Thursday, May 28, 2009


My little Oliver. where to even start. well we will start with the Basics he is now 9 weeks old. (born on a Sunday) he is a Llhaso Apso (pure-breed) he is a boy. I got the name Oliver from a baby name website after considering "Stewart" for Jon Stewart.

he is the cutest little puppy and does all the little puppy things that they only learn with time, like about running into doors and windows, when you say "NO" it doesnt mean run over and kiss my face. and if you tug and play with the blinds chord, the blinds will come down on your head. BUT these superficial puppy traits are adorable, like how he will litterally jump from 2 feet away to jump on me and start kissing me. He is quite small and he doesnt exactly know how to get on and off the bed, sometimes he jumps off and just rolls and sometimes getting on the bed he gets stuck and cant make it all the way up, but he hasnt learned to bark yet so he just whines a little bit and looks at me with puppy dog eyes that say "help me." he can spend HOURS chewing on something stupid like a waterbottle cap (dont worry hes not big enough for the bottle cap to be too small.)

he chews his tail, he rolls on his back and arches sideways and chews his tail. it is ADORABLE

he chews on my hair -- thats not so adorable.

when i take a bath or a shower, i HAVE to bring him in the bathroom with me or he flips out, BUT because of this he panic-ly trys to climb up the side of the baththub and really seriously freaks out so he insists on being in the shower with me, he just roams around the shower floor trying to catch shower droplets happily.

i am a proud mother and i devote one hour a day to taking him to the sculpture park to lay out, play with him let him see other dogs and other people. and in return, he loves me oh so much.

he wont go out on my balcony i dont know if its because my railing is glass and he thinks he is going to fall off, but he refuses.

he chews waterbottles, i let him, they entertain him and he attacks them as they slide away from his "grip"

he is offically the love of my life.


  1. THOSE are so cute. And i love your haircut in the last picture! Oliver isn't as little as i thought.

    By the way that sweater looks very similar to the one Brian bought me for my birthday! Maybe i should go check my closet. LOLOL....

  2. yeah hes so adorable, its hard to get mad at him lol he has the puppy dog look down. especially when he looks at me from the side of his face like in the first picture lol

    yeah hes not TINY and hes a baby now he will probably be around snickers size.

    haha its actually mom's sweater but i want to go get a bunch of carsigans they are so useful ive worn that one like 5 times this week (all different ways and with different people of course lol)