Monday, January 5, 2009

President Barack Obama

original post date: November 8, 2008

Hope, Change, Inspiration, Ambition, Confidence.

I'm not going to get "politically correct" no pun intended on saying "President Elect Barack Obama" because he is already the man we all look too, he is already the man we all aspire to be and the man that inspires us.

It is far from a secret about my feelings for Barack Obama, anyone who knows me and even people who don't know me...know that I'm one of the biggest supporters of Barack Obama. I have tons of magazines and newspaper articles featuring the man i'm inspired by, including his high school bulletin from Punahou, I have read Dreams from my Father and Audacity of Hope and I have watched his speeches, read words he's spoke and watched videos on what he instills into people.
I just want to say something to those few Americans out there that don't entirely support our new President, still have doubts about what he is capable of doing.

this whole campaign tons and thousands of people woke up and fought for things that they believed in, and the one main similarity between all those people is that they all believed in at least one same thing...Barack Obama. They may not have agreed on healthcare or gay rights or what we plan to do with our economy and environment...but they all believed in Barack Obama.
He may not be able to do all the things he wants to accomplish, he may be beaten down by the corrupt system of our American politics but it doesn't matter because the most important thing is that he is inspiring the American people again, people are opening their eyes and people are believing again in their country, in their rights, in their future.

all these people that believe in the ridiculous allegations about Obama, that he is a member of the Mafia, that he is not a united states citizen, that he is a terrorist... I don't even have a comment for people like you other than the fact that you shouldn't vote, because you're clearly uneducated. I don't take what you say as intelligence and I don't take what you say as offense, all until the part when you shout out "kill him" at a McCain rally, I just think of you as petty.
it really doesn't matter if you believe anything he says, or agree with a single thing on his platform, what matters is that the American people have hope again, and at a time when we need it most. When people are loosing their jobs, so ridiculously that we have never been this low since 1942 and the month of October was the worst month in this entire year. People lost their retirements and their college funds for their children, people can't pay for medication they need and others can't go to college for an education they deserve, the first thing American people need is not money, it's not a new bill or a new law or even a new president, a new politician. The first thing the American people hope. And that's the first thing President Barack Obama brings to us.

This is my America, your America, and our America. –
"I think the thing that inspires me most about Barack Obama that he really is going to be the President of the United States, He's not going to be the president of the top 10% or the president of the most powerful corporations or the president of the most powerful lobbyist he's going to be our president, he's going to speak for us cause we put him there."

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