Sunday, October 11, 2009

I wish i was...

I wish i was...

1. a coffee drinker, they seem to have the funnest time at coffee shops, they really get gratification out of coffee, its sincere when they say "lets grab a cup of coffee..." coffee dates are real to them.

2. a runner, "those" people cough cough jojo cough cough again get so much graitfication out of running, they stay in great shape and the idea always seems like fun

3. someone who worked in greenpeace or the peace corps - i don't have the oppurtunity to do such things, my life is taking me elsewhere but i have a few friends doing it and it just seems so awesome to get to travel the world and make a difference while doing it, ah heaven.

4. someone who was in a real protest like the WTO riots, i would have loved to be there, as scary as it was.

5. someone who bought bread and pastries from the local bakery on a weekly basis. everytime i go into Macrina i think about this, and i do love speciality breads and pastries but i just never see myself really doing it. its probably the poor college kid thing.

6. someone who made real meals. i honestly dont eat meals i eat random meals that are really just larger snacks, even though i can cook.

7. a biker. i want to be a biker SO bad, haha, but i could never be a biker in seattle its so intense and there are so many hills. the bikers are savages.

8. someone who liked tea, tea always sounds so nice and relaxing but i honestly and literally gag when i drink tea. it cannot touch my throat. sad news.

9. someone who could throw together a cute outfit in 5 seconds. but no, it takes me hours to get a cute outfit, otherwise i just look like a bum, which is normally what my look is. haha.

10. 21. now the reason is for drinking, but not in a "i want to buy booze and get faded all the time" I get so upset when i get asked out for drinks and I can't go; work-related things where i can get to know the bosses and maybe progress my future at the company. but no, i have to admit that i'm too young and I can't haha


  1. i wish : ( i am assuming these are superficial and shallow wishes, and not like "World Peace" or "I wish Kylee didn't have lupus" kind of wishes, right?

    1. i had longer legs. I would like to have a 20 inseam instead of a 28. I hate buying jeans and never being able to wear them for two weeks at least because i have to go home and wash them two or three times and take them back for alterations and wait for them to be returned.

    2. I wish i could play guitar.

    3. I wish i didn't wear a size 6 wide shoe width. I can NEVER find good shoes because of my square feet.

    4. I wish i had more square footage. Our little condo is cute and stylish and i like it but it's only 1000 square feet.

    5. I wish i paid more attention to my history classes.

    6. I wish had better retention. I forget everything i read. I could be almost the smartest person in the room if only i could retain what i read! LOL.

    7. I wish i wasn't afraid to fly.

    8. i wish i was a laid back kind of personality.

    9. I also wish i wasn't semi OCD. I don't want to be a slob like my mom, but i wish i could be comfortable with crooked levelor blinds.

  2. OOPS. i meant in #1 that i want a THIRTY inch inseam.

    Also, i cannot believe you don't drink tea. You are British!!!! You are SUPPOSED to drink hot tea. I love having hot tea in restaurants this time of year.

  3. well obviously they are superfical how boring would it be if i was serious lol

    i wish i had nice long legs too - although you do have nice legs i have chunky legs haha

    ohhh i wish i could play guitar!! i love the guitar i'll settle for a boyfriend who can play lol

    your condo would be so cute with a little spiral staircase or a little loft!! too bad you cant build a unit right above you.

    ohh i am so not british though, i have a spicy palette and i like dad's cooking, i dont like pickeled onions or mince pies the only english thing i like is yorkshire pudding lol

  4. Oh, MH...Branscom pickle is the. best. Esp with a good plate of cheese and fresh bread. Some pubs call it the plowman's share lunch.

    I wish that jo would fly to Hawaii.

    I wish that I would play guitar. I can, and I have a lovely 12-string. I just never do.

    I wish that I could play piano. Lessons in first grade and there's a perfectly decent spinet in the dining room. I just haven't.

    I wish that I was more interested in exercise. It's just so boring.

    I wish that I could convince my best buddy that dying from an undiagosed/untreated colon cancer because you are too embarassed to let a doctor look up your bum is WAY worse than the embarassment itself. No one ever died from embarassment. Srsly.

    I wish that they hadn't put so much lemon juice in my tabbouleh today. Putting a pucker on my lunch.

    I wish that I could have MH over for a weekend...I'd have her drinking Kona coffee and swilling down chai like nobody's business!! We have the GOOD stuff over here...

    I wish I could find a sympathetic yoga instructor. My old bod is so stove up and I just know that with a little patience and training I could shape it back up.

    I wish I hadn't started this during my lunch.

    Back to work...

  5. OOh, i love this escape to The Superficial. I have so many more to add.

    1. pearl, i wish i wasn't so OCD that i wish you would NUMBER your wishes. See, i got it bad. for one thing if i want to refer to one of your issues, i could just say #3 or #4, which is so much more efficient, don't ya think? :)

    And so i could say i take issue with #2, because you are saying you CAN play guitar and you also have a 12 string and still DON'T play?

    Ok, i have new ones.

    1. I think i am wishing for a Mac computer. I have probably sent 4,856 SEND ERROR messages to Bill Gates from my computer by now. So when i got the email advertisement for the new iMac i told Brian, 'dammit, let's get a Mac, let's just do it. i HATE this HP computer." He laughed and said, "You'll hate it." I said "no way will i hate it more than this PC." He replied, "Oh, you'll hate it because you hate new things." (The man knows me well.) But i think i can learn to like a Mac. I would only be worried if it would mess up my blog.

