Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twenty Eleven Goals

Menu of the Day

Eating: nothing right now, but I'm hungry so i'm going to go find something soon. maybe a mango.

Drinking: nothing, I'm parched too, I'm going to go get some juice, maybe I should have done both of those things ahead of time so I actually had something to put on here.

Pandora: I have fallen in love with the Vitamin String Quartet. Yes, Quartet, its sooo good though, its really modern, and I have it mixed with John Mayer & JJ grey Radio those three combined come up with the BEST songs. I love pandora.

Job Searching: is a pain in the ass, it is SO much work. Writing cover letters for EACH company (and after a couple days when you've already applied to the companies you know you love you start applying for companies you've never heard of so you have to sit and research the company and find a way to genuinely say "i love your work" Nothing has come up yet.

Tip of the week: Pureed Cauliflower in replacement of mashed potatoes. it actually is the exact same consistency and you can add stuff to it the same you would for potatoes if you eat it plain it just taste like cauliflower. you cook it, use a food processor, and then a blender to puree it. it doesnt work going straight to the blender (cauliflower is too hard of a vegetable even when you cook it) and leaving it "food processed" makes it stringy and not at all like mashed potatoes. for weight watchers its a zero point meal. (depending on what you add to it.


2011 new years resolutions

1. cut out fast food, pretty much entirely.

2. start running on a daily basis

3. get a job

4. move out, yet again, for hopefully the final-ish time

5. finish a crossword puzzle, they are damn hard!

6. finish a diabolical sudoku puzzle, have yet to ever do it!

7. get to my goal weight

8. more photography

9. marry jon stewart

10. meet barack obama


  1. you just said you want to start running? Running? really, this is the first i've heard of it. Ok, let's go. I need a partner when i have to run around the condo circle 9 times.

  2. BTW... have you noticed how much Barack Obama has aged these past two years????

  3. I do want to start running but I won't be able to run with you for a longggg time. don't get excited. I dont think I could run around the condo circle though it would drive me crazy, its like running on a track, I need to run at places like chambers where there is no turning back, I'm trapped into running the whole thing haha

    he has aged, but I think it just makes him look more distinguised. haha.

  4. if you run, you will really take off the weight. I'm starting to work on running faster to get my heart rate going so i burn it off. I think i've plateaued with my running as exercise so i'm going to step it up.

    I love the Thursday Night Running Club. It's 3 miles and easy. Once you get going you might be able to do it. You and Julie will probably run a similar pace.

    Chambers is not a good place to run. TOO HILLY!!!! I would suggest you run around Waughop Lake for starters. The first time you can run around it without stopping will totally jazz you, though you can take your time getting to that point. It took me nearly a month to be able to run one whole mile without stopping. But i remember how exciting it was when i got to that point.

  5. noo, I love chambers, I need hills because thats where I need to loose my weight, I hate the park I think its creepy and unsafe, they even cut down more trees at chambers around the little hills because it was too secluded and they have signs that say not to walk or run by yourself...and thats chambers!!