Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspirational Ranting at Full Speed.

so thats my grandpa on the left, isnt he cute? haha joking, half of you probably know i'm lying cause thats the great Philip Johnson we will get to him later.

I feel completely inspired today so I will let my blog be inspired by my fabulous Aunt Joo (pronoucned Jew)

what im obsessed with listening to: "Bartender Song" By Rehab. I know now all the words.

last purchase on Itunes: tonight i just bought a lot of the new Ray Lamontage and Ingrid Michaelson

What i'm reading: this book about audrey hepburn called "what would audrey do?" i love it, its really good. i'm also reading this great book about Philip Johnson its essentially a gigantic interview with him.

what im drinking: Diet Coke of course, i'm risking staying awake all night by drinking caffeine this late but I figure i'll just take a nyquil anyways, haha. no worries, i'm not a druggie I promise.

what im working on: a project on Philip Johnson which includes a full scale model of his glass house made out of real glass with stained glass techniques. a project taking Seattle's Denny Park and turning it into an ADA park called "Divercity Park" (that one is to detailed to describe in a couple sentences) but it will as well have a real architectural model. i'm working on a zen retreat that has two rooms, one for waking up in the morning and the second for relaxing at night time. my last project is more like a research project on human comfort and how we as humans truly play into our environments as we deal with heat, color, vision and everything. luckily 3/5 of these projects are group projects.

word of the day. INSPIRATION. i realized today I am very heavily influenced, i dont know if that makes me gullible (because i am entirely) and i dont knwo if there is another word for it and i dont know if its a bad thing but I AM very heavily influenced, but i like it. it gets me going and gets me excited. (if you knew me during the presidential campaign, you know exactly what i'm talking about...)

sometimes its a periodical infatuation which I think my Philip Johnson infatuation is right now, I've had the same infatuation with Andy Warhol, Richard Nixon, Hunter S Thompson. these people intrigue me and for a time period i'm obsessed, after that it becomes a little more causal, as it does with any relationship in life. but if i can watch a movie or documentary or a read a book about these people, i will, because they fascinate me. i dont know that everyone knows this about me, i love to just research and read about certain people, NOT tabloid kind of stuff and almost everyone i'm infatuated with, is dead, its something about being able to look at a persons life as a whole, but i love it, its a small quirky passion of mine. even right now i feel that my energy level is just sky high and i will have to read through this blog like 20 times just to make sure it makes sense

i have two heroes, idols, main lifelong inspirations in life and thats Audrey Hepburn and Barack Obama, nothing about them will ever cease to amaze me I will never stop reading about Audrey or Barack and I know the world is a better place today because they once graced our planet.

there is something inside myself, i've just realized this at this very moment. i dont know the word for it, maybe you will. when I love something, i LOVE it, I have a life long passion for it. I've known and had this passion for interior design since 7th grade and its stuck ever since, i fell in love with Audrey Hepburn years and years ago and I havent stopped being infatuated, the same with Barack Obama and the city of Seattle, when i really love something I really dont "move on" from it. its not something like tradition or getting "stuck in a rut" because thats really not the issue at all. The other thing about me, and i'm getting much better about it, but its kind of like if its something that doesnt work for me, then i'm done with it. I used to not really put up with people I didnt like, and I didnt do things I didnt want to do, as I get older I realize thats stupid and makes me look like a bitch so I suck it up when I have to. (but of course, if there is an appropriate way of getting around something that you don't have to do, or getting around/away from dealing with someone you don't want to, isnt it smart to take that advantage? I sure think so.)

what is the word for that type of person? dedicated? because i really can be, when its something worth being dedicated to anyways...

I have no idea if this blog makes ANY sense at all. so enjoy :) i'll leave you with another great work of Philip Johnson;


  1. am i going crazy? what happened to your blog post about the 'vinyl generation'.?

    How come i'm not one of your heros. :(

    you are passionate and tenacious about the stuff you love or hate. Much like myself.

    That Philip Johnson design is very cool. where is that?

  2. since it was a draft it posted on the date i originally wrote, so back in february you just gotta scroll haha

    i did the same thing.

    im not sure where that is and im not entirely sure its his design now, i think he worked on the project and helped but i dont know that its offically his design, either way im not sure where it is. lol