Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rant for Obama

I am so inspired right now; I don’t even know how to explain it. I started getting involved with the Obama campaign again when my friend became a community organizer. It feels like when we first started working on the campaign so many years ago (because yes, I was one of those weirdo’s working on a presidential campaign before he even said that he would run.) but I have really never felt so much confidence in someone I don’t even know. I trust Obama to the core of every decision he makes, and this isn’t based on his voting record or his speeches, it’s based on who I believe he is as a person, (which okay I guess we realize who that person is by voting records and speeches) but I literally trust this man, and I would put my life in his hands, and I don’t care if I have to pay a few extra taxes so that our country, our economy, my future and yours, could maybe be a little better.

So I started getting back into the “campaign, volunteer” mode. And since I’m going on “summer break” from 3 weeks I’m kicking into high gear with and working on the lupus campaign as well.

But the one thing I had to say, is a message to those “Obama haters” which I childishly call you “ignorant” You people that stand on the street corners of Seattle (yes the ones I’ve cursed out and actually yelled at someone on why they were ignorant.) who claim that Obama is worse than Hitler because of HMO’s, you people that complain about taxes and helping others. You people sigh what can I even say? You people, make people like me, very easy-going, hard to really piss off to the point that I will really show it, scream at you on a street corner. You people, need to get educated. :)

I have a lot of negative feelings towards president bush, and they were all for good reasons, yes granted the man is apparently smart, he did graduate from ivy league schools, your rich father can only get you in the school it takes your own personal brains to get you to graduate. But the problem with Bush, with me anyways, was his morals. He didn’t respect anything that wasn’t “his norm” he didn’t respect homosexuals, atheists or non-Christians, democrats and liberals. He didn’t respect the poor and he didn’t try to help them. Now we’ve definitely had worse presidents in our lifetime, Nixon clearly comes to mind. But seriously? Where was the line drawn?

Yes no taxes sound wonderful – but look what that did to us! Look at our country and our economy – yes yes bush didn’t put us there we were on the path, but here Obama is, only 6 months into office, and he is already coming up with plans to clean this up – why didn’t bush ever try? Because he wanted everyone to coast buy and go luxurious and although we all loved those nice stimulus checks, what did that do for the economy? Nothing. Just like they projected.
It’s like tough love for your children, and the thing that kills me is the only peoples whose taxes went up were all these people that could afford it! So why were you bitching? Why are you so selfish with your money? Is that why you have money? you never give to charity or help others.
I’m not talking about giving money to a bum; I’m talking about doing something productive and selfless with your money. I was 18 years old working on the campaign for Obama, I had barely any money but I donated almost every 3 months. Small amounts at time but that’s what his campaign was raised upon.

I just don’t understand how you people say what you think and think its okay. I’m not talking about republicans; I’m talking about Obama haters. Those people that would make me: the hippie “love not war” girl. Want to sock you in the face for being so ignorantly stupid.
Guantanamo, really? You think it’s cool that we keep open a base that’s not in the US so that we can legally torture people? We are the most powerful country and that makes us a role model, if we torture their people, they are going to torture ours. And even if that doesn’t change anything. Do you really want to stoop down to the level of these terrorist? When did we become terrorist?
And stem cell research? Why don’t you study it a bit and realize it is not all about cloning and it is SO important in the medical field. Every single person in the world knows someone who had to battle with a cancer (of any kind) an autoimmune disease they knew nothing about, tumors, ANYTHING that posed a risk on their lives. Stem cell research can get us closer to answers, can get us closer to cures, and you ignorant people think it has something to do with cloning people for the future and making women give abortions? (I know a TON on this subject, email me and I’ll let you know more.)

For the most part – I can respect others opinions of Obama not being their favorite person in the world, and if you can give me a valid reason on why you don’t care for him, fine. That’s your opinion, I obviously won’t agree. But do not tell me some bullshit about medical being worse or something about his race OR something to do with taxes.

He knows what he is doing. We are already on a better track and if you haven’t realized that, turn off fox news.


  1. When someone criticizes Obama i can't help but feel like they are criticizing someone in my family. (The ones i like in my family. I don't care if anyone criticizes the ones i don't like so much. LOL.)

    I don't like talking about Bush anymore. I don't care if people think he walks on water. I can't summon up any energy to get angry over him. He's so over.

  2. yes! thats how i feel, i feel so personally connected to Obama, i feel like they are insulting i truly know and love.

    yeah i'm kind of over bush too i just like to bring him up in comparison from time to time.

    people have been on the street corners of seattle protesting Obama, it pisses me off - i always tell them to screw off when they talk to me and i had my obama bag one day and they said "hey! do you know who you voted for?!" and i went OFF on them

    "YES i do know who i voted for - do you know who YOU voted for? obvioulsy your uneducated if your sitting at this table thinking that Obama is as bad as Hitler - grow some brains!" and i walked off. hahahahaha.

    but everytime i walk by those tables i always say "dont talk to me!" really rude haha Shawn will redirect my path sometimes - cause it does feel so personal, i dont want them to think that people dont care, i do care! thats our president! i dont want them to go home at the end of the day and think "well not everyone stopped but everyone was nice"

  3. People are really doing that in Seattle? I don't know. but it surprises me. Keep telling them off.

  4. i know im always surprised too!

    i sure do. i do it proudly and happily :)