Monday, February 16, 2009

questional rantings of an insomniac

1. why can't i sleep?

2. why is there no light in the freezer? we need to see things in the freezer just as well as what's in the fridge, and to be honest, with all the ice, we need more light in the freezer than in the fridge.

3. my skin is very soft right now, but i keep touching it and carressing my face so i'm sure by the time i wake up, that is if i ever go sleep, that it will be gross and oily.

4. i had a werid obsession; well actually i have a lot of them. but the one i'm thinking of right now is that i never pull my blinds down, never never, i yelled at someone for going to close them once. why would you ever close the blinds when you have such a great view outside? plus it makes my apartment feel so small when you close off the outside world.

5. i would like to live in this building forever, change apartments sure, but i'd like to stay in this location forever.

6. i would never want to live in a house, really i wouldnt. i always feel safe in my apartment i used to get so scared in my parents house, even if we set the alarm. here, its just so safe and controlled access.

7. plus if anything goes wrong in the apartment; ie: closet doors coming off their hinges, my dishwasher breaks, i just call the mainteance staff and they come fix it. and they replace my lightbulbs!

8. lisa kudrow is actually a really great actress, she is fabulous at voices on Friends, when she imitates Estelle Leonard, its like wow! i'm sure only 5% of you know what i'm talking about right now.

9. i wish i had an awesome super brillant smile, but even if i whitened through the pain and everything i have unusually small teeth.

10. my windows are very dirty, i need to clean them.

11. i spill alot. alot alot. i never realized this about myself until i llived alone.

12. i need a bed, my futon is just a huge hole and is soo uncomfortable. plus i have a lot of negative space in my apartment, i need a bed with a headboard that way i can angle it across from my TV and use my futon as a couch; again only 5% of you will know what i'm talking about.

13. you know what my dream is? to design my own condo, like people designing their own houses but i dont want to live in a house, plus i love living downtown.

14. i dont like wood, well i like it as a material but i dont generally like it untreated and unpainted unless its very light, like a birch or a really dark like a mahoganay or stained. its too woodys and country for me

15. i miss my dog, sometimes when i wake up i still forget that shes not in bed with me, i think im going to kidnap her soon. i'd have more time for her than my parents would anyways

16. i live living alone, i've decided that i'll never get a roomate or live with someone again until the point of serious relationship for prospective husbands. i like being able to be messy and if i forget my towel before i take a shower, i dont have to be werid about walking out of the bathroom, i like to sleep in my underwear and if i dont feel like doing the dishes, i'm not gonna do em! but its more importantly about the fact that the brita pitcher is always filled, the cap is always on the toothpaste, there are always enough spoons and i know when i'm low on an ingredient, instead of finding out when its gone.

17. i do think that co-habitation should always happen before marriage (living together first) you never know someone until you live with them, and you need to be at the utter comfortabilty with your spouse that you can do everything you want to do, who wants to come home after the honeymoon, move in and have to censor yourself with everything you do?

18. i always think that sex before a marriage is a must, i understand the whole waiting for the special night thing, it would be pretty cool to be able to do that. BUT, and i know its stupid to pull stuff out of TV but on Sex and the City when Charlotte and Trey don't sleep together until after the wedding, find out they have problems in the bedroom and Trey can't get it up nor does he want to solve the problem, sex isnt everything but you cant have a sexless marriage unless your okay with aduletry.

19. i'm also a supporter of divorce. i dont know why its such a taboo in our culture, why should someone stay in a relationship and be unhappy? its not so much that im a supporter of divorce as i am a supporter of happiness. some people arent fortunate enough to have wonderful marriages for years after years, people change and theres nothing wrong with changing husbands.

20. i need a massage, the hole in my bed has killed me.


  1. 1. You need a better bed. In the end you'll save the money on the massage. A really good mattress will cost you - i think ours was over $1000 but it is worth it because i spend 2/3 of my life in it.... I'm counting my whole summers and weekends where i just lay around watching 9,000 episodes of West Wing and Grey's Anatomy seasons.

    2. I can't believe you didn't mention your Aunt Jo when talking about divorce. NOBODY should ever be embarrassed about getting a divorce. You know why? It's problem solving.

    3. I cannot imagine waiting to have sex before getting married. But i still think one should wait until they are at least in very DEEP LIKE. They may not have to be in LOVE, but deep like is a requisite. FOR GOD'S SAKE, NO ONE NIGHT STANDS!

    4. I agree about co-habitation, but after reading what you are writing about yourself, your husband is likely to be a slob too and that means it will drive me crazy to come over to your house for dinner. (You know i love a clean house.)

    5. I agree about the house thing too. I love living in a condo. I have so much more free time than when i owned homes and it's easy to clean. (That's why i can watch 9,000 episodes of West Wing seasons.)

    6. I don't usually close my curtains either. Brian always does because he keeps thinking someone might be a voyouer outside looking in. (I think i spelled voyouer wrong. Can you look it up and let me know how it's spelled?)

    7. Why don't they have spellcheck on these freaking blogs anyway?

    8. My skin is still breaking out like i am 14 years old and it makes me SO damn mad. (Plus my pores are the size of marbles.)I have not had clear skin since i was 10. That is 41 years of BAD SKIN. I hate it.

    9. i TOTALL AGREE WITH THE FREEZER LIGHT. I think you should invent it and with all the money you make from your little Easy Freezer Bulb you can buy a better mattress.

    10. you're not missing much on American Idol. I don't like the new format and there is still no one i am LOVING all that much. one guy who looks sorta like Robert Downy Jr. is good. And i like the funny "Norman Gentle" guy that we talked about earlier. But that's it so far for me. No Bo Bice, no Constantine, No Chris Daughtry, no Blake Lewis.

    11. It has occurred to me that i might be an Idol Sexist. I don't believe i have ever wanted a woman to win the show.

    OK. that's all for me today.

  2. You have to admit, that "Easy Freezer Bulb" has a nice ring to it. Maybe you could the E-Trade Baby to advertise it for you after you sell it to General Electric.

  3. BTW, i think you need to take the VOTE picture off your blog. It's sort of like having a Christmas wreath on your front door in February. Doncha think?

  4. i totally disagree with the "vote" sign, we vote year-round, c'mon be political! :)

    well i'm not getting a $1000 mattress, where the heck do you think i have the money for this?! lol

    well whats easy about the freezer bulb? lol

    i dont mention names in my blog usually, look through sometimes i hint towards you but i'll never use your name. its just my personal blog etique, i spelled that wrong.

    my view doesnt really require blind closing and i figure if someone is desperate enough to get bincolulars and see my bra for 5 seconds they deserve it, i dont change naked in front of the window but i'll change a shirt or pants really quick lol