Saturday, October 3, 2009

100 things I would rather be doing

I am at work right now, and it is SO dead, I am so bored but I'm not allowed to do anything (read, use my Ipod, I'm not even supposed to net-surf but of course I do.) so here I go. 100 things I would rather be doing than sitting at our sales desk.

1. laying in bed doing nothing
2. playing with my dog
3. walking my dog
4. running
5. lifting weights
6. laying in a sauna
7. working out
8. sitting in a lecture class
9. kayaking
10. driving somewhere far
11. standing outside in the cold rain
12. vommitting, at least my mind would be preoccupied.
13. tryign to read German Philosophy
14. drafting a floor plan by hand
15. intense algebra
16. geometry
17. trigonometry
18. trying to learn french
19. trying to learn spanish
20. trying to learn italian
21. trying to learn arabic
22. having a baby
23. arguing politics
24. reading a book about George Bush
25. listening to George Bush try and sound intelligent
26. trying to cut wood - i was never good at it
27. eating raw chicken
28. getting a cavity filled
29. drinking coffee - i hate coffee
30. answer phones in the office
31. cleaning up horse shit
32. waiting in line at the airport
33. having a physical exam
34. getting a bone marrow biopsy
35. cleaning my apartment
36. brushing my teeth
37. riding a horse - i hate horses
38. wearing a poncho
39. getting electricuted
40. doing yard work
41. trying to start a fire with no lighter/matches
42. sitting in Bob Trotters class
43. sitting in the same room as Sarah Palin
44. sitting in the same room as Paris Hilton
45. be listening to Celine Dion
46. telling a dumb tourist how to cross the street
47. arguing with a passenger about a refund
48. at a republican convention
49. hunting Osama
50. at a funeral
51. stuck in an elevator - actually this is a dream of mine
52. in an anatomy class learning about organs
53. cleaning toilets
54. talking with ghetto ebonics people - they drive me crazy
55. sleeping
56. mowing the white house lawn
57. watching a horrible movie
58. watching full house
59. watching CSI
60. watching FOX news
61. going on a tour of seattle
62. in a McDonalds playpen
63. in a pigpen full of pig poop
64. covered in bird poop
65. swimming in the dirty cold freezing ocean
66. be playing with an umbrella
67. cleaning the windows of the columbia tower
68. cleaning all the cars in my garage
69. pan handling on the street
70. shaving my legs
71. listening to barry manilow
72. watching barry manilow live
73. watching neil diamond live
74. watching a spike lee movie
75. listening to gangsters
76. be reading Hilary Clintons biography
77. be reading Bill Clintons biography
78. be reading John McCains Biography
79. be reading the dictionary
80. sorting trash
81. picking up dog poo
82. stepping in dog poo
83. playing frisbee - i hate frisbee
84. working in a restaurant
85. playing badmittion
86. playing soccer
87. playing hockey
88. watching soccer
89. watching hockey
90. watching football
91. playing football
92. blowing up balloons
93. making water balloons - i cant tie them
94. playing dodgeball
95. trying to change my tires on my car
96. change all the lightbulbs in this hotel
97. be teaching middle schoolers - anything
98. be in the middle of somewhere where kids are screaming
99. laundry
100. putting away clothes
101. putting away dishes


  1. i thought you WERE allowed to netsurf!!!! You have been illegally blogging all this time?

    OK, i don't think i can come up with 100 things. But i'll try and come up with 20. Obviously you are super bored by your choices. I'm going to choose real things:

    1. Having a glass of chardonnay instead of Gatorade.

    2. NOT going to mom and dad's tomorrow for their usual caveman BBQ with all the red meat and the ever present potato salad and baked beans. I HATE that kind of eating.

    3. I am having trouble with this because i actually like doing what i am doing, which is hanging out at home, listening to music and blogging. so i'm going to finish this list with things i DON'T want to be doing.

    4. I do not want to switch out my summer clothes for winter clothes in my closet.

    5. I do not want to think about the upcoming holidays.

    6. I should wash my car cause it had a big bird turd on the passenger side but i don't want to.

    7. I don't even feel like walking to my mailbox to check my mail.

    8. I need to go to the grocery store to think about what to bring to mom's house for dinner and i don't feel like making anything for tomorrow.

    I think this is all i got tonight. My own blog change wore me out!

  2. haha yes totally illegally blogging - i think its something that my boss won't say "do it" but we're friends on facebook & he see's me update status and so forth so i'm sure he knows.

    100 things were hard to come up with it, i had to start thinking of things i seriously would hate doing and for every answer i was like "okay if i could leave right now to do this...would i" and thats how i came up with my answers lol

    they are all legitamite.(SP!)

    i love red meat but i gotta tell you - i gained so much weight from being at troys all that time because all we did was BBQ every night lol

    i love the holidays! you get so stressed during them though - i am stressed about moving and i have no idea why which is why i stopped doing any rental associated i even left my big file at work so i couldnt look at it.

  3. I don't know why you're looking for a place. Just get a two bedroom where you are. You live in a good building.

  4. its too exspensive in my building. i would love to stay :-/

    don't forget my rent for my studio is $1025! haha

  5. How many units are not rented. If they are having trouble keeping units rented they may do a deal for you and Ashley since they already know you are good for paying the rent on time.

  6. yeah i've already talked with them - the rent is supposed to be $2070 -- we need it be $1400 theyre not going to drop it that low and i already asked about any deals and they said "it already is a deal" lol

  7. things I don't want to do right now....

    -blow my nose
    -bite my tongue
    -knuckle pushups
    -waterboard (although I admit I haven't done it so maybe it wouldn't be so bad)
    -drink from a urinal. (I know that sounds weird but I have a story about that from this relates to standing at a public urinal when somebody's dog came in, put his head between my legs and started drinking from the urinal. In fact...that's the whole never mind! )

  8. hahaha!! omg thats disgusting did the people do anything?! i wouldnt even want a dog that close to "me" while i wasnt "covered" haha

  9. ummm this is ashley and I found you guys while googling my name at work...but there are prob 1000 other things i would rather be doing right now as well.......