    2. pearl, this isn't a wish, but a response and i have to number even those....Anyway i cannot believe that your friend has a problem with a colonoscopy. I had my own trepidation but the truth is it is far easier than getting a pap smear or any kind of real dental work. is this a guy buddy? I dont' know why, but i'm thinking yes.

    3. I wish, did i already wish for this? ...cause i wish for it all the time. .... I wish i had poreless skin. My pores are the size of sinkholes and the minute i put on foundation it sinks right into their depths as if i never had it on in the first place.

    4. I wish i could play the harmonica too.

    5. I wish i didn't bite my fingernails.

    6. I wish wine was a vitamin.

    7. I wish exercise was bad for you and that sleeping made you more fit.

    8. I wish watching the HG channel every Saturday morning for two or three hours made you smarter about all things in life.

    9. I wish that Progressive Insurance lady got killed by one of the Geico Caveman. And then The Geico Caveman got put in solitary and was never seen again.

    10. I wish Brittany Spears, Tori Spelling, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Hot Air Balloon Family were all put in solitary too. Only i want them in solitary TOGETHER.... LOLOL.

    11. I wish french fries were a vitamin.

    12. I forget to tell you this Kylee/MH from our past email, but i just now remembered it. Do NOT watch American Psycho. I think it's too creepy for you. I watched it and i read the book. I don't think you'll like it all all. Trust me on this.

    13. I wish I was i was better at geography. I memorized my way through it in school to get good grades.

    14. I wish that bacon was a vitamin.

    15. i wish that watching TV was the way the lose weight and that running was harmful to your health.

  6. i will fly to hawaii anytime - if i had the money! i actually looked into it when i wanted to go on a quick vaca until i realized im a poor college student haha

    i wish i could play guitar but im to impatient and stubborn to learn, same goes with all instruments and most lanagues although i think i would be down for some language learning with rosetta stone, i looked into buying it until i realized its ridiculously exspensive!

    well i dont like coffee, i dont like espresso even after working in coffee shops but i do love chai tea : ) but i could be down for some coffee if it got me to hawaii, although i have tried Kona cause my aunt's family all lives in hawaii and she visits at least twice a year

    haha great response jojo!! i had a dream that i got a mac and i was sooo happy. i love macs to no end - they are amazing, im thinking one day i will buy a mac desktop and i can do all my work on there; because i really need a big screen to do all my design work and it would be perfect -- if you feel the need to buy two macs though i would gladly take one :) you will eventually love the mac but yes you will very much indeed hate it at first, the most common simple things are different on a mac - for the better, but you dont get the aspect until you get "it" it would not in anyway mess up your blog though.

    i wish i had poreless skin too - pores are what give you bad skin/pimples anyways although i really dont have a problem with acne in anyway but i do feel like i have large pores and i hate it

    my friend ben plays the harmonica - he's awesome at it. its veryyyy cool.

    yano whats cool Jo, watching the HG channel does actually benefit me and makes me smarter : ) although - and i kind of like it - the more and more i watch HG the more im not learning because i already know it from school : )

    i love the progressive lady! but the caveman is getting old haha

    can i add "brangelina" to that list, although i do like brad pitt and semi-like angelina jolie - i hate all the hype around them but in general i hate anything tabloid but whats so funny - im annoyed by living famous people lives and hate tabloids but i love novels/biographies on famous dead people haha

    ooohhh okay maybe ill just send it back then : ( thank you, although im bummed i always wanted to see it for josh. which reminds me, i got a picture from bridget of josh - its a very cool picture he looks just like dad in it remind me to send it to you.

    i wish bacon was the freaking cure to cancer, well i guess the cure to lupus would be more apprproiate for me : )

  7. ya gone and done it. My evil twin skippy'll just keep not numbering my lists just ta mess wich ya.

    And my colonoscopy(less) buddy is a woman. A 65 year old WOMAN who has never had a colonoscopy!! I KNOW!!

    I'm making it a mission. I'm due for one this year and I'm going to do everything in my power (which is nothing, but I can dream, right?) to make sure she gets one too.

    I wish my nieces would exhibit the slightest interest in coming to Hawaii. I'd send them the tickets. I've totally given up on my stepkids.

  8. your nieces dont want to come?? have they never been to Hawaii to experience the wonderfulness it is. what island are you on anyways?

    why doesnt your friend want to get a colonoscopy? maybe you should get her some hard evidence/research? she knows shes put to sleep for it right?!

  9. 1. hehehe... pearl, i should have known i was setting myself up! And now you have Kylee NOT numbering! LOL.

    I thought for sure your friend was a man. Did you see the Office episode where Steve Carrell asks the gay guy for advice because he is getting a colonoscopy. OH, that show makes me cringe sometimes for Michael's political incorrectness.

  10. I can't watch that show for more than 5 minutes. As much as I have adored Carrell's movies (especially "Dan in Real Life") the whole Office mystique is a mystery to me.

  11. dan in real life is great. i loved it.

    i love the office though, but i think its because my office is exactly like "the" office. my boss is totally like michael - except my boss isnt offensive and he's actually very smart. haha but we totally have a jim (sorry jo he has a "thing" with my coworker erin) erin is totally pam (which is what makes it funnier) we totally have a crazy kelly (the indian girl) we have a dwight, i dont really have a character :( haha me and erin joke that we can share pam but im not really like pam at all. haha.

    haha i never saw the episode when michael asks oscar about the coloscopy thats sooo funny!! oh michael. i did just watch the wedding, i loved it.

    i loved when pam ripped her veil and jim cut his tie in half to make her feel better haha

    and i actually loved when everyone danced down the isle - i dont think i would have ever liked that song until i saw it, it was so happy haha