Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jo Benedetti, Age 94

Obituary for my fabulous Aunt Jo.

She had blonde straight hair
She loved to read
But she hated the library
She preferred bookstores
She was opinionated, stubborn and passionate
She was thoughtful, caring, and passionate
She ran everyday
Even in the snow and ice
Her family thought she was crazy
She loved her red Honda
She loved her Ipod, American Idol and Lost
She would buy new books even though she had 20 others to read
She was a democrat in her soul
And had politics running through her veins
Ignorant people pissed her off
And intelligent people inspired her
She fought for what she believed in
She loved to stay home and not attend a party
She loved wine
She had a slight OCD for cleanliness
She would do anything for you if she loved you
She did a lot for her community
And she supported campaigns & organizations
She liked slow music because she appreciated lyrics
She had a select group of people in her life
And hopefully you were one of them


  1. i love you, Kylee. this is exactly what i want.

    Don't lose this. I hope you can hang on to it for 42 years! lol....

    Thank you!

  2. haha i was going to put some ridiculous hundred year old age but i know you dont want to live that long, but your so healthy and such that im confident you will live a very long while. haha.

    i know exactly what im doing with this. : )

  3. You're really good at this obituary writing! I think you should write one for Gus and email it to Troy.

  4. i wish you could come to Josh's birthday tonight! :(

  5. haha thanks -- well i dont know a thing about Gus other than the fact that he is a black dog lol -- it would be a cool gester if i knew anything about Gus to write one.

    oh trust me i wish i was too - only 2 more hours in torture though! haha