Sunday, May 31, 2009

Louis in Love.

So sometimes when I have a lot on my mind I write and if im in a public space and I have an idea for a blog I jot down notes and I remember be really inspired about love and dating when I was watching this movie about Louis Kahn (great American architect) and I only just now found the notes I made so I thought I’d finally write about it.

Louis Kahn was this amazing architect, but he has a flaw of having multiple families – three to be exact. The movie I was watching was actually his son who goes on this “discovery” to find out who his father really was. He meets with the other women, people he worked with and visits almost every building ever built. It’s a very cool documentary. It inspired me in more ways than one.

But anyways I got this idea about “the single person” and love itself. What do you do if you found your great love and it doesn’t love you back? What if you spent your life looking for someone and something that involved a deep connection the ultimate love affair with yourself and another person, what do you do when your only chance is to be with them, or nothing else?

Do you settle for less? What if you couldn’t settle, what if nothing could compare to what you already had (or thought you had) in life.

These “other women” of Louis Kahn, there were so enamored with Louis Kahn, years later being left by him to be a single mother and raise children on their own, they still love and dream and long for Louis. They don’t have any negative emotions towards him, they believed their love was true and the other women didn’t matter to them. And it just baffled me.

Do you give up freedom and a chance for all that you deserve for a man you love? Do you pass on any other opportunity just for the slight chance of hope that you could be with the “one” you have been waiting for? Maybe its like a boxing match, you keep getting back up and you wont leave the ring or give up without your fight.

I’m personally the type who doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me and I wouldn’t waste so much energy on something that didn’t give me back so much energy. I would be furious about these other women, and although I can understand their relentlessness to give up and move on, but really, are they happy longing for a man they can never have. (especially after he died and 40 years later the women were still single longing for him still.)

But this whole situation gets me thinking about “the single person” there are two types of people in this world, those that are constantly in relationships even with people that make no sense just because they cant be alone, and those that refuse to settle for anything less than they think they deserve (or refuse to settle for someone who doesn’t make them happy.) I believe the single person is single by choice because they don’t want to settle. I always think its bullshit when people say that the single person is single by choice because that’s what they choose – well yeah they choose to not be with just anyone but the single person usually doesn’t want to be single. they just know what they want and they know what they think they deserve.

But when you settle, what are you doing? What are you missing? What are you gaining? I would imagine if you are with someone to “pass the time” you are missing out on anything and everything and your only gaining maybe a little less of self loathe or something. Your definitely not going to meet someone else or someone new while your with another person.

But “I’m young, who said I knew shit about love?”

“I’m an observer, I watch and I absorb and the people in my life are a great example of love” Louis Kahn.

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