Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life, Work, and Happiness.

there is a very complicated thing in our culture of life, and it is called work. originally work was for living, you worked to earn money so that you could live the lifestyle that you wanted to live, back in the days people grew crops and did farm work (or whatever they did) so that they could eat and sell their produce and buy neccesitys like clothes and groceries, now we have become a very superficial society and we need things like Iphones and flatscreen TVs and laptops and etc, and we work (or someone works for us) so that we can live these lifestyles of glamour.

but what do you do, when you work to live and you stop living? your work has consumed you so much that you dont have time to go out and you dont have time for your friends and family? you work all day, you come home exhausted and you do have time to hangout with friends, eat some dinner, kick back with a glass of wine, but you would rather just lay in bed, so thats what you do.

i luckily have amazing friends and not only did they point this out to me but they refused to let me sit at home, but if it wasnt for my friends i would have totally fallen into that hole and i would be working and working and studying and working...for nothing.

why work and kill your ass if your doing it for nothing? even if your job is something full of passion and love and something you love to do, well dont you need someone around you to share that with? dont you need an outlet outside of work besides sleeping and eating?

you work to live, so just make sure that you're living.

you don't have to give up you're prioties and you don't even need to rearrange them, and you may be tired every once in a while, but there isnt a time in youre life when your going to regret the fact that you have strong enough work ethic to work as hard as you did and still maintain your lifestyle and your definitley not going to regret all the memories you make and the laughs you shared.

(especially at my age, my college years are the last years i get to still be naive and still get to be childish, why would I give that time up early to work? i have my whole life to work.)


  1. i was just coming here to tell you to change your blog! LOL. And you did!

    "you work to live, so just make sure you are living." is that you, or did you read that somewhere?

    i love that you get the whole work ethic importance. You know i would hire you in a dirt minute if i could. lol.

    I get to see you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i wrote that myself :) i'm glad that you think it sounds amazing enough to be so poetic or something, i love when that happens! but isnt that so true?!

    you know i would work for you in a dirt minute if i could! i loved working at your office, but thats just cause of the people :)

    it was fun seeing you!!! i'm sorry i couldnt walk with you i know you were mad at me for it haha

  3. i wasn't mad at you! not even close.
    very cool about the quote.