Tuesday, June 15, 2010

one, two, three, four I declare thumb war.

Biggest Accomplishment Lately: well 1.) I made dean's list last quarter and I think I'll make it again this quarter. and 2.) I finished and did what I think is a really great job on my Pakistan Community Center

Biggest Disappointment this week: I gave my big presentation on my Pakistan Community Ceter that i've been working on for the last three months and because of an unfortunate series of events I ended up going last and therefore everyone was so exausted (after 18 presentations and about 6 hours) I got NO feedback and that really upsets me.

Newest Revelation: I just realized I love books (not the new revelation) but I really dont like fiction. All the books I've read in the last couple years have been biographies or Hunter Thompson - which is debatable on its truth but since its perceieved as true I love it.

Newest Interest: Science. and I really thank my Science Class I was in and the professor who taught it, I never really liked science but he taught it in such a great way that at the book store today I saw a book on the big bang theory and actually wanted to read it.

- - - - - -

1. the more science I learn, the more "facts" that are supported with real evidence and research the more I stray away from religion.

2. the more I read Hunter Thompson the more I want to read Hunter Thompson

3. i'm amazed when people dont know who HST is, too me thats like not knowing who your mother is.

4. my parents are amazing.

5. my dog is amazing. hes so freaking cute I look at him and smile and although it can be debatable on his behaviour when i'm not around, when I am around hes the perfect dog.

6. "Kylee look its your boyfriend, Jon Stewart" "no no, hes my husband" "hes already married" "no, hes not, hes married to me, i cant be his girlfriend, i wouldnt want to encourage a marital affair." i'm so considerate

7. i'm scared for my future. graduation. job searching. apartment searching. ahhh the real world.

8. i'm scared for our worlds future. and i dont think its going to get any better. not enough that needs to anyways.

9. I'm going to be pissed if Obama doesnt get re-elected for a second term if its based off things like cap and trade and other "unpopular/inconvienent" but NECCESARY things we need to do.

10. well im going to be pissed if he doesnt get reelected regardless. if Bush got a second term Obama better fucking get a second term. and fucking was a very important word for me to use there.

11. I hate TV shows...err how do i explain this, I dont know what the kind of show is called. the opposte of a sitcom? a show you have to watch each week, i hate that. even LOST i never watched on cable I ordered the season disks but even then, I hate being addicted to it. people are always telling me "watch this show" but getting hooked on a TV show is like being addicted to drugs. plus when its over your all bummed out, its not something you want to watch over and over (like friends or seinfeld) you go crazy not knowing what happens next, and it takes forever its not like a movie that takes up to 2 hours. so please, dont recommend or tell me to watch TV shows its actually started to become a huge pet peeve of me.

12. oh also, i have a cell phone, i use it often. but if it dies, so what. sometimes i turn off the ringer, sometimes i leave it in the other room. i dont keep my phone in my hand at all times. dont get mad at me if you cant get ahold of me.

13. dont argue politics, religion, science, really anything you dont know enough about. and dont be too ignorant to say "i dont know that much about this..."

14. I hate fox news, for everything they couuld ever possibly say they actually criticized Obama for being on the gulf coast in "fancy pants" / dockers (in a rolled up, buttoned down button up shirt) HES THE PRESIDENT. what do you expect him to wear?! i really hate fox news. HOW are they still on the air and considered a viable news source

15. i hate Sarah Palin. shes on the cover of newsweek, I didnt get a chance to look at the article but by the title of the article its not against her.

16. i really dont like steven colbert. i find him annoying and full of himself.


  1. Congrats on successful completion of your project! I know how frustrating and disappointing it must have been after all of that work to not have a decent opportunity for feedback. Critique is so important for growth.

    I've amassed a fair amount of experience and knowledge about a lot of things over the course of my life, but I've also, after considerable pain, finally figured out that arguing politics or religion, with very rare exception, is not only a colossal waste of time and effort, but will irrevocably destroy relationships.

    So I've stopped...it's not worth it.

    I love books of pretty much all kinds, but tend to lean to fiction as I'm bombarded by reality already, and need the escape.

    And I far prefer free-standing show TV to the episodic stuff. Even with DVR it's just too intrusive into my life to have to follow the plot week to week. And I always like comedy better than drama. I probably wouldn't have gotten hooked on Lost had they not been filming all round me for the whole time.

  2. yeah i'm going to meet up with a few members of the panel on my own and get one on one critiques from them because it is really important to me.

    yeah i never bring up my opposite feelings on anything unless asked or the occasion calls for it.

    yeah i prefer the reality especially when its so much more specific and not a long new reel bombarding you with a million things going wrong.

    yeah i can easily get into a show, like lost, but i hate that i do. its driving me crazy that i cant finish watching season 6

  3. haha! my girls had a thumb war to settle their dispute over who gets the preferred bedroom in the new house. Mel won. Then Grace said, "rock paper scissors!" And Mel won again.

    But Grace will get the room because she will be living there full-time and Mel will be in college. Sometimes it sucks having to be Solomon.

    Congratulations on making Dean's List! I look forward to hearing great things about your career, Kylee!!

  4. Politics do not have destroy relationships. And as far as i know i have not experienced that. However, i do think cooling off periods are good.

    Kylee, you say this:
    "yeah i never bring up my opposite feelings on anything unless asked or the occasion calls for it."

    Girl, you know that you OFTEN bring up opposite feelings.

    Barbara, it makes sense to me that Grace gets the room of her choice.

    Kylee, are you bringing over the first season of Lost to Father's Day today?

  5. well i mean in occasions like on the blog or family dicussions, when i know its somewhat welcomed to speak my mind but if i meet a total stranger that makes a comment like "i like john mccain" i probably wont say anything unless asked or i know its okay.