)

8. choosing the redcross over selfish greed. i take these online surveys that you get points for and your points equal up to money, its not alot but i figure if i'm bored i'll do them, they are research studies so it's helping these companies out and someday i can cash in (right now its only like $14 but that can grow quickly.) but sometimes you don't qualify for the survey, (not the target group or whatever) and they do this whole "thanks for taking this survey!" and you have the option of entering for a sweepstakes of money, spin this electronic wheel for an "instant win", or donate 10 cents to the red cross. EVERY time i get this, i donate to the red cross, sure its only 10 cents but i could have easily tried for one of the more selfish prizes anddd the money they've rasied for the redcross is over 10 thousand now, thats alot of 10 cents!

9. taking people's recipets. now this one i have to explain, but i'm sure you'll agree with me. i find people's receipts all the time, sometimes left over on tables at restaurants or next to the trash can because they missed, and i take them "steal them" and i shred them. thats how people can get their identity stole or chagres on their credit card, now most of the time it doesnt really matter because the credit card isnt shown but still, i take it so that someone else doesnt.

10. this one is a little different. i don't squash people's passions. i think passion is a very important thing to have, and even if i don't agree with your passion, i'm going to respect you and admire you so much just for having it. even if your republican, i will respect you if you have knowledge and passion for what you believe in and what you stand for. (the problem i find with most republicans i meet, and im definitley generalizing because i dont meet a lot of republicans because i live in seattle lol) buttt many republicans that i've met don't have a large amount of knowledge and they have a huge lack of passion. the republicans i know, if they do have the knowledge they arent ridiculously passionate and if they are ridiculously passionate they usually dont know what they are talking about. again, this is republicans i've personally met. so i would respect you if you had the knowledge and the passion :)


  1. Things that make me feel good.

    1. When you comment on my blog. I LOVED your post today and showed it to Brian. He cracked up about the Booboo post its remark!

    2. When people find out the truth about something or someone after i tried to tell them earlier and they didn't believe me.

    3. I don't agree with your Squashing passions. I am more like Simon in that truly if someone is delusional enough to think they could make a career out of singing but they sing like they are underwater, then someone has to be honest. Because otherwise they will end up homeless.

    4. on your #9 i thought you were talking about RECIPES... LOLOLOLOL.....

    5. BTW, which Grandmother were you talking about?

    6. i love that you donate to charity. I would imagine if you took a survey of the number of adults your age - the children of BabyBoomers, only 2% donate to charity or even think about it.
    So yeah, that makes me feel good.

    7. My mother in law just sent me the most amazing obituary for my obituary scrapbook. I love that she thought of me. Next time you come over i have to show it to you. It's hysterically funny because the woman wrote it herself (you can tell) and it takes up about the same amout of room of four obituaries. She even mentions her C-section deliveries and 100 marriage proposals. Remind me to show it to you. It's classic.

    8. I am happy when i am organized.

    9. Cooking with my husband on Fridays after work and playing music and drinking wine makes me very happy.

    ok that's all i got for now.

  2. haha #2 is very classic. you've been waiting for that for a longgg time now.

    well on the squashing passions, its more like accepting and admiring that someone can have a passion so deep. a passion is different than a dream, a passion is usually lifelong and more than an "affair" andddd its not about telling people things straight up, those people on american idol; its nice to know that someone can have the ability to care for something that much.

    my nannie, pat, we stopped by a little after we stopped by and saw